Larkin And Lacey Arrest

In 1972 after Jim Larkin dropped out of University of Arizona State, he met Michael Lacey and teamed up to helm Phoenix New Times. It was a fledgling campus weekly which came into existence responding to ultra-conservative which covered the local media of students antiwar protests.

Lacey acted as the executive editor and headed up advertisement part, feisty, and it grew to explore a variety of political and social issues. It was gaining prominence and it was among the nation’s roaster growing and as an alternative newspaper.

The News-Times in 1983 purchase westwora which commenced with expansion and it would embrace a multibillion-dollar conglomerated of the 17 like-minded newspapers from coast to coast which included the Miami New Times, LA Weekly, and granddaddy offering the New York City village voice.

In 2007, an arrest was made for Lacey and Larkin from their homes and jailed. They had revealed in Phoenix New Times that the grand jury subpoenas were targeting paper’s editors, writers, and it was a breathtaking insult for the constitution of the United States readers.

Their arrest was executed and instigated by Joe Arpaio, regarded as notorious anti-immigrant Maricopa County sheriff. Due to the outcry from the public, their charges were dropped within 24 hours. In a subsequent investigation, it revealed that the warrants from grand jury were counterfeit which a vengeful prosecutor issued and had bypassed the legal safeguards.

Maricopa County later in 2003 had to pay $3.75 million so that they could settle Lacey and Larkin Lawsuit wrong arrest. The partners used that money in establishing Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund where they were aiming to distribute proceeds from settlement to the Latin-American groups in Arizona State.

When Arpaio was working in Arizona, there was slowly undermining of the Latino community living around. The police who were under Arpaio acted as the mouthpieces about his racism policies. Those supporting Arpaio had rallied around him with ease and defended him with the nationalist rhetoric painting. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The human right movements from the national and regional began forming the response to the cases which had built Arpaio’s legacy. They went rallying around the communities where Latino’s lived and they swore to give them protection. Among the largest organization was Lacey & Larkin. It’s a group which helped the Latinos and other community members to be protected using their First Amendment rights.

It resulted in their effort in fighting back against the rhetoric for sheriff Arpaio that made his discrediting opposition goals become more difficult in accomplishment.

There came even a stronger push against sheriff Arpaio rhetoric after he was charged with contempt crime in 2017 which was a misdemeanor that could be pushed for a maximum six months sentence.

It was the pardon form United States president Donald Trump that it was made official and it was a difficult thing to say where the pardon will lead Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | Facebook

The other question is what will then happen with his crusade. People of the community are much aware of the misdeeds from Arpaio’s and having more movements sprouting, there is much hope that Arpaio’s agenda can be permanently curbed.

Beamridge’s Advisor, Lee May to Race in Support of Nemesis ABC

Beamridge is a UK based company that deals with design and build contractor. Beamridge has the experience of developing projects that meet the set standards and quality. The company’s main agenda is to maintain a long-term client relationship as they expand it.


Lee May’s 10k race

Beamridge Ltd Advisor, Lee May, will be participating in a sponsored 10-kilometer run to raise money that will enable Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to acquire a first-hand minibus. All the proceeds from the race will be channeled to the club to allow them to progress with the dazing job they do.


Beamridge Ltd is the primary sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The sponsorship will help the club improve in all their training aspects so that they can remain competitive in the domestic and European tournaments. Other than boxing, Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also nurtures young people’s talent who, Aside from the boxing, the club contributes to the development of the young persons who take advantage of the strong ethics and conducive atmosphere created by the boxing club.


Lee May has continuously been an enthusiastic boxing fan. For this reason, he takes the initiative to sponsor Nemesis ABC. Therefore, Beamridge is appealing to the general public to support Lee May accomplish his objective by raising £20K.


Thames views Ladies FC and children’s Hospice sponsorship

Beamridge Ltd also Sponsor SECWFL Kent Division Champions. In recent fixtures, the teams had a good running after narrowly losing to Browley in the Kent Plate final.


On 20th October 2017, the company hosted its second charity boxing event where it raised money that will go to financing Demelza Children’s Hospice. The children Hospice is devoted to offering unsurpassed health care and support to children facing life-threatening situations. On 3rd November 2016, the company also hosted an inaugural charity boxing night, with the aim of helping Nemesis ABC and also Ellenor Hospice.


Beamridge Company is committed not only to offering quality services to its clients but also helping the society by providing sponsorship to clubs and hospitals that serve the community.

you can read more about lee may in the following article

Paul Herdsman’s Tips To Help Entrepreneurs Reach Success

Many individuals seek to be successful entrepreneurs, but only a few often succeed. Successful entrepreneur and a Co-Founder of a global company named NICE Global, Paul Herdsman has offered some great tips that can help entrepreneurs to reach success in their businesses.


One of the first tips he mentioned is to have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude is a great source of motivation. One way he suggested to help build positive attitude is to focus on gratitude and come up with a list of things you are grateful for daily. Paul Herdsman’s next tip is to take risk. Successful entrepreneurs are people who have taken risks. His advice is that individuals take calculated risk and weigh out everything before deciding to take the risk.


In his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman., four other important tips that Paul Herdsman suggested are to do what you care about, to have a vision, to know your customers and to deliver above and beyond. These tips all complement each other. When starting a business, it is important to focus on something you care about, something that is meaningful, which then will create excitement and motivate you to share and make it accessible to others. When there’s passion, it’s easier to have a vision of where you want to take project. Setting up goals, is one way he suggested that can help with defining the vision for the business.


With a vision it’s easier to get back on track if the business ever gets rigid. The vision will be the thing that adds fuel and rekindle passion. With a vision, it becomes easier to define your customers. Knowing your customers and their demands will help to serve them best. With serving them, you will be able to get their input which can be used to help improve and grow the business. When it comes to serving customers, Paul Herdsman’s suggestion is to go above and beyond and provide in greater ways than other companies have. This, he said, will attract more customers to the business and have them rave about the service being provided.


More of Paul Herdsman’s tips include not taking shortcuts and being persistent. With every business, it takes a lot of work to build things up, so it’s important to not rush yourself and expect results overnight. It will take time and persistence to continue in spite of what comes or how long it may take. Another tip he added is to Learn from your mistake. One thing he suggested is to keep a record of past mistakes and failures, then analyzed what was learned from them. Another great tip is to build the right team. With the right team comes the right balance which will help the business to evolve. To have team members who are strong in areas where you are weak and might catch up things that you might miss will add value and lead to growth.  See This Page for related information.


One of the last few tips Paul Herdsman mentioned is to find a mentor. His suggestion is to seek out people who are already successful doing what you are interested in and get their feedback on your project, along with tips to help make improvements. This fits right along with the last tip which is to learn to say no. learning to say no and staying focused instead of allowing yourself to be distracted is important. It’s crucial to focus on what’s important instead of focusing on multiple projects.


Check out his profile on

Fortress Investment Group gets a feel of Peter Briger’s Prowess

Peter Briger has enjoyed remarkable success throughout his investment career. His colleagues identify him as a dedicated guy who will go out of his way to get things done. The Fortress Investment Group co-chairman has made a name for himself in the world of finance.

He was made partner at Goldman, Sachs and company in 1996. He served at the firm for close to 15 years. Peter Briger led a host of groups within the company including the Special Opportunities Fund LLC.He was also part of a couple of committees during his time at the firm. The most notable one being the Japan Executive Committee.

Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and has over the years risen through the ranks to be the co-chairman of its board and principal of the group. He oversaw the creation of the Fortress Credit business. He is currently in charge of its operations where he manages up to 300 employees. The operations of the group puts an emphasis on assets whose real value is not appreciated. The group also has a hand in the real estate business.

He pursued a bachelor of arts degree from Princeto University and later completed his MBA at the Penisylvania University. Numerous other institutions including schools, hospitals and companies have sought his services on their boards. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group joined the public market. Peter Briger earned close to $2 billion from the change in tact of the company making him a billionaire. He is a specialist in selling unwanted assets. He helps all his teams to embrace the ‘buy low sell high’ slogan that influences the returns of any business venture. He has also caused a notable difference in the distressed debt field.

He was part of the team that brought to life Golmann’s Special Situations group. Much of Goldmann’s revenue collection at the time was attributed to the group as it developed further under the leadership of Peter Bridger. Every financial crisis has been a blessing in disguise for the hedge fund manager. Whenever the crisis ends, the returns on assets are usually impressive as the unwanted assets can be sold at competitive prices.

He continues to make considerable profits especially those stemming from distressed assets. He hardly has any second thoughts on his plans and has been known to be opportunistic. Apart from his active financial career, Peter Bridger also freely gives back to the society. He has joined hands with the team involved in the conservation of the Central Park and contributes generously to their efforts. He is most passionate about dealing with poverty, education and children.


Michael Burwell Leading Willis Towers Watson Into Great Heights

Willis Towers Watson, a specialist in Global advisory, insurance, and reinsurance broking, named Michael J. Burwell its new C.F.O. Michael, also known as Mike, replaced Roger Millay who retired on the 2nd of October 2017.

Michael has thirty-one years’ experience in professional and finances services, which he gained from PwC, holding some senior leadership roles that include Head of Global Transformation, C.F.O in the United States, the leader of Transaction Services in the United States, and the Chief Operating Officer. Michael Burwell also has eleven years of experience in audit, and twelve years of experience in Transaction Services advisory, which includes working on valuation and pre-merger due diligence.

John Haley, the C.E.O, said that they were very excited to have Michael Burwell join their leadership team, at that vital point of the company’s evolution. Mike understands leading, managing and driving results in a global, sophisticated company which has a strong focus on clients. He also commented that they were confident that Michael Burwell’s expertise in transactions, transformation, and finance was well suited to lead the company’s integration efforts and long-term growth which allows them to achieve their full potential.

He also thanks Roger, the outgoing Chief Financial Officer, for his significant contribution and leadership to Willis Towers Watson. Rodger left the firm stronger through his service and stationed for future success. Burwell said he was humbled to have that opportunity to join the firm. He added that in all his interactions, he was impressed by the strength of commitment to the clients, leadership and inclusive and collaborative culture. He looks forward to being instrumental in the success of the firm.


About Willis Towers Watson

Willis Towers Watson aids clients globally turn their risks into paths for growth. Having roots that date 1828, the company has 40,000 workers who serve more than 140 countries. They design, then later deliver solutions which manage risks, cultivate talent, optimize benefits and extend the power of capital for protection and strengthening of individuals and institutions. Willis Towers Watson has a unique perspective which allows them to see the detracting intersections between assets, ideas, and talent – the vital formula which drives firm’s performance. Together, they unlock potentials. Visit This Page for more information.


About Michael Burwell

Michael Burwell studied at Michigan State University and graduated with Bachelor’s of Arts in Business Administration. During his time at the PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, he practiced on several audit clients. In 2007, Mike was appointed the C.F.O, and in 2008, he was named the Chief Operating Officer over PwC’s United States business.

In 2012, Michael was named the Vice Chairman Global and U.S. Transformation Leader. Michael Burwell created diversity in the transformation duty to optimize firm’s effectiveness in managing various groups of internal functions. Mike also worked as a senior relationship partner for several clients during his tenure.



Jordan Lindsey An Entrepreneur

Jordan Lindsey and Forex are interlinked. This is because he says that losing at Forex does not make you or anyone a loser. He says that Forex trading should be viewed as a business, not as a contest. With this in mind, your goal should be to make money, which can be done even if you lose some trades. Jordan Lindsey states you can make sure that your losses will be maintained at half the size of your wins. That way, as a trader, you can at least break even. Jordan Lindsey who is the founder of JCL Capital says that forex traders need to have a plan that will work for them and make them money. You can keep your losses to a minimum if you are able to contain them. Do this by making your wins as huge as possible and your losses to a minimum.

Just who is Jordan Lindsey. He grew up in New York. As a NewYorker, he fell in love with sports. His two favorite ones were tennis and ice hockey . He played them and loved to compete in these sports. He recently shared that at a young age he knew that he wanted to create something…. something that would change the world. He pursued his studies at Mount Angel Seminary and also at St. Joseph’s college. Even though he lived in New York, he also has resided abroad in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Jordan Lindsey is the Founder of the JCL Capital company. He has worn many hats. He is a veteran algo trader, an experienced founder in financial services and also in the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey is not only the founder of JCL Capital but he is a husband and a dad. He now is also a family man and has three beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly. Now , even though he still possesses his entrepreneurial spirit, his family is his highest priority.

How Vijay Eswaran Identifies Living As If Today Could Be Your Last

Dr. Vijay Eswaran has a lot of thoughts he likes sharing with others on his blogs, and many of them come from spiritual journeys he has taken throughout his life. One of them is a little unusual about being two minutes away from the abyss, something a Tibetan monk once told him. Eswaran explained that since you don’t know when you could pass away, you should live your life as something that can be looked at has having changed people’s lives. Eswaran said that you can do this through making sacrifices and using your knowledge and skills to help others succeed at what they’re doing. And he said you should be willing to venture to the unknown and take some risks. He’s said this particularly in regards to business, but he’s also said in your personal life you can learn a lot by venturing outside the comforts of your bubble.

Vijay Eswaran comes from a family that values good character and including spiritual practices in everything you do. He learned a lot from his father and his uncle about the practices he would later write about in his books. He studied at the London School of Economics, and after several odd jobs and part-time consulting gigs that didn’t quite match what he wanted to do, he got into multilevel marketing. He started out with the Cosway Group, and then in 1998 he and Joseph Bismark began QI Group Ltd., one of the top direct selling and business financing companies in the world. QI Group’s most profitable subsidiary is QNet which sells various products through independent business people, but they also have holdings in vacation properties, logistics networks, business analytics and IT, and a major university in Malaysia known as QI University.

Vijay Eswaran has also given away millions to efforts to help struggling Asian communities primarily through the RYTHM Foundation, and also through a family organization known as the Vijayratnam Foundation. His business and philanthropy leadership has led to his being featured in the Forbes Asia magazine, and has led to his receiving awards at the World Economic Forum and the Global Indian Meet. His most popular book of all time is “In The Sphere Of Silence,” but he’s also penned “On The Wings Of Thought” and “18 Stepping Stones.”

Adam Milstein Against Hatred and Bigotry

Adam Milstein is a Writer of articles, an Active Philanthropist, and Pro-Israel Activist. He is there for the Israel community and helps them with anything they need but he also writes articles on many movements that are anti-Israel. His latest article, Unlikely radical alliances fan the flames of anti-Semitism worldwide, talks about the different movements that are about hate and violence towards Israel. Adam Milstein is there to speak up for the Israel community. He talks about how different traditions are coming together to share ideas and tactics.

According to the Elders of Zion, Jews are at fault for all the problems in the world but if you really look at it with truth, each person is at fault for the problems. If we each get along we wouldn’t have as many problems.

Radical left’s point of view is that Israel is targeting Muslims. Where do the Muslims get that view? It seems the movements are living in the past with the old testament but even in the old testament they still treated others a lot better than what they do now. We are all of the same blood. We may look different but we are all the same on the inside. We are allowed our different points of view but to treat people with racism and bigotry is not the way we survive.

As I understand Adam Milstein, everyone should work together and treat each other with respect and we will survive. All of these wars and mistreatment just makes the world die even more every day. I am glad people stand up for the people and we should have that but we shouldn’t have to in the first place if everybody just got along and stopped treating people wrong.

Adam Milstein does everything to make sure somebody speaks up and at least try to get the hatred and bigotry to stop. Everyone should be doing this together and work together to make the world a better place.  

Stream Energy Women Group Hold their Annual Celebrations

Stream Energy is a large organization that is currently headquartered in Dallas. The institution has won many hearts in the United States because of the high quality connected life services it has been offering. Although the direct selling market has proven to be very competitive in the recent times, Stream Energy has done its best to ensure that it gets a top position in the lives of people. The institution has been in the American market long enough to understand how it can impress the consumers and at the same time offer high quality services at all times.

The people who are working at Stream Energy play a leading role in the success of the company. Women, for instance leave their children and husbands so that they can work with the institution and bring great results as a team. This is why the company has been looking for ways to make sure that all the company employees are motivated so that they never get an opportunity to complain. In 2010, the successful company realized that the women in the firm played a great role in the success the company was experiencing, and this is why they formed a group that would focus on women empowerment.

The Stream Women of Power group is not a newbie to the American market. The institution has been organizing its annual meetings so that the women in the company can meet and share information together. The company chief financial officer has been a key figure in the success of the women group. According to the news that have been shared on several occasions, Renee Hornbaker has been organizing the women annual event so that the women leaders working in Stream Energy can get a chance to share and motivate each other concerning the problems they face while working in their personal businesses.

Last year, the women group announced their annual event early enough so that the women could prepare themselves and get ready for the lessons of the day. The company made sure that it had invited some of the most successful women leaders in the world so that they could share with the women who were present.