Classdojo- Improving Classroom Managment

Managing a classroom is a challenging effort. There are always students who need extra motivation to maintain good behavior. In a world where kids have their own tablets and cell phones, creativity is often needed to keep students on task. ClassDojo is an excellent tool for teachers to use. Classdojo is fun, engaging and gives student a visual to keep them informed of their classroom behavior.


ClassDojo is an app that allows teachers to communicate with their students and parents. All three stay connected by sharing photos, ideas, and even messages during the school day. In some ways it’s like a ‘Facebook’ for students and teachers. Teachers and students can use the application to work together sharing in the daily classroom experience. Parents get a glimpse into their students day even if they are still at home.


Perhaps the most intriguing part of ClassDojo is the classroom management tool. Class Dojo allows each student to pick their own avatar to represent themselves. Students pick from a long list of incredibly cool monsters. Students then get a visual of their behavior as a teacher add points or takes them away for appropriate behavior. If the teacher sees a student do something that is respectful or responsible, they add a point to their avatar. If a student is doing something mean to another student, a point comes away. Avatar’s can be displayed on a projector or computer screen for students to see the entire time. There are no surprises about behavior. Even better all of this is communicated with parents through the classdojo application.


The ultimate mission of classdojo is give teachers, parents, and students the ability to create amazing classrooms. This is done by keeping everyone connected in a fun and engaging way. If you have been looking for a way to better manage your classroom, classdojo just might be the thing you’ve been looking for.

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