The RealReal, Creating Everlasting Loyalty!

The RealReal’s mantra is to extend the lifestyle of its luxury items. And their newest in-store venture allows them to do just that; while fostering brand loyalty. The RealReal, a six-year San Francisco based company, derived from an online consignment shop that sold women’s luxury clothing. The resale company explored a revolutionary method of pop-up branding. This is where the shop establishes a temporary storefront in order to test the market for future sales and brand popularity. Using this ingenious strategy, The RealReal has encountered grand successes and increased online subscriber growth. The pop-up approach has sparked it’s first in-store location based in New York City. Founder and Chief Executive Officer Julie Wainwright, has heightened the shopping experience by changing the way we patronize. She implemented premium store extensions such as an on-site flower shop and a modest cafe. The brick and mortar startup also features local professional authentication specialists and gemologists that answer and filter questions for customers.

The RealReal heavily relies on its consignors for its retail successes. Consignment sellers can now conveniently visit their brick-and-mortar shops to receive quotes on premium merchandise pieces. Because the company has experienced so much progress with their in-store sensation, they are now exploring setting up shops in the San Francisco area, as well as in Las Vegas. Because customers appetites are much different today, the store is looking to expound on their usual luxury fashion, high-end jewelry, and home decoration lines. The brand will offer a different experience in each region. The posh New York Soho location attracts a certain type of clientele by highlighting exclusive shopping events and learning courses specific to the Chanel fashion history and how to evaluate a diamond.

The resale company is leading the way in the luxury resale market. It has explored digital, pop-up, and in-store sales arenas. The reseller continues to trend with popular brands like Saint Laurent, Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, Gucci, and Celine to name a few. The RealReal expects that when one enters their storefront, they will have a high esteem for the grandiose brands offered, which in turn-creates store loyalists.