Christopher Burch the Investor and the Entrepreneur

Born in Miami, March 28, 1953, Christopher Burch is an impactful leader who has been remarkable over the years with his achievements. One of such is his creative coming up with Burch Creative Capital. He is the founder and its Chief Executive Officer. It is a company that majorly deals with developing people’s brands and at the same time managing venture investments. It gives people advice on how to create their brand and make an impact in the business world. This shows the entrepreneurial side of Burch, and with the extensive experience he has, it is evident of his expertise. He has invested In over 50 companies; it is a clear indication of his ability to identify and screen through investments.

Chris Burch has written various articles on how to create an impression and ensuring a high efficiency as the employee. His company advises on how to bring about creative productivity at a go. He emphasizes that when you come up with an idea; make sure you note it down. It will act as a motivator to be more productive and come up with unique ideas that you will be able to research and work on them.

His diversity is apparent in his investments where he has invested in areas like real estate, technology companies, and the hospitality sector. An outstanding partnership was in 2014 when he launched ED BY Ellen DeGeneres who was a lifestyle brand for Ellen DeGeneres-an entertainer. Also, he also founded several companies, for example, C. Wonder and Tory Burch. Check on

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The year 2012 was an exciting year for Burch since he and James McBride who is an hotelier by profession bought out a beach hotel in Indonesia-Sumba. From there, he refurbished it and built a high-profile five-star hotel which he named Nihiwatu and reopened it in 2015.Nihiwatu means mortar stone. One of the unique features of Nihiwatu is that it has 27 well-built private villas with pools each. Also, it has two two-storeyed tree houses which are linked up by a bridge made of bamboo. It is a magnificent place to be. A one bedroom villa during the low season goes for $750 per night. Burch Says that they have future expansion plans to explore Nicaragua and Costa Rica too.

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Burch is philanthropic, and one evidence is that he gives back to the community. One sure way is that some of the profits from Nihiwatu are plowed back to the Sumba Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2001 by Claude Graves and Sean Downs. It gives back to the community regarding helping people access medical care and creating employment opportunities for them.  Learn more on

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