Committed to Seeing It Through: Louis Chenevert

In an age where many CEO’s and others leave a business after only a few months, one man stayed committed to a company for eight years to see it flourish on the world stage. This man’s name is Louis Chenevert and he helped United Technology Corporation become one of the most prominent manufacturers of engines and other aerospace technology in the world today. Here is a look at his impressive career and how he managed to turn UTC into the titan it has become.

Louis Chenevert started off slow and easy. He worked at GM in Canada for fourteen years so he made sure that he had the basics of how to run the floor and how things worked. After GM he went to Pratt and Whitney. This is where his business savvy came into being. After only six years at the company, he became president of the company in 1999. After six more years with Pratt and Whitney, he left that position to make a permanent mark in the aerospace industry. He became president of UTC.

The first thing to know about Louis Chenevert and his time at UTC was that he was committed to seeing a vision come to life. He believed in the company and the people who were working with him and made sure to invest in both. This is the key to the success of UTC and Louis Chenevert. He made sure that UTC had the latest in technology when it came to building engines and other components.

He also made sure that the people had the knowledge and skills necessary in order to create the latest in technology. Louis Chenevert also helped create a new type of turbofan engine for airplane manufacturers. Seeing the vision through to the end is why Louis Chenevert was such a great leader at UTC.

Louis Chenevert has moved on from UTC to work at Goldman Sachs. One thing was for certain though. He was committed to seeing UTC spread their wings and fly. He was committed to seeing it through from his beginning in 2006 to the end of 2014.

The Initiatives of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a man with many titles accomplishments, as well as many aspirations for the future of humanity that can be conquered through the combination of technological innovation as well as business. Eric Pulier is an intelligent man who holds a well respected name within the world of business that continues to inspire individuals to do their best and to follow his path to greatness. Eric Pulier is mostly known for his ability to solve some of the world’s most complex issues through the use of technology. As an innovator, Eric Pulier has been mostly interested in informing individuals around the world about these complex issues and has been interested in making sure that the solutions are also known. One of Eric Pulier’s favorite subjects to address is the subject a healthcare, a topic that Eric Pulier believes everyone should be informed about. As an innovator, Eric Pulier believes that every individual around the world should have access to healthcare in the nearby future.


Eric Pulier has many titles which include his title as a businessman, an entrepreneur, an author, a philanthropist, as well as a father who wants to make sure that the future is set for not only his children, but also his children’s children and for the many more generations to come. Eric Pulier has been able to create and to help design over 15 successful companies that generate hundreds of millions of dollars on an annual basis which is specifically used to fund new businesses in order to help others.


As a father, Eric Pulier has always had a soft spot when it comes to children. Eric Pulier has been helping children in need ever since he was young and has been especially attentive to children with chronic illnesses. As a result, Eric Pulier has put in much time and effort into helping these children and even created a communication platform in order to enable children from different hospitals to communicate with each other. Eric Pulier believes that children that are going through hardship should not have to suffer their hardship alone and should have someone to talk to.