Glen Wakeman is working with Entrepreneurs to Establish Strong Successful

A business mentor is the most potent weapon an entrepreneur can have. This is because, for business professionals, one thing is always common; business is dynamic, and things are forever taking a new shape. With the fast-paced life coupled with the need for time to work on any existing project, it is factual that there are numerous areas of leadership in business that have been neglected. Glen Wakeman, a successful entrepreneur, and business professional has been addressing this issue for decades.


Background Data

Glen Wakeman’s career spans over two decades. He has special skills in finance and business. As such, he decided to launch LaunchPad Holdings LLC, in which he serves as the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. For Glen Wakeman, there has always been a common denominator in most startups; failure. During his years of working in different industries, he often wondered why these startups failed despite the many good ideas that were dished to the management.


Working with Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman discovered that the failing startups were as a result of the lack of a better business structure of guide the businesses. He, consequently, launched the company that has progressively grown into a leading startup mentor that offers a plethora of learning opportunities to masses of emerging business professionals. LaunchPad Holdings is working with entrepreneurs to empower them to structure their businesses in the easiest ways. As such, since 2015, Glen Wakeman has provided LaunchPad Holdings with some of the world’s best resources to nurture businesses. Because he loves the idea of matching business ideas with money, Glen Wakeman begins his lessons as a team player to understand the business and then formulate a plan that would make it succeed.


The Overview

Before founding LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman was a financial services provider who worked in different companies with GE Capital being the most memorable. He also worked for Nova Four where he held a leadership position and ensured that his input revolutionized the way in which the business was managed. A graduate of the Universities of Scranton and Chicago respectively, Glen Wakeman’s education played a pivotal role in the growth of his career.