IC System the Exceptional Collection Agency

Jack Erickson and Ruth were the co-founders of IC System in 1938. The firm’s headquarters is located at the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. For about 80years the company has been run by three generations of the members of Erickson’s family. Despite being run as a family’s affair, the firm didn’t halt to thrive. The company’s primary focus is to follow the principle that guided them in providing ethical and straightforward services to its clients.


At the beginning of 2013, the firm was awarded for three continual years by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for its ethical progression in its services. IC System has a distinguished history of offering exceptional services to their clients for their collection needs. The IC system has outstanding innovative services that work tremendously to satisfy the needs of their clients based on firm ethical guidelines and committed.


There are other firms in the collections industry, they offer the same services to clients, but the quality provided by the IC System is incomparable. The company’s culture and core values of integrity, commitment and honesty is the ideal foundation of their outspoken ethical practices.


In addition to enhance their culture of company’s commitment to responsibly, IC system also gives a helping hand to the community. The corporate came up with a philanthropic group named Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) in 1981. The ECHO organization duties id to organize the in-house volunteer projects of charity by the employees. Every year they organize donations events for donations that create a platform for willing employees to donate. Their past and present donations have been to organizations like the American Red Cross, The Special Olympics and many more.


The IC system mission is to accomplish their role of giving back to the community. The firm’s Philosophy is to not only donate to the community but also to maintain their ethnicity in the offering of their services, by providing continuous committed. The IC system has a worldwide reputation of being the most trusted service providers for both local and national levels.

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