How Roberto Santiago has conquered the Real Estate Market in Brazil.

When Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed in 1989, it changed the livelihood of the residents in and around Joao Pessoa. The mall impacted their economic well-being as well as their social life. The conducive atmosphere at the mall provides a spot where people can hang out and relax after their busy schedules at work. The shopping center offers access to food, drinks, and entertainment joints where people can meet and have some good fun. Roberto Santiago, the proprietor of the mall, is a native of Joao Pessoa. He began his entrepreneurial journey making and supplying carton folding’s to several major companies in Brazil. After a few years in the business and amercing a substantial amount of money, Roberto decided to venture into the real estate market. He acquired a piece of land and began constructing what would become the biggest mall in the State of Paraiba.


Manaira Shopping Center sits on 92,500 square meters with a parking area that can hold more than 3,000 cars at a time. Roberto Santiago continues to improve the facilities that were there when the mall first began its operations. There is 24 hour surveillance with state of the art CCTV cameras ensuring the safety of the customers. The mall boasts of an entertainment section of its kind. It has an electronic amusement park, bowling area, cinema halls, and a gaming area. 3D enabled screens are installed in the cinema theaters making watching a movie an excellent experience. Santiago has earned an excellent reputation for himself for ensuring the center maintains its family-friendly environment.


The mall is also a hub for both local and international brands. It is home to learning institutions, food courts, banks and other 280 shopping stores displaying and selling several products including furniture, clothes, electronics, and jewelry. The food court was recently expanded to accommodate more restaurants and have diversity. The customers now have the luxury of choosing their joint according to budget and appetite. It provides access to high-end restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse and Waynes and pocket-friendly fast food joints such as KFC. Another excellent feature that has been recently expanded is the air-conditioned Domus Hall. It is on the rooftop where it host’s large exhibits, concerts, conferences, and fairs. Its sound system and acoustic equipment enable the hall to host shows and theatrical productions.


Roberto Santiago was born and bred in Joao Pessoa. He is a learned fellow with a degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He has contributed significantly to the Brazilian economy and especially in Paraiba State. His mall has provided not just fun and entertainment joints, but also employment opportunities. He continues to improve Manaira Shopping Center to ensure it remains the shoppers and tourists favorite.

Shervin Pishevar’s Economic Predictions Come to Fruition

It wasn’t too long ago that investor Shervin Pishevar decided to make a few economic predictions. He went on Twitter to say that he saw a financial storm ahead. 50 tweets later, he was finished with his predictions.

The Stock Market Predictions

Shervin Pishevar started it all off by saying that he expected a 6,000 point drop in aggregate in coming months. He went on to tweet that the gains from 2018 were gone. It would only be a matter of time before the gains from 2017 were also given up.

As an angel investor and the founder of An investing firm, Shervin Pishevar has made it his business to predict the state of the economy.

Shervin went to great lengths to number the tweets and provide a lot of insight about the economy in regards to stocks as well as bonds. He also went into detail about bitcoin, preparing investors on all fronts of what could happen. He certainly provided a public warning, sending out the tweets to tens of thousands of followers.

The Reality

It seems as though Shervin Pishevar knew what he was talking about. He warned Twitter followers about what was likely to come. Within 24 hours of his first tweet, the markets started to wobble. A few days later, the stocks were taking a plunge. There are now a lot of jitters within the market and people are working to prepare themselves for the worst.

In the middle of March, Shervin Pishevar followed up his tweets with comments about the markets and how the rate-hike fears have returned.

The markets are doing exactly what Shervin Pishevar warned they would do. While it hasn’t seen the full 6,000 point drop, it’s only been a month since his tweetstorm happened. It’s entirely possible that we’ll still see the full prediction come to fruition. As such, investors have to be prepared for it.

Adam Milstein Against Hatred and Bigotry

Adam Milstein is a Writer of articles, an Active Philanthropist, and Pro-Israel Activist. He is there for the Israel community and helps them with anything they need but he also writes articles on many movements that are anti-Israel. His latest article, Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide, talks about the different movements that are about hate and violence towards Israel. Adam Milstein is there to speak up for the Israel community. He talks about how different traditions are coming together to share ideas and tactics.

According to the Elders of Zion, Jews are at fault for all the problems in the world but if you really look at it with truth, each person is at fault for the problems. If we each get along we wouldn’t have as many problems.

Radical left’s point of view is that Israel is targeting Muslims. Where do the Muslims get that view? It seems the movements are living in the past with the old testament but even in the old testament they still treated others a lot better than what they do now. We are all of the same blood. We may look different but we are all the same on the inside. We are allowed our different points of view but to treat people with racism and bigotry is not the way we survive.

As I understand Adam Milstein, everyone should work together and treat each other with respect and we will survive. All of these wars and mistreatment just makes the world die even more every day. I am glad people stand up for the people and we should have that but we shouldn’t have to in the first place if everybody just got along and stopped treating people wrong.

Adam Milstein does everything to make sure somebody speaks up and at least try to get the hatred and bigotry to stop. Everyone should be doing this together and work together to make the world a better place.  

Stream Energy Women Group Hold their Annual Celebrations

Stream Energy is a large organization that is currently headquartered in Dallas. The institution has won many hearts in the United States because of the high quality connected life services it has been offering. Although the direct selling market has proven to be very competitive in the recent times, Stream Energy has done its best to ensure that it gets a top position in the lives of people. The institution has been in the American market long enough to understand how it can impress the consumers and at the same time offer high quality services at all times.

The people who are working at Stream Energy play a leading role in the success of the company. Women, for instance leave their children and husbands so that they can work with the institution and bring great results as a team. This is why the company has been looking for ways to make sure that all the company employees are motivated so that they never get an opportunity to complain. In 2010, the successful company realized that the women in the firm played a great role in the success the company was experiencing, and this is why they formed a group that would focus on women empowerment.

The Stream Women of Power group is not a newbie to the American market. The institution has been organizing its annual meetings so that the women in the company can meet and share information together. The company chief financial officer has been a key figure in the success of the women group. According to the news that have been shared on several occasions, Renee Hornbaker has been organizing the women annual event so that the women leaders working in Stream Energy can get a chance to share and motivate each other concerning the problems they face while working in their personal businesses.

Last year, the women group announced their annual event early enough so that the women could prepare themselves and get ready for the lessons of the day. The company made sure that it had invited some of the most successful women leaders in the world so that they could share with the women who were present.