Goettl: A Phoenix Based AC Company

Goettl Air Conditioning is a leading HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company which is based in Phoenix Arizona. In 2014, it celebrated some anniversaries which include the 75th anniversary of its creation and 25 years with its CEO and one-time president, Dan Burke.

Goettl was founded by brothers Gust and Adams in Phoenix on Feb. 14, 1939. The aim of the company at inception was to deliver an effective method of keeping Arizona homes cool during the particularly hot summer months.

The company has experienced tremendous growth over the years and is today a household name in Arizona. In December 2012, Kenneth D. Goodrich, an HVAC-industry veteran and managing partner bought Goettl. Goodrich, who has previously built a lot of successful plumbing and HVAC companies throughout the Southwest over the last two decades asked the then President Burke to assume the role of the CEO so as to help realize his vision for the company.

Under the leadership of Goodrich and Burke, Goettl has been recognized for its excellence in HVAC installation and service.

Goettl Air Conditioning has staff and technicians who continuously exceed the expectations of their customers. It offers an all-encompassing home and commercial comfort products and services including the installation of heat pumps, central air units, air cleaners, UV germicidal, ductless mini splits, air cleaners, humidifiers, lights, furnaces, radiant heating systems, and several others. If you’re in the searching for a new set of air conditioning units or hope to repair your existing, Goettl is always ready and available to help out. When you enlist the Goettl team, you will enjoy some great customer relations which are available any time of the day and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all products and services.

Here is a breakdown of some of the services been rendered at Goettl;

Air Conditioning

During a Phoenix summer, it can be really difficult to stay cool. Are your air conditioner units up to the task? Do you need your existing system to work more? Goettl can help you out. Keeping the local community cool is part of the services they render, and they do it exceedingly well. They can take care of your cooling needs ranging from air conditioning installations, replacements, repair and maintenance for central air units and heat pumps.

Indoor Air Quality

Is the atmosphere in your home full of airborne pollutants? Do you often sneeze when you are home? Are you worried about the effects that dry air might have on your floors, walls and wooden furnishings after a while? Goettl can help you out. They ensure that all of your home’s air supply is scrubbed clean with their several indoor air quality products and services.

They are also readily available to address issues that may be affecting your business operations, as they offer various ways to improve your indoor air quality and your building’s energy efficiency.