Basic Sanitation Benefits From Government Concessions throughout Brazil

The Brazilian government recently announced its intentions to create concessions through the national bank of brazil the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The initiative has received strong support for the water industry and is expected to have many other benefits toward basic sanitation in this country.


The President of Trata Brasil, Edson Carlos held an important conference with Felipe Montoro Jens an important interviewer and expert on theses infrastructure projects. According to Edison, the services will be subjected to several changes and adaptations before they are finalized. Most of the improvements will be related to the structure, administration and resources that must be appointed before the project can be underway.


BNDES is in the process of developing a few plans that present more specifics on the various areas that must be adjusted before the project can begin. This way the bank will be able to adapt the needs of the projects as the campaign develops. Felipe Montero Jens also pointed out that the it was an issue with water flow from the big water industries that affected the flow of financial resources. This is because it is not possible to receive adequate resources when an organization is experiencing heavy waste.


Edison mentioned that the private water sector is currently applying improved technologies into providing top quality services due to the greater resources they have to spend on the projects. This level of technology was a point that Edison said was crucial before more resources could be invested in creating new and enhanced sewage networks.


The keen insights and expertise on infrastructures came from the input by Felipe Montero Jens. In addition to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of His company Properties at His company S.A., Felipe Montoro Jens is also the President of His company Participações e Investimentos S.A.



Sanitation Levels for Brazilian Populations to Be Improved with Government Concessions: Felipe Montoro Jens


The Brazilian Government has assembled a plan with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Along with several other important organizations, namely Trata Brazil, these concessions will go to improving the basic sanitation levels throughout the country. Trata Brazil has invested in the project and has an interest in pushing it through to success.


Edison Carlos, the acting CEO of Trata Brazil, held an important conference with Felipe Montoro Jens the Chief His company Participações e Investimentos S.A. and expert in infrastructure of this kind. According to the interview with Edison Carlos, the project itself will need to see many adjustments in the areas of structure, resources and administrations before it will be an effective success. Felipe Montoro Jens was quick to point out the hefty amount of waste that must be addressed before any new concessions can hope to improve the situation.


Edison Carlos went on to mention that the current situation in Brazil has about 90% of the population receiving all sanitation amenities, but over 70% is from state providers. The general consensus is that if the two sectors can work in union, the chances of success are greatly improved.


Edison Carlos says that that the private sector has already employed many of the high-tech solutions that can be shared with the state providers and this will increase the synergy of this cooperative effort. Felipe Montoro Jens also saw the possibilities for reduced waste through the application of improved technologies.


As the Head of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A, Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert on infrastructures and has taken the time to apply his years of experience to ensuring the favorability of this project. Felipe Montoro gained much of his experience from his time working as the Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A.