Drew Madden Expertise and Experience in Electronic Medical Records

Drew Madden is a healthcare IT expert and has apassion for building teams with high ability,companies with attractive cultures and client partnerships. He graduated in 2002 from Iowa University with a BSE in Industrial Engineering with a bias towards medical systems. He is the founder of Evergreen Healthcare Partners. Drew career spans from Healthia consulting to Nordic Consulting partners. Drew began work life in Healthia in Jan 2006 to Dec 2010 where he was the senior epic consultant. He later moved to Ingenix Consulting as the regional sales director for one year. In2010,Drewmoved to Nordic as the executive vice president.

During his stint at Nordic drew the main role was to ensure business growth and maintain client relationships. Drew Madden was promoted to the president of Nordic after seven months. Through the leadership of Drew, the company grew from ten to seven hundred and twenty-fiveemployees and the clientele base increased from three to one hundred and fifty. The company also increased in revenue. Drew then founded Evergreen Healthcare partners in 2017, and is currently the managing partner at the firm.

Evergreen Healthcare Partners is a company that provides healthcare IT expertise across the country. Drew began the company together with his partners Rebecca Bottorf,FriedmanAaron,Melissa Hill and Jeff Leach who all serve as the managing partners. Thecompany focuses on multiple EHR platforms and healthcare technology. The company makes sure that it connects professionals in the healthcare industry. Drew who is passionate about electronic medical records has helped troubleshoot,implement and optimize electronic recording. Electronic record management together with talent management enables firms to focus on long-term goals even as they focus.

The company is focusing on helping other companies maximize their information technology use to make sure the end user is satisfied. To ensure that the company also began a talent management solution program. The talent management is in line with the company vision to help clients recruit and develop the best technology resources while building the best teams. The company has come up with strategy to ensure the staff are competitive enough.