Beneful Dog Food Commercials Connect To Real Life

The first commercial starts out with an inside look of a refrigerator. The fridge has about theee different kinds of Purina Beneful wet dog food blends. The owner is asking his dog what type he would like to eat. The dog looks very intrigued and genuinely interested in all of the flavors. The owner decides on the real beef flavor and the ingredients begin to float around on the screen. The narrator describes that the product is made with real beef, real peas and carrots, and that it’s full of juicy all natural ingredients. The screen then jumps back to the dog attacking his food with excitement.

In the second commercial, Beneful is showcasing their healthy blend of dry dog food. The owner talks to his dog about how he is the only one left with love handles because his dog dropped weight so quickly. The owner is seen working out in a home gym doing things like running on a treadmill and trying to perform push-ups. The dog is then seen sitting on the floor while his master works his butt off to shed some weight. The point of the Beneful commercial is that the dog easily loses weight because of his diet, so he doesn’t need to do a lot of activities like his owner does.

The wide range of Beneful Options at Walmart

Walmart may not be the place that you think you would turn to for your dog food needs. However they have a full range of Beneful dog foods available for sale including one of the best brands out there, Beneful.

The combination of BenefulWalmart means that a full line of dog food is easily accessible whenever you want to find it. Beneful has long been a favorite brand and they have products for your dog regardless of its size or current life stage to learn more click here:

For example, Beneful has a line called Healthy Puppy dry dog food for small and developing pups that need added DHA and calories in their diet. Beneful has the Incredibites line for smaller dogs who have unique nutritional needs. They also offer grain free options for dogs who have sensitivity to grains, similar to an individual who suffers from Celiac disease. Chopped blends by Beneful is a premium option for owners who want to give their dog a superior quality product.

Walmart is a great option for dog owners looking to pick up Beneful wet dog food and regularly issued coupons provide even cheaper options for owners. Stop in and create a complete dining option for your dog.