Which mint flavored EOS flavor is the best?

EOS, as one of the leading manufacturers of lip balms has a wide range of different lip balms for you to choose from. Included in this range of choices are two flavors of mint themed lip balms. Mint lip balms are popular due to their refreshing flavors and their association with freshness (and likely toothpaste). Finding the right brand of lip balm can be a real challenge even if you narrow it down to the mint offerings from EOS.

As noted above, the freshness associated with a mint lip balm is particularly important, and that is where EOS truly shines. Since EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms, they taste fresher and more natural and like the real thing. Eos relies on quality ingredients in their lip balm and focus on higher quality emollients that provide for lasting protection to your lips over the other lip balms which use petroleum jelly based ingredients. EOS’ commitment to quality ingredients really shines through in the quality and flavor of their lip balms. Check this article for more, blogwebpedia.com.

EOS offers two different mint themed lip balms; sweet mint and vanilla mint. Sweet mint is the standard mint offering and is more easy to compare to the competing mint flavors on the market. Sweet mint, unlike the competition, tastes like fresh mint and does not have the medicine like flavor of the competition. Sweet mint is refreshing, has a natural feel to it, and is enjoyable to apply and use every day, gather information here.

Vanilla mint has a more complex flavor and represents a true blend between mint and the vanilla bean. The flavor is complex and varied and tastes like a true blend between the two. Neither flavor is overpowering and they simply work well together. Watch cool video on youtube.com.

Ultimately, you should understand the flavor notes that you enjoy but both make for a great addition to your daily lip balm applications.

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