Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Strategy – Explore The Markets For The Best

Igor Cornelsen, a reputed Brazilian banker and renowned investor, has a specific strategy called exploring the markets and options for the best. He is increasingly successful due to he looks for opportunities beyond the borders and invests in all the financial markets where there are opportunities. Since Cornelsen retired from the banking career in 2011, he is more focused on stock market investments and established a firm called Bainbridge Group Inc., based in the Bahamas. Cornelsen also gives investment advisory services on stock market investments and working as an independent consultant. He also advises on commodity and forex investments through Bainbridge Group by focusing on Brazilian and U.S. markets, though, he provides services across the major financial markets.



Since Cornelsen has decades of experience in banking industry and financial management, he knows what is required for benefiting from long-term and short-term investments. During the banking career, he was exposed to highly complex financial products and saw the movements of those instruments in the market with respect to various factors. His expertise by working in those instruments for decades are really helping his customers as well, and many consider him as a global investor who can potentially give services on any products on any market. Cornelsen knows how to take benefit from the volatile markets and has a reputation of making profits even during the odd times of the market.



Cornelsen vociferously asks the companies to follow the established rules of the country where they invest as that can ensure no escalation of business into bad shape. He believes that Brazil has a bigger role to play in investments, and the economy has greater potential to grow in larger numbers. Cornelsen also asks his customers to make use of the momentum of the market to earn some significant profits. He also advocates for diversified investment strategy as it is crucial to avoid any major setback from the downfall of the market.



Igor Cornelsen is a strong proponent of investments that gives recurring returns than the ones that take a long time to produce the profit. He researches the companies before investing and looks for whether they are competent enough or not. Cornelsen asks to watch for businesses that are productive with their money and time. Also, firms which are having decades of consistent service would have a greater reputation for being transparent and competent. Cornelsen worked with a number of high-profile Brazilian banks in various roles until he retired in 2011. http://igorcornelsen.tripod.com/