Facts About Heather Russell Koenig

Heather Russell holds a degree from William and Mary College and a law degree from Washington College of Law. From a tender age, she was passionate about helping others and took a course that would enable her to improve people’s lives. She is part of several groups such as ABA Banking Committee, and Women’s Law group. Fifth Third Bancorp recently announced that Heather would be joining the group as a legal officer. During the announcement, the management said that Heather’s contribution to the society was impressive and they were honoured to have in the company. She joined the company in 2015 and together with other officials; she is responsible for legal operations in the company. She will be under the President of the firm, Greg Carmichael. Heather was excited when she received the news and vowed to deliver. She will also be in charge of regulatory and government affairs.

Heather Russell Koenig has consumer, and legal expertise to help sail the company in the market. Moreover, she has worked with investment banks, law enforcement agencies, and regulatory firms which give her an added advantage in her new role at the company. Fifth Third Bancorp sees her as a building block and performing critical functions to steer it forward. Investors have expressed faith in her Heather’s expertise and ability to deliver good results. The President of Fifth Third Bancorp said that she is a great addition to the leadership of the company.

Before assuming her current position at the company, Heather worked with the Bank of America as a leading counsel for different bank branches such as regulatory and supervisory departments, and global risks. She was responsible for overseeing legal matters and putting them into perspective for the company. Her position in the company gave her the skills she needed to develop her career. It also opened better opportunities for her like the BNY Melon where she worked before joining Fifth Third Bancorp. She surrounds herself with like-minded individuals who motivate her to be great. When asked what keeps her going, she said that the urge to help people forces her to wake up early and get to work.

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The New Face Expected At TransUnion By June 2018: Heather Russell

Having been in the forefront of finding better and innovative ways in which information can be made available so as to help individuals make sound decisions; TransUnion has a deep understanding that information is power. It has used historical information and other alternative sources to reveal unique stories, insights, and trends. Through their information, many businesses have been able to manage risks while consumers are able to manage their identity and credit. It has been able to penetrate through the markets of over 30 countries while taking lead in African, American and Asian markets.

TransUnion is headed by Mr. Jim Peck who is the President and the CEO. Besides, he serves on the Executive Committee of the organization. Jim will probably have a lighter burden in running the organization from 4th June 2018 when Heather Russell will start her duty as the Executive Vice President and consequently the Chief Legal Officer. Having studied at College of William of Mary for her BA and also in the American University Washington College of Law for her J.D, Heather has properly equipped her thoroughly to deal with various legal issues.

Heather Russell comes along with 20 years of tangible experience especially in the field of finance which include compliance, financial services, mergers and acquisition, privacy and security issues. In her new position at TransUnion, she is adorned with ensuring that all legal, government relations, consumer privacy, corporate governance, and compliance functions between Transunion and its various subsidiaries run smoothly. She will be reporting to the CEO of the organization.

The whole leadership team of TransUnion led by their President is excited to have Heather Russell in their organization because of how her expertise and skills will leverage the functions of TransUnion. Heather is bringing her financial expertise in the organization having been served as the leader of financial institutions regulation and fintech practices at Buckley Sandler, LLP. She has served at the Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York, Bank of America and Skadden where she served in various executive positions. (Source: LinkedIn)

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Michael Burwell Leading Willis Towers Watson Into Great Heights

Willis Towers Watson, a specialist in Global advisory, insurance, and reinsurance broking, named Michael J. Burwell its new C.F.O. Michael, also known as Mike, replaced Roger Millay who retired on the 2nd of October 2017.

Michael has thirty-one years’ experience in professional and finances services, which he gained from PwC, holding some senior leadership roles that include Head of Global Transformation, C.F.O in the United States, the leader of Transaction Services in the United States, and the Chief Operating Officer. Michael Burwell also has eleven years of experience in audit, and twelve years of experience in Transaction Services advisory, which includes working on valuation and pre-merger due diligence.

John Haley, the C.E.O, said that they were very excited to have Michael Burwell join their leadership team, at that vital point of the company’s evolution. Mike understands leading, managing and driving results in a global, sophisticated company which has a strong focus on clients. He also commented that they were confident that Michael Burwell’s expertise in transactions, transformation, and finance was well suited to lead the company’s integration efforts and long-term growth which allows them to achieve their full potential.

He also thanks Roger, the outgoing Chief Financial Officer, for his significant contribution and leadership to Willis Towers Watson. Rodger left the firm stronger through his service and stationed for future success. Burwell said he was humbled to have that opportunity to join the firm. He added that in all his interactions, he was impressed by the strength of commitment to the clients, leadership and inclusive and collaborative culture. He looks forward to being instrumental in the success of the firm.


About Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson aids clients globally turn their risks into paths for growth. Having roots that date 1828, the company has 40,000 workers who serve more than 140 countries. They design, then later deliver solutions which manage risks, cultivate talent, optimize benefits and extend the power of capital for protection and strengthening of individuals and institutions. Willis Towers Watson has a unique perspective which allows them to see the detracting intersections between assets, ideas, and talent – the vital formula which drives firm’s performance. Together, they unlock potentials. Visit This Page for more information.


About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University and graduated with Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration. During his time at the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, he practiced on several audit clients. In 2007, Mike was appointed the C.F.O, and in 2008, he was named the Chief Operating Officer over PwC’s United States business.

In 2012, Michael was named the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation Leader. Michael Burwell created diversity in the transformation duty to optimize firm’s effectiveness in managing various groups of internal functions. Mike also worked as a senior relationship partner for several clients during his tenure.