Jim Toner Takes Bold Action Because Failure Is Not Fatal

Jim Toner is an experienced real estate investor and long-time philanthropist. He has been helping people realize their dreams of property ownership for over 25 years. Toner is also a popular business consultant and motivational speaker and a published author. He also hosts a long-running radio show and has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and other television networks talking about how people can improve their financial situation by investing in residential and commercial real estate. The story of how Jim Toner has been able to help thousands of people find financial stability has appeared in newspapers and magazines nationwide.

In addition to his career in real estate, Jim Toner has worked with The Napoleon Hill Foundation, Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann, the Caring House Project Foundation run by Frank and Nilsa McKinney, the Salvation Army in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a number of other organizations to help people to fulfill their potential and get the resources they need. Toner also works with the homeless and military veterans returning from war zones overseas who need help getting on their feet.

Jim Toner is known throughout the country for teaching people the value of and methods to becoming involved in intelligent real estate investing. He has developed a ‘user friendly’ real estate investment system that both experts and novices can use to have success buying and selling real estate. His 12 Little Houses Plan has created a path to financial freedom for people of all ages, sexes and educational levels and from all walks of life. Working with a team of fearless, seasoned entrepreneurs who call themselves ‘The Band of Rebels’, Toner and his clients have been able to overcome any obstacle to attain success.

To make his day productive, Jim Toner rises at 5:30 a.m. and spends about 30 minutes, relaxing his mind, clearing his head and thinking. He then heads to the gym for an invigorating workout while listening to helpful podcasts and powerful books on tape. By the time he gets to work at 9:00 a.m., both his mind and his body are ready to take on the day. One of the secrets to Jim Toner’s success is the 20 minute power nap he takes each afternoon. It leaves him energized, refreshed and focused and makes his afternoons and evenings more productive.

Jim Toner is a very action oriented person. He feels many people never become a success because they are paralyzed into inaction by overthinking ideas. Jim Toner quickly clarifies and tests his ideas and makes the necessary changes as he goes along. He is not afraid to fail. He understands that failure isn’t fatal and success is life changing and can make you millions of dollars.

Full details about Jim Toner: https://www.slideshare.net/jimtoner

Sheldon Lavin steers development in OSI Group

OSI Group was started in 1909 by a German immigrant in Chicago named Otto Kolschowsky. It started as a small butcher shop and later a meat market. However, in the early stages of development of the company, there is nothing much that can be written about the firm. It was from 1955 when the company became storyline begins. Then known as Otto & Sons, the company became a leading firm in the supply of meat products in Illinois after it was contracted by the McDonald’s to supply hamburger. In 1973, they were forced to open up a plant in Illinois to handle the huge demand for meat products which was coming from the McDonalds.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin was brought in the company’s management to assist with the global expansion of the company. He was to assist the original owner, Otto Kolschowsky and his two sons build something great from the connections the firm had established with the McDonald’s. McDonald’s was growing rapidly, and it became necessary for the OSI Group to boost its supply. In 1975, Otto & Sons was renamed OSI group. In the 1980s, OSI Group started expansion plan outside the United States. It opened business operations in countries such as Brazil, Spain, Germany, Taiwan, and Austria. On top of these, it added its processing plant in the United States to boost local production arising from high demand of meat products.

In the early 2000s, Sheldon Lavin started production of poultry products. It started the acquisition of a number of food companies in different countries starting with China in 2002. It also invested in the beef industry, with the acquisition of a food company in Australia. The company also started poultry production in America in 2006. In subsequent years, Sheldon Lavin expanded its operations in other countries which included Japan, India, and Canada. OSI Group also built multiple plants in different parts of the United States.

In 2016, OSI Group acquired the biggest food production plant in Illinois, formerly owned by Tyson Foods. The plant was bought at the cost of $7.4 million. The acquisition of this pant has helped OSI Group a big deal since it is located adjacent to the headquarters of the company. The plant provides ample storage space since it occupies a total space of 200,000 square feet. Under the leadership of CEO Sheldon Lavin, the company is expected to continue with its trend of growth in different locations spread out all over the world.

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Glen Wakeman Helping Others be Successful

Financial Executive, Glen Wakeman, is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings. He specializes in business development and P&L roles. His ultimate goal is to help businesses better themselves by analyzing five key dimensions of performance, which include: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


In addition to LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman is also the founder and President of Nova Four. In order to help developing companies grow, Nova Four gives them advice and access to capital. Wakeman’s specific role in this company is to teach chief executive officers how to proficiently do their job.


Prior to his entrepreneurship endeavors, Glen Wakeman spent over two decades with GE Capital where he served in a number of leadership roles. Right before leaving GE Capital, he served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. Wakeman saw success in this position where he built a nine-country operation that saw profits of $2 billion.


There is no doubt that Glen Wakeman knows the ins and outs of the industry. His vast leadership and entrepreneur experiences have given him the unique opportunity to discuss his own experiences and give advice to fellow entrepreneurs.


Throughout his various roles, Wakeman has met with many small businesses that had great potential, but many of them ended up failing. When Wakeman started looking into the reasons why these businesses weren’t taking off, he realized it was because they lacked structure. This is where he got the idea for LaunchPad. He decided that, to help these businesses out, he would develop a plan for success with a software platform.


Since Glen Wakeman holds a number of different responsibilities, he has to stay productive. The first thing Wakeman does to ensure productivity is to begin his day be reviewing the previous day; he then meets with his partner to divide duties. Dividing duties helps him stay focused on completing the tasks at hand because he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Additionally, he contributes part of his productivity to his curiosity. It helps him work hard through tasks that are difficult, this gives him the insights to know why things work so that, if need be, they can be changed. Wakeman also uses a number of apps to help him stay on task and productive. Part of a business’ success comes from a hardworking and productive owner.

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All About Jim Toner

Jim Toner is a man who has been enjoying real estate investment, hosting radio show and consultation during his career time. He has been speaking all over the country regarding the intelligent investing in real estate. He is an expert and tries to make real investment become user-friendly to other people through the service program that he charges $2,000 to $15,000.

When he was talking in an interview about “The Band of Rebels,” he said that it meant an attitude. His team of entrepreneurs is full of experiences and it becomes impossible not to be able to develop a rebellious attitude. Entrepreneurial activity is something that has many obstacles and it is the reason why only a few succeed. What they look for the clients that are potential in the way they struggle to overcome the obstacles.

He said that you can make the day to become productive, by ensuring that you wake up early in the morning. Take some minutes to clean your head and think. After that, you can then visit the gym because it will help to pull you out when your world is crashing down.

When it comes to bringing ideas to become life, he said that you have to do it before your ideas fade away because they lack inaction. If something was done before, then it is possible to do it again. The first thing you will have to do is to clarify the idea you have because it is like your recipe. Then you will find what to do so that you can keep moving. Always remember that most of the ideas that you have will fail but some will hit. What you need is to study the results, make some adjustments and then test again. What you will gain from repetition is the confidence for launching and that is how entrepreneurial game works.

The trend that excites Jim Toner is podcasts. He believes that reading is the key ingredient required for success. Podcasts will be able to offer similar results like reading but it is in an easy to understand format. The advantage of it is that its free and the expert you will hear from will make you busy in a long time. What you need not only to listen, get good ideas and run them.

The advice he has for the young people is to that they have a battle. When you are caught by problems, you may feel isolated but the truth about it is that you will not be able to get out with having to face the fire. Trouble does not spare anyone and when it approaches you, keep in mind that it’s not you alone and have hope because tomorrow is another day to make it right. Jim’s on Facebook.

Grab a copy of Jim’s latest book on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Jim-Toner/e/B074P8343B

HCR Wealth Advisors Gives Insight on How a Trade War Could Impact Stocks

Many investors are worried about financial tensions between the United States and China. Over the past few weeks, both nations have talked about increasing tariffs on various products. Tariffs are a tax on goods from another country. The purpose of a customs duty tax is to both increase revenue for the government and increase manufacturing within a nation. The United States lost a considerable percentage of production to China over the past few decades.

One of the biggest reasons that President Trump won the election was his focus on middle-class families. He promised to bring back jobs to industries that were decimated by outsourcing. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that tariffs could negatively impact earnings for various companies. Investors need to be ready if the stock market declines due to tariff concerns.

Which Companies Will Be Impacted

On their facebook post, they said that some companies will be impacted much harder by tariffs than others. US Steel is an example of a company that could benefit from the tariffs. The steel industry in the United States is struggling, due to China producing a massive amount of steel, and then dumping that low-value steel across the world. It is nearly impossible for steel companies in the United States to compete with Chinese steel.

HCR Wealth Advisors recommends that investors look at a company near their yearly low. Companies at a low could signal a substantial buying opportunity.

Investing Advice

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that offers investment advice to people all over the country. Few people have the financial acumen to design their own portfolio, and investing is critical for anyone who wants to take their financial position to a more profitable level. HCR Wealth Advisors treats all customers with dignity and respect. The firm is in a solid position to grow in the coming years, and HCR Wealth Advisors has won various awards in the industry for their work with clients.

Here’s the list of HCR Wealth Advisors’ top 50 holdings: https://www.holdingschannel.com/13f/hcr-wealth-advisors-top-holdings/

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

Heather Russell Is TransUnion’s Newest Addition to Its Leadership Team

TransUnion’s search for a new chief legal officer is now over. The credit reporting agency recently announce that on June 4 Heather Russell will be it chief legal officer. Though Heather was officially given the job in May the decision isn’t effective until June. Heathger is expected to be a great fit for TransUnion as she is an accomplished legal executive with expertise in global financial services.

Heather also possesses a great deal of regulatory expertise. For two decades she has worked in multiple sectors of global financial services. This makes her well versed when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. In her new role with TransUnion she will have a lot on her plate. she’ll need to be able to multitask on a high level as responsibility for numerous departments and operations with TransUnion and its subsidiaries will fall to her. Not to mention she’ll have added pressure as she will report directly to company CEO Jim Peck.

CEO Jim Peck isn’t at all worried about Heather however. He is confident she possesses both the skills and work ethic needed to be successful. He knows the company wouldn’t have chosen her if it didn’t feel she would be a strong addition to the leadership team. TransUnion will continue to execute its growth strategy and believe in its unique method of doing business.

About Heather Russell

Prior to joining TransUnion Heather worked at law firm Buckley Sandler, LLP, where she held an important leadership position. It’s safe to say that Heather Russell is a natural born leader. She has helped lead numerous firms and institutions throughout her career.

Get the facts: https://www.bu.edu/law/profile/heather-russell/

Nick Vertucci – Starting a Career in Real Estate

On September 22, 2017, Ideamensch posted an article from an interview of Nick Vertucci, the founder of NV Real Estate Academy. In this article, some key business insight from the real estate investor was discussed along with some heart felt details about his upbringing. Nick would manage to over come the odds and become a sheer success.

About NV Real Estate

This business has an very interesting history behind it as to how it came to be. But, as far as what it offers to its students is priceless. The biggest challenges that real estate investors face, Nick has overcame. In his academy, he reveals the secrets of becoming extremely successful in real estate investing. Students are graced with key resources pertaining both the education and active investing. Nick challenges students to make millions in real estate, just like he did.

The Humble Beginnings for Nick Vertucci

Nick grew up in a family that struggled financially. His parents were loving indeed, did the best they could to raise their kids, including Nick, but they just couldn’t make it pass that financial burden hump that stood in their way. Matters would worsen. When Nick was 10, his dad would pass away. His mom would have to work two jobs and Nick would barely see her as a result. When Nick was 18, he lived in his van. He couldn’t see himself living in this condition any longer so he decided to start a computer sales business.

Things Started to Take a Turn for the Better

Nick’s computer sales business would thrive. He would accumulate enough wealth to get him out of his current situation of homelessness. He would build his business to substantial measures. During this time, he would get married and have three kids. But, a pitfall would cause the business to die.

Nick Vertucci Falls Into a Hole

Nick’s business would die during the 2000 dot com crash. He would lose nearly everything. A complete disappointment this was, but lucky for Nick he had some pretty resourceful friends.

A Step in a New Direction

Nick would get invited to a real estate academy. While in this academy, he would get deeply inspired to start a career in real estate and so he did.

A New Light

Nick Vertucci would build a real estate business and get out of the debt that he was in due to the 2000 dot com crash. He would specialize in buying single family rentals, rehabbing them and renting them out. He would then offer his properties to investors and sell them by the thousands through his own radio show, “The Real Estate Investing Hour”.

Business Insight

Nick Vertucci believes in four sayings that brings ideas to life: “See It”, “Believe It”, “Map It” and “Execute It”.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Makes Changes to the Medical Industry

Luxury, convenience, and quality are some of the most important traits of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s new non-invasive cosmetic procedure facility OVME. OVME opened its doors in the Spring of 2018 and is quickly earning the title of Atlanta’s premier aesthetic procedure boutique facility. With each of the 15,000 square feet of Dr. Mark Mckenna’s facility designed around making sure the customers have the best experience the staff at OVME can provide, it is much more than the typical medical day spas across the United States. Their flagship location in the Buckhead area of Atlanta is designed so it never reminds their clients of a cold medical facility and instead is an experience that can be looked forward to.

Most of the services offered at OVME are available to both men and women and are individualized for each client. Dr. Mark Mckenna’s OVME also has services that are specialized towards men such as hair loss PRP treatments and testosterone therapy. The services available for everyone include weight management, Botox treatments, dermal fillers, as well as many other procedures. There are also membership options for repeat clients with special discounts, events, and weekly B-12 injections.

Dr. Mark Mckenna was born in the city of New Orleans where he also attended Tulane University’s School of Medicine. After graduation, instead of staying in the medical field Dr. Mark McKenna opened up a real estate business in his home city. When the city of New Orleans faced the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, he lost millions in assets in just a night. Before eventually moving onto the medical industry, Mckenna helped the city rebuild be using his companies to redevelop properties for lower to middle-income residents. Eventually, Dr. Mark Mckenna went on to found the Shape Medical Wellness Center in Atlanta before it was eventually sold and he quit the company. This gave him the opportunity to focus on his idea of the luxury company OVME and his continued success in medically related business.



Jordan Lindsey An Entrepreneur

Jordan Lindsey and Forex are interlinked. This is because he says that losing at Forex does not make you or anyone a loser. He says that Forex trading should be viewed as a business, not as a contest. With this in mind, your goal should be to make money, which can be done even if you lose some trades. Jordan Lindsey states you can make sure that your losses will be maintained at half the size of your wins. That way, as a trader, you can at least break even. Jordan Lindsey who is the founder of JCL Capital says that forex traders need to have a plan that will work for them and make them money. You can keep your losses to a minimum if you are able to contain them. Do this by making your wins as huge as possible and your losses to a minimum.

Just who is Jordan Lindsey. He grew up in New York. As a NewYorker, he fell in love with sports. His two favorite ones were tennis and ice hockey . He played them and loved to compete in these sports. He recently shared that at a young age he knew that he wanted to create something…. something that would change the world. He pursued his studies at Mount Angel Seminary and also at St. Joseph’s college. Even though he lived in New York, he also has resided abroad in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Jordan Lindsey is the Founder of the JCL Capital company. He has worn many hats. He is a veteran algo trader, an experienced founder in financial services and also in the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey is not only the founder of JCL Capital but he is a husband and a dad. He now is also a family man and has three beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly. Now , even though he still possesses his entrepreneurial spirit, his family is his highest priority.


The Oxford Club: Providing Invaluable Investment Advice

Successful investment is something that everyone dreams of. It is the most assured way of collecting wealth. Investment in stocks, options, real estate, equities, and currencies is one of the most lucrative ways to make real money.

So why aren’t there more people doing it? Well, there is considerable risk involved in this kind of investment, and this is what scares off most potential investors. What you need to succeed in your investment journey is expert advice before you commit any money.

The Oxford Club is a global organization comprised of entrepreneurs and investors. The club’s main aim is to create immense long-term wealth for its members. Their real objective is not just to make the members rich but also to enable them to enjoy a happy and fulfilling life.


The Oxford Club’s roots can be traced back to the 1970s to a group known as “The Merchant & Brokers Exchange.” This was an international group of business men who realized that working together with like-minded individuals was a quicker path to success.

This predecessor to the Oxford Club was founded by an American insurance salesman working in Hong Kong. The group began as a way for American businessmen working abroad to get together and exchange ideas. The leader of the group, Gary Scott, officially registered it and expanded it to London.

After some time at the helm, Scott relinquished leadership of the group to the CEO of Agora Inc., Bill Bonner. The name of the club was changed to The Passport Club, a nod to the international nature of its members.

The Club expanded rapidly under Bonner’s leadership, getting a record ten thousand members by 1990. In 1991, Bonner bought a financial newsletter called The Oxford Club, which was published by an investment firm in Florida, and it had thousands of subscribers.

Bonner hired a new director whose main job was to convert the newsletter’s subscribers into club members. The club would later change its name from The Passport club to The Oxford Club.