Christopher Linkas’s two cents on retirement savings

For most individuals in their early twenty’s and also mid-thirties saving for retirement is often not much of a big deal or a matter of urgency until their golden age clock starts ticking fast. This is when they get a rude awakening that they are about to become baby boomers and they do not own even a single asset or business that they could rely on during retirement to their name. However, Christopher Linkas a highly proficient financial and investment pro strongly advises those with such habits to change them by saving as early as they can to prevent the last minute rush.


Reasons why young adults should start taking saving for retirement seriously


Even though it’s natural for the young generation not to fret about retirement as it often seems like its centuries away, Linkas says that saving is the only way to get greener pastures during retirement and also enjoy lifetime financial independence. Additionally, some aspects of investments only pay off if they are extended to a long period of time and thus the only way to enjoy their fruits is by starting as early as possible.


Talk of obstacles and how to overcome them


Nevertheless, even with that being said and done, Christopher Linkas acknowledges that there are factors which act as barriers to saving for such individuals. For instance, most of them do not have a six figure income which means that saving even a little percentage of it can cause major inconveniences in their lives. However, he is positive that with the right attitude and financial discipline it is possible to start saving early for retirement regardless of the income one receives.


Benefits of saving early


According to Linkas saving for retirement as early as possible does not deprive you anything but instead, it packs a bunch of benefits which you get to enjoy. For instance, it means a better, happier and stress-free life in future, it helps cultivate better spending habits and additionally puts you a step ahead of your peers who would rather spend their entire paychecks rather than save. Lastly, by saving you get to grow your compound interest capabilities which means you can take advantage of investment opportunities when they come your way in future.


Who is Christopher Linkas?


Best known for his sound financial advice, high profile career, and monumental success, Christopher Linkas is a well-known London based investor. Mr. Linkas has been sitting as the head of the European credit since 2012 now and boasts over two decades of experience in the finance arena. Initially, the renowned financial advisor had studied for a degree in philosophy but his passion for helping others learn the ropes of wise investment choices and saving led him to study finance.


That was a wise move because, after completion of his studies, Christopher Linkas immediately got a well-to-do job as an analyst and asset manager at RER Financial Group LLC. In just a few years, Mr. Linkas had already made a name for himself and has worked with various top-shelf financial institutions such as a UK based investment group among many others. He has also ventured in New York’s real estate having worked for various real estate fund businesses in the region. He is truly an icon and a source of inspiration to anyone looking to bettering his/her life.

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Christopher Linkas Discusses Three Types of Commercial Real Estate


Glen Wakeman Helping Others be Successful

Financial Executive, Glen Wakeman, is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings. He specializes in business development and P&L roles. His ultimate goal is to help businesses better themselves by analyzing five key dimensions of performance, which include: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


In addition to LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman is also the founder and President of Nova Four. In order to help developing companies grow, Nova Four gives them advice and access to capital. Wakeman’s specific role in this company is to teach chief executive officers how to proficiently do their job.


Prior to his entrepreneurship endeavors, Glen Wakeman spent over two decades with GE Capital where he served in a number of leadership roles. Right before leaving GE Capital, he served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. Wakeman saw success in this position where he built a nine-country operation that saw profits of $2 billion.


There is no doubt that Glen Wakeman knows the ins and outs of the industry. His vast leadership and entrepreneur experiences have given him the unique opportunity to discuss his own experiences and give advice to fellow entrepreneurs.


Throughout his various roles, Wakeman has met with many small businesses that had great potential, but many of them ended up failing. When Wakeman started looking into the reasons why these businesses weren’t taking off, he realized it was because they lacked structure. This is where he got the idea for LaunchPad. He decided that, to help these businesses out, he would develop a plan for success with a software platform.


Since Glen Wakeman holds a number of different responsibilities, he has to stay productive. The first thing Wakeman does to ensure productivity is to begin his day be reviewing the previous day; he then meets with his partner to divide duties. Dividing duties helps him stay focused on completing the tasks at hand because he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Additionally, he contributes part of his productivity to his curiosity. It helps him work hard through tasks that are difficult, this gives him the insights to know why things work so that, if need be, they can be changed. Wakeman also uses a number of apps to help him stay on task and productive. Part of a business’ success comes from a hardworking and productive owner.

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The Contribution of Graham Edwards towards the Success of Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium is a property firm whose head offices are based out of Nottingham. There are plans for the CEO of the company to become the company’s new chairman. The current CEO who is Graham Edwards took the role as soon as the company was formed in 2009. Graham previously served at Telereal as the chief executive since it was founded in 2001.


Russell Gurnhill will take Graham’s CEO role. Mr. Russell was the previous managing director of the company. Adam Dakin will occupy the managing director position. Dakin will be responsible for handling all new services and businesses. Graeme Hunter is said to continue managing property matters within the company. On the other hand, Michael Hackenbroch will serve as the finance director of Telereal Trillium.


Telereal Trillium has formed partnerships with distinguished companies such as Royal Mail, DVLA, Aviva, and BT. Edward said that the plans changed and the structure of the company has been there for long. He also expressed his confidence in the new management team. He said that restructuring is the most appropriate way of responding to changing factors within the company.


Graham Edwards made a major achievement when he successfully initiated a transaction that led to the transfer of 6,700 properties from BT to Telereal. The transaction was valued at 2.4 billion Euros. In 2009, Graham also led negotiations that led to the acquisition of Trillium from another company that performed well known as Land Securities Group Plc. The combined business generated over 1 billion Euros in one year.


Before Graham joined Telereal Trillium, he served at Talisman Global Asset Management as the company’s chief investment officer. Graham Edwards transformed the company to become a registered asset management arm that is currently valued at more than 1 billion Euros. Before Graham Edwards joined Talisman, he served at various companies at executive positions. For instance, at Merrill Lynch Investment Management, he served as the fund manager. Edward is an alumnus of Cambridge University where he pursued economics. Graham Edwards is also one of the members of the UK Society of Investment Professionals (ASIP) among others.