Mike Baur Uses Swiss Startup to Develop Business

Business startups play crucial, yet developmental roles in society. In most countries, business startups have a direct link to the growth of economy. Being pivotal in elevating the economy of the world in general, most entrepreneurs have delved into starting small businesses. The hope, is to come up with revolutionary businesses in the end. For most business prospects, this is the way forward. It is also the hope of many investors that small business grow into big, admirable, business, that can be bought in the end. Startups need strong, independent, minds that can grow different ideas into key developmental dockets for growth. That is where Mike Baur comes in.


Background information


Business prospects that come up with startups need role models. One such individual is Mike Baur, a man that has been very instrumental in reliving the ideas of young business prospects. Mike is the head cheerleader of an international startup called Swiss Startup. He has been leading the organization for over five years now. In the organization, he has ensured that members, also known as candidates, acquire the right skills for growing their businesses. Mike Baur has been keen on making sure that both the young and the old achieve their dreams when it comes to leading comfortable lives through business.




Presently, millennials are turning to business in order to succeed in life. With that in mind, it is vital to have strong minds for role models. Such is the position that Mike Baur has taken in the society and the industry of business. Baur has revolutionary ideas to develop businesses. He uses these ideas to grow the talent of business professionals. At Swiss Startup, he has strategically used his talent to develop business through key entrepreneurial networks. Mike Baur has been able to connect seasoned entrepreneurs with prospects. This is how entrepreneurial networks connect business professionals. Usually, at such juncture, young enthusiasts who handle startups, find their way through to huge business deals. These business deals play key roles in enhancing their skills, and allowing them to live the lives they desire, as business professionals. Investors, on the other hand, always make sure that such businesses land in the right hands of people, who can easily multiply the resources.


Mike’s leadership skills


Mike Baur formed Swiss Startup on the idea of expanding knowledge in business and investment. Baur offers millennials first hand data on how to make progress. With his team of trained motivational speakers, he has been able to incorporate seamless hard work, effort and resources, to empower the youth. Mike’s idea of co-founding Swiss Startup was appended to making sure that there is an acceleration of startup development. So far, since 2014, when the business was formed, he has managed to achieve that objective. The firm is well known for selecting powerful startups via promising platforms.




Mike Baur is convinced that the future of startups is bright. He has vast experience bordering business, management and entrepreneurship. Baur has been to two schools where he studied business management. He actively involves himself in team building and business developmental ideas.


Greg Secker Gives Secrets behind His Success in Business

Greg Secker is an iconic businessman, philanthropist and a renowned speaker in financial trading. He is among the few individuals with reputation of becoming millionaire at a prime age of twenty years. Greg owns top companies including Capital Index, Learn to Trade and Smart Charts Software. These companies have had a profound impact not only on the economy of Europe but also other countries which the firms has operations.

Greg Secker spent his early years in active employment before he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He first worked for Thomas Cook Financial services and thereafter Secker switched to Virtual Trading Desk. He quickly transitioned over several career positions to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, one of the giant investments banks in the United States of America. At Mellon, Greg was able to pick up top-notch financial trading skills he used to found his own trading floor. He later founded Learn to Trade, followed by a series of others successful firms.

Many people are amazed about Greg Secker’s success at a very tender age. This often leaves them with a lot of questions lingering in their heads how Secker managed to climb to the top of the success ladder. In one of his interviews, Secker shared deep insights that have given him immense breakthrough in the business world. According to Greg, conception of a solid strategy is the starting point for succeeding in business pursuits. He insists that having an idea is not enough to yield success, for him, entrepreneurs need to test their strategies before implementation. Greg further points out that fear is what holds many from launching their business models. He encourages business individuals that the only path to success is to brave business hurdles and implement their ideas.

Greg Secker is also widely recognized for being a keynote speaker in financial trading across the world. This has earned him several coveted awards including London Excellence Awards. Greg believes that his success is not complete without sharing it with the community. Through his non-profit organization- The Greg Secker Foundation– he has improved lives of many communities.

Is Europe Slowing Down? According to James Dondero

Brexit, PIIGS and continual troubles in the European Union have made some investors scared. Sure, the Greek sovereign debt offers a big pay day – if they repay their loans. But, what if they run out of money? What does Highland Capital President James Dondero think? Is Europe slowing down?


“Is Europe Floundering?”


All empires fall when they can’t solve the next problem. The problem with the European Union is that they might have a dozen unresolved issues. Investment Professional George Soros suggested that the EU was on verge of collapse in 2016. This was before Brexit. So what does Investment Professional James Dondero think?


When Barrons asked James Dondero about Europe, he said the following: “We think Europe continues to slow down. I think European equities have played out over the last six months and have a few more months to run, at most. That pertains to high-risk debt also. You are seeing shrinking credit demand, and when the European Central Bank starts regulating the banks in the fourth quarter, there will be more pressure on lending. The strong currency is crimping manufacturing in Europe. The euro and Europe’s economy are vulnerable.” James Dondero does not mince words.


He has basically presented some of the key problems in the European Union: strong currency and banking insolvency. They can’t win. A strong euro destroys manufacturing and exports. The EU can’t grow with that scenario and unfortunately, many European nations are seeing declining GDPs.


“Can Europe Recover?”


Instead of investing in Europe, James Dondero chose South America – Argentina. The US dollar dominates the region, which makes it possible for Argentina and other nations to export cheap goods. This allows them to increase their growth rates. South America traditionally has higher interest rates than Europe also.


“Reasoning Mind = Mathematics + Computers”


Low income Dallas school children can benefit from one of James Dondero’s charities, called “Reasoning Mind.” This provides computers for math classes from pre-kindergarten through the seventh grade. Europe might be slowing down, but thanks to Jim Dondero, Dallas youth are speeding up.


more about jim dondero here.

Equities First Holding’s Records An Increase In Clients Seeking Stock-Based Loans To Finance Their Ventures

In recent years, it has become quite difficult to acquire a loan using the traditional method that uses a credit score. If one is a first-time borrower, it is automatically harder to get a bigger sum of money. Most banks and lenders consider such customers to have high risks. Besides, most banks have redrafted their terms and conditions with increased the interest rates and required qualifications. However, it is not impossible to get money through alternative means. Margin loans and stock-based loans have rapidly gained popularity for their affordability. One such company that has recorded a rise in those transactions is Equities First Holdings, in the United Kingdom. Read News Here .

The chief executive officer of Equities, Al Christy Jr., stated that the firm has transacted more stock-based loans in recent years since the method is a genius way to cater to customers who do not have the required credentials for credit-based loans. Christy explained that Equities’ stock-based loans have a high loan-to-value ratio of 50-75 percent, and a fixed interest rate of three to four in percentage. In the case where a client decides to abandon the transaction midway, further responsibilities by the customer are put to halt. Stock-based loans allow the borrower to retain the loan’s profits even if the collateral stock depreciates. Unlike a margin loan, the stock-based one does not restrict one to use the money in an endeavor specified by the lender.

Equities First Holdings specializes in processing alternative loans by using a customer’s stock as collateral. The international firm has branches in four nations and is open to using publicly-traded stock from anywhere in the world. Equities values its customers and maintains integrity in all transactions as is evident in all the 650 deals it has transacted since its establishment. During every procession, Equities employed legal professionals to provide advisory and returned the customers’ collateral. Al Christy stated that his firm has the dedication to give clients excellent services at affordable rates.

http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20141102005020/en/Equities-Holdings-LLC-Continues-Growth-Acquires-Sydney-and-Perth-based for more .

Eric Lefkofsky: Always In The Lead

Eric Lefkofsky is used to being his own boss. He’s been starting new ventures and getting involves with other productive ones his whole professional life. He started out in entrepreneurship selling carpet while attending the University Of Michigan. After receiving his undergraduate and law degrees there, Leftofsky and a friend bought an apparel company. Visit https://www.tempus.com/about-us

Today he is a co-founder of such influential companies as Groupon and Tempus. The former serves as an online venue to help millions of consumers connect for the purpose of greater value. It also gives businesses an additional platform to attract consumers. While Groupon has helped merge social media and commerce, Tempus is redefining Cancer research. By using a creative method of sequencing and analytics, the company is creating the world’s largest library of cancer treatment data.

In addition to his business interests, Lefkofsky serves as an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Recently he became the author of his first book, entitled “Accelerated Disruption.” The book is all about managing a business in the face of ever-changing technology. He also serves as chairman of the board of trustees at the Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago.

Eric and his wife, Liz, are prominent philanthropists in the Chicago area. Their Lefkofsky Family Foundation helps advance high-impact charitable organizations around the world. One area of its direct impact is education, where it supports efforts to develop tools for teachers and helps fund charter schools and after-school programs. In addition, the Foundation has been very supportive of the local cause of health. It supports medical centers in and around Chicago and has made large donations to children’s hospitals and cancer research.

Lefkofsky is only getting started. He not only influences daily commerce that people use around the world but has a direct social and philanthropic effect on his own community. And he does it the way he always has, being part of the team who came up with the idea.

http://www.lefkofsky.com/about/ for more.

Sawyer Howitt Has A Bright Future In Both Business and Racquetball

Sawyer Howitt is a young skilled businessman and racquetball player. He is the son of Meriwether group founder David Howitt. Sawyer has taken very impeccable business lessons from his father from a young age. His father knew well that the best way to have his kids excel in business is exposing them to what he does. The exposure Sawyer Howitt got is helping so much today as he cuts his line into the business world and nothing seems to stop him from achieving success.

Sawyer Howitt studies at the Lincoln are focused on business related courses, which will be very crucial in giving him great skills on how to run enterprises successfully. Sawyer Howitt is very artistic and analytical and combining these factors is making him brilliant in doing business. Though still young, Sawyer can keenly analyze markets and understand the needs of customers. Critical skills in business are imperative for its success, and Sawyer is endowed with the skills he is excellent in knowing the operational and financial requirements of a business to compete favorably in the markets. Read This Page.

For Sawyer Howitt, nothing is too big in running an enterprise. He is outstanding in branding, and he has the capability of making a little-known product to spread in the market in the shortest period possible. His father David Howitt has a lot of trust in him because with his sharp brain the company Meriwether Group has a dazzling future. David Howitt is doing all he is capable of making sure that his son gets all the knowledge needed to excel in running big businesses.

Sawyer Howitt is a senior student at the Lincoln High School that is located in Portland Oregon. Sawyer Howitt has also made a name for himself in the world for being very great in racquetball. He has mastered the game well, and his star seems to continue shining. His future in this game is very promising, and he could be representing the country in the upcoming Olympics if he is well natured.

See: https://sawyerhowitt.tumblr.com/


The Many Advantages of Equities First Holdings

Equities First Holdings is an international lending company. It operates on all continents and has nine offices in Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, etc.

There are many benefits to working with Equities First Holdings. The company strives to invent alternative lending methods and solutions that are more transparent and allow more flexibility for the client. Equities First Holdings have a customer service with a response rate of 24 hours. The LTV rations are 75 % and the average interest rate – 3 to 4 %. When it comes to stock loans, finding liquidity can be very expensive, and it usually proves to be a challenge. LTV ratios of traditional investment institutions are almost always less than encouraging. Equities First Holdings aims to provide the needed capital while maintaining flexibility and efficiency. Read NewsBoost article for Equities First.

Equities First Holdings has stock loans that use equities as loan collateral for a particular period of time – usually for three years. Instead of having to liquidate their position in a particular company, the client can simply make a transaction with Equities First Holdings and transfer the shares as collateral and then receive the proceeds of the loan. Security is often the first and foremost concern of borrowers. That is why Equities First Holdings priorities safety for the borrower. Investors also have access to lower interest rates and additional terms that are exclusive to them. At Equities First Holdings stock loans are non-purpose. That gives the borrower the freedom to invest in anything they choose and thus gives them a lot more flexibility. Another advantageous feature of Equities First Holdings is that transactions are non-recourse which means that the lender’s recovery is limited to the collateral pledge.

Working with Equity Forst Holdings has some benefits. The company is quickly growing and providing better lending solutions with low-interest rates and high security. Visit http://www.equitiesfirst.com/

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Jeffry Schneider, Entrepreneur of Alternative Investments

In 2008 Jeffry Schneider founded Ascendant Capital, LLC, an alternative investment boutique firm. The firm is located in Austin, Texas.

What is an alternative investment boutique? An alternative investment boutique is a financial firm that caters to a specific segment of the market. Jeffry Schneider’s firm specifically researches investments in real estate, private equity and hedge funds that are not usually available to investors. Once their research is completed and the funds are identified, they will develop offerings to qualified investors.

These public and private offerings are offered through broker-dealers, private banks, investment advisors across the globe.

During the last five years, under Jeffry Schneider’s leadership, Ascendant Capital has seen tremendous growth, not only in the number of employees his firm has hired but also with the amount of monetary growth that the company has experienced. The company employment numbers when Schneider started the business was at 2, now it is at 30. And monetarily, after 5 years of business they have raised nearly $1 billion. Schneider and his team’s new goal is to raise $50 million on a monthly basis. Is his goal doable? Schneider believes it can be done because “alternative investments offer investors a way to diversify and reduce volatility at the same time”.

He gained valuable knowledge in the area of alternative investments at positions held at:

  •  Alex Brown
  •  Merrill Lynch
  •  Smith Barney
  •  Axiom Capital Management in an executive position. His worked entailed establishing relationships with hedge fund managers, doing due diligence on clients as to the proper fit to the company’s investment funds and working with alternative investment managers.
  • Paradigm Global Advisors -held an executive position in alternative investments.

He earned his Bachelors of Science degree from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

On a personal note, Jeffry Schneider is a family man who loves to travel, stay fit and eat healthy. Moreover, he is involved in a number of charitable organizations.

Visit https://www.facebook.com/jeffry.schneider for more.

Technology-Based Fight Against Cancer

Cancer is a word that is becoming more frequent in our society. It is hard to find someone that has not been affected by cancer in some way. The fight against cancer has been going on for decades. The treatment for the disease has advanced greatly, but a cure has yet to be discovered. Eric Lefkofsky and his company, Tempus, are doing everything they can to help in this fight.


Eric Lefkofksy has been a businessman his entire adult life. He and his business partner have been involved in and created many companies. One of the greatest company successes that Eric Lefkofksy has been involved with is Groupon. He was an original investor and creator for the company. This company has expanded greatly and is still wildly popular. This company even earned the title of the fastest growing company in history. Check lefkofsky.com for more details.


Based in tempus.com, in 2016, Eric created his current company called Tempus. Tempus is a technology company, and they have created a machine that helps doctors treating cancer patients. The machine analyzes data and gives doctors a closer look into what exactly is going on inside the bodies of their patients.


Blood and tissue samples are taken from the patients. These samples are sent off to the Tempus lab. An analysis of the DNA and RNA sequencing is done on the samples. Cancer cells and normal cells are compared to see if there are any mutations in the gene makeup. The results are then sent back to the doctors. This process takes roughly three weeks.

Click http://shiakapos.com/eric-lefkofskys-biggest-deal-yet-hes-using-data-to-fight-cancer/

Once the doctors receive the results, they have a clearer picture of what is happening with their patients. Each patient is different and having these results allows for their treatment plan to be customized. The more information doctors have, the better they are able to treat their patients.


Eric Lefkofsky’s company may be new, but it is having a great impact. Cancer treatment centers all over the country are using their services. The battle against cancer has not yet been won, but with the machine created by Tempus, we may be getting closer to that goal.


The Exclusiveness of the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

The Manaira Shopping is known for being the biggest shopping mall in the Joao Pessoa city. Its owner is Roberto Santiago, who is one of the region’s most prominent business people. He has been striving to ensure the facility offer the best services to the customers. Manaira Shopping has several relaxing, fun, and comfort amenities for the clients. It provides magnificent beaches, excellent cuisine, and perfect sunset views that make it stand out.

The types of fun and entertainment undertakings that are offered at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping mall have made it gain a good reputation. The infrastructure that has been set up at the mall can be used by families that need to have a calm environment, fun, and comfort whenever they visit the city. The entertainment facilities that have been built in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping include electronic amusement parks, bowling, ballrooms, and movie theaters. It consists of a cinema hall that has 11 rooms, and top-notch equipment has been installed there. It also has 3D capabilities, a stadium-like room, and a VIP space. The theater also offers snacks, candy, soft drinks, and bar services. The electronic amusement park contains more than 200 installed machines, and it is over 1800 square meters large. The place also has gym facilities.

A large gourmet space has also been built in the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping. Its environment is highly relaxing, and therefore, customers can have great times there. The place has an excellent steakhouse that offers tasty meals. There is also a food court that cooks delicious food that can fulfill one’s yearnings. The rooftop of the building has a concert hall that is called the Domus Hall on paraibaradioblog.com. It has been there for more than seven years, and it is regarded as one of the most spacious in Joao Pessoa’s. The hall is very modern, air conditioned, has excellent sound facilities, and it is also soundproof. It can accommodate up to ten thousand standing people and four thousand when they are sited.

Roberto Santiago is a well-established businessperson who is based in Brazil. Another major asset that he owns is the Mangeira Shopping Mall, which is a state-of-the-art shopping place on pbagora.com. Roberto’s profession as an entrepreneur kicked off when he was at Café Santa Rosa. He letter decided to venture into a cartonnage enterprise that was focused on utilitarian and decorative items. Santiago is also a sportsperson, and he has been a winner of various medals and trophies in kart and motocross contests.

He was born in the Joao Pessoa city and studied at the Pio X-Marist College. Roberto then pursued his business administration degree at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. The entrepreneur worked to grow his cartonnage enterprise on jornaldaparaiba.com for several years and later started investing in many other businesses.