The political career by NGP VAN

NGP VAN is one of the digital organizers and also among the few video producers. He is known to have worked for most of the diverse slate of progressive form of campaigns for most of the great leaders. Some of the leaders that he has worked for their attacks and movement is like Hillary of the United States. He is believed to have grown up in the city of North California. He entered into the field of politics when one of his friends received a deportation order, and he thought it was not reasonably done therefore entered into this field. For him and his friend are believed to have schooled in the same high school, and during this time he had no idea of what order was at that time.

When the case for deportation of his friend was presented, he became active in this field and developed interest on this matter. During the progress of the case NGP VAN was actively involved, and by a good chance they won the case, and their friend had to continue staying in North California. The incident helped to build him because it is after they won that he was made community organizer in their area. For him and his friend, they were the only young people in this whole committee that dealt with the community organization.

The advantage they had is that most of the people used to assume that the young are always perfect in the field of social media and also digital organizing. He says that the lesson that NGP VAN learnt when doing community organizing has helped him a lot and some of the fundamental principles that he was able to determine the usually apply them in his field. One of the thing that NGP VAN plans to do in future is that any story that he decides to narrate he want it to be based on the community itself. He distinctly remembers how he was knocked out of the Dream Act and it is after this that they decided to seek help from then President Obama who helped them a lot. He has been a very significant influence in this digital career.