Equities First Holdings News Shares That The Company Is Europe’s Leader

Founded in the United States, Equities First Holdings has quickly become well loved across the globe. In the news, it is shared that Equities First Holdings has become Europe’s leader when it comes to stock-based loans. The company is innovative was it operates across the globe, reaching people in cities like Sydney and Bangkok. The company has dealt with one and a half billion dollars. Many are impressed that the company has been able to sustain itself through harsh economic times. It is run in a modern way and has made a big difference for financial companies and individuals around the world.

Susan McGalla, a Successful Businesswoman

Executive leadership positions have been dominated by the male gender for a long period of time. However, it has been proven that companies that honors gender diversity with a certain percent performs better than those that don’t.

To achieve her executive position, Susan McGalla worked for it without having to obtain any favor from anybody. Having being brought up in a family of two brothers and a football coach daddy, she was able to learn the value of working for what she wanted. She carried the value to her working environment and became American Eagles Outfitters’ president before leaving the company.

She then became the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and she currently serves as the vice president for Pittsburgh Steelers in Creative Development and Business Strategy. She steered the company’s campaign to attract more fans in purchasing steel gear through a campaign called ‘wear what we wear’.

The initiative by women networks have worked hard over years to give support to women leaders and prove that women can be able to work in executive positions. However, the initiative has not been successful as it fails to address the real issue of numbers which are much fewer compared to that of the male gender.

From her success, women are encouraged to be more aggressive in their work since opportunities are available to them. Sponsorship programs can be used to help empower women through investing on those that are in these executive roles. This way, gender diversity will be improved and better company performance will be experienced.

Susan McGalla received her BA studies from Mount Union College. From there, she started her career as a marketer with the Joseph Horne Company before leaving for the American Eagle Outfitters. In her career life, Susan has faced many challenges including an immediate termination after reporting a continuous decrease in sales at Wet Seal Inc. where she served as the CEO.

She has attended many meetings as a speaker to encourage women and teach them on strategies of becoming successful leaders. She advises them that failure should not be a hindrance to take the next step but rather should serve as a lesson for the next move.

The Career of Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is a businesswoman from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. She is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development at The Pittsburg Steelers, LLC. Prior to this, Susan McGalla held a management position at American Eagle Outfitters, where she was also promoted to President near the end of her tenure with the company. As president of the company, she oversaw the launch of aerie and 77kids, the company’s kids’ brands. As founder of P3 Executive Consulting, Ms. McGalla has extensive expertise in the fashion industry.

Another of Susan McGalla’s prior positions include the role of CEO of Wet Seal. She also provides marketing, retail, and fashion consulting services. Another of her roles includes sitting on the boards of HFF, Inc., a commercial services real estate company, and the Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. Ms. McGalla is director of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development.

Born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, Susan McGalla earned a bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from Mount Union College and is currently serving on the Board of Advisors.

Susan McGalla is a strong supporter of women in business, and she has given many speeches on the topic. She has spoken in front of the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburg, and Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for CEO’s. She has experience working in predominately male companies and does not feel that women should be cut slack based on their gender. She is successful working with both men and women and encourages others to feel the same.