HCR Wealth Advisors Gives Insight on How a Trade War Could Impact Stocks

Many investors are worried about financial tensions between the United States and China. Over the past few weeks, both nations have talked about increasing tariffs on various products. Tariffs are a tax on goods from another country. The purpose of a customs duty tax is to both increase revenue for the government and increase manufacturing within a nation. The United States lost a considerable percentage of production to China over the past few decades.

One of the biggest reasons that President Trump won the election was his focus on middle-class families. He promised to bring back jobs to industries that were decimated by outsourcing. HCR Wealth Advisors believes that tariffs could negatively impact earnings for various companies. Investors need to be ready if the stock market declines due to tariff concerns.

Which Companies Will Be Impacted

On their facebook post, they said that some companies will be impacted much harder by tariffs than others. US Steel is an example of a company that could benefit from the tariffs. The steel industry in the United States is struggling, due to China producing a massive amount of steel, and then dumping that low-value steel across the world. It is nearly impossible for steel companies in the United States to compete with Chinese steel.

HCR Wealth Advisors recommends that investors look at a company near their yearly low. Companies at a low could signal a substantial buying opportunity.

Investing Advice

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm that offers investment advice to people all over the country. Few people have the financial acumen to design their own portfolio, and investing is critical for anyone who wants to take their financial position to a more profitable level. HCR Wealth Advisors treats all customers with dignity and respect. The firm is in a solid position to grow in the coming years, and HCR Wealth Advisors has won various awards in the industry for their work with clients.

Here’s the list of HCR Wealth Advisors’ top 50 holdings: https://www.holdingschannel.com/13f/hcr-wealth-advisors-top-holdings/

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The Changing Markets May Continue According to Those at HCR Wealth Advisors

Many people choose to invest in the market. They may do so directly as part of their savings plan. They can also do so as well via specific investment vehicles such as a 401k. In the last year, those at HCR Wealth Advisors have watched the markets closely. At the same time, the stock market in 2017 was noteworthy for the fact that it has remained remarkably and historically stable. The lack of volatility has led investors, companies, and investment advisors to wonder what the future will hold for the markets in the coming years. Will there be a change in the market that makes it more likely to see swings in varied ways that may increase values from one week to the next? Or will this year see more of the same?

Many Factors

At HCR Wealth Advisors, their focus is on many things. They aim to help clients who are seeking help in creating a personalized investment plan. In the process of doing so, they use many techniques, including establishing client relationships through education, that can help any client determine the right mix of options for their overall financial goals. This is why HCR Wealth Advisors continues to closely monitor the markets. At the firm, they believe that the year to come is one that will undoubtedly see more changes in the market but one that will also offer a great deal of opportunity for the savvy investor at the same time.

A Global Recovery

In one of their Facebook post, HCR Wealth Advisors mentioned that one issue that will undeniably affect the markets in the future is that of the global recovery. As the American economy continues to strengthen, the world markets are likely to follow suit with equal optimism. The recovery has not just been confined to the United States. Economic recovery has also touched many parts of the world markets. This helped to create a relatively stable economic scene that is likely to continue in the coming years as investors continue to spot economic opportunity and drive world markets forward.

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Jim Toner Shares His Wealth and Success

Jim Toner is truly an inspiring man. Throughout the years he has helped countless people invest in real estate through many time tested and proven systems. The complexity of real estate has baffled many. However, Jim Toner recreated a system for individuals to understand it in an easily digestible manner.

Jim Toner spent his career wearing several different hats. He has had a successful radio show where he discusses business topics and provides helpful information for people seeking to improve their wealth status. Jim Toner is a successful real estate investor and spends his time learning investment tips and strategies for himself and others. Jim Toner also delivers powerful speech presentations so individuals can be inspired to live out their wildest dreams. Often times people who do not have someone in their corner to motivate and encourage the success that is buried deep within them. However, Jim as a speaker and motivator has been able to consult individuals to take their current state of life to another level.

Many people spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to come see his speaking engagements and real estate investment programs. People also are willing that travel great distances over the entire country just for an opportunity to see the very in demand presentations that Jim Toner so expertly put together. Jim has the capability to speak to so many people because he has invested in real estate not just in the United States, but across the entire world.

With his ability to have purchased millions of dollars worth of property this man has also become an extremely generous philantropist. One of the many ways Jim Toner shares his wealth with the world is through Caring House Project Foundation. Jim Toner also through this foundation has supplied countries all over the world such as Haiti with shelters and homes able to care for entire villages or family. Improvements to their own communities through housing and community structures, water filters, solar lighting, and generous provision from donations of animals and trees, these countries are now able to self sustain.

Jim toner is also an influential author. He has written several books but one of his most noted pieces of work is the Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate. How to Profit in Today’s Market using history’s greatest wealth builder. Using this book Jim Toner reveals the secrets that have helped many accumulate wealth and financial freedom through real estate investing. Most notably he also shares real life scenarios of stories that have actually occurred in individuals lives and how using Jim’s system

, financial freedom is truly achievable. Jim Toner is revealing truth that many need and helping People change their lives for the better.

Malcolm Casselle career and works

OPSkins is worldwide computer-generated gaming where Malcolm CasSelle is the Chief Information Officer. The inventors of OPSkins are to unveil a block chain program named WAX; Worldwide Asset exchange. Which is an online shop that enables individuals to exchange simulated products through block chain and distribution agreements that will allow well-organised trading relations? WAX unscrambles the problem of disintegration and deception using a widget that enables the purchase of virtual products without logging off the game. Wax has tokens that allow gamer to buy items in the game, and as online agreements that facilitate the purchase, selling, renting and exchange of goods. Malcolm says that the gaming sector will kindle the cryptocurrency world to the mainstream.

Malcolm CasSelle has a Computer Science degree from MIT and pursued masters in Stanford University. He is well conversant in both Japanese and Mandarin. Presently Malcolm CasSelle is the President of WAX and former President and Chief Technology Officer at New Ventures in tronc, formerly Tribune Publishing supervising the spontaneous growth of assets. Before that, he was the CEO of Timeline Labs which offers solutions founded on social signalling. Acting as the CEO of Media Pass which comes up with subscription-based taxes for technological content.

Malcolm casSelle also invested in companies like Zynga and Facebook. As a director of Capital Union Investments, he supervised direct private investments. He later became a top senior in Groupon’s joint business with Chinese gaming company Tencent. Earlier he was involved in the pioneering of the digital industry and Media pass a digital solution to big companies, he also led to the pioneering of Xfire and was named CEO which is social gaming network worth 22 million dollars. Since 1998-2002 he worked as the Vice President and a consultant to the Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Century CyberWorks; PCCW. He was also among the forefathers of PCCW, which is a public company in Hong Kong worth more than 35 billion dollars. Through Malcolm’s work, PCCW generated billions in their public offerings and more millions for other private dealings he shows how he is connected.

Sahm Adrangi Exposes Kodak Eastman

Eastman Kodak Company is a commercial printing as well as imaging firm. Recently, the management claimed that it has been making progress regarding heightening the amount of stock. Kodak Eastman registered low sales in 2017. In fact, the sales were low to the point of hitting the average $3 from the usual $37.73 that it made in 2013. Surprisingly, Kodak announced that it had found a solution to their financial situation. The company was optimistic that this new strategy would stop the sliding sales. So, in 2018, Kodak announced a new business venture, the blockchain/crypto space.

The Business Plan

According to the business plan, Kodak was planning to create a blockchain platform to facilitate image licensing and photo-centric cryptocurrency. Consequently, Kodak partnered with WENN Digital early in the year. After the partnership, Kodak announced that its shares and revenues had gone up by 400%. In reality, the accurate figures were from the lows of $3.05 to the highs of $5.85.

How Viable was the Partnership?

Sahm Adrangi, the head cheerleader of Kerrisdale Capital Management issued a negated report regarding Kodak’s claimed victory. According to Adrangi, it is highly unlikely to come across such a case in any industry. This is because the team in charge of the cryptocurrency business launched by Kodak lacked credibility. In fact, to be more accurate about the negated report, Kerrisdale Capital joined Kodak by taking a short position.

Dishonest Business

During Kerrisdale Capital’s stay at Kodak, the company garnered sufficient evidence to warrant the writing of a negative report about Kodak and its cryptocurrency business. Sahm Adrangi stated in the same release that the announcement by Kodak is a plan to ride on the blockchain business as most investors are persuaded that it is the way forward in industry.

Personal Profile

Sahm Adrangi first made his way to the public business platform when he blew the whistle on some of China’s largest firms. Apparently, the firms were operating illegally. Among the companies were China-Biotics, China Marine Foods, and Lihua International. Other targets included China Education Alliance and ChinaCast Education. Until now, Sahm Adrangi has committed himself to exposing companies that operate illegally.


Grow your Business From The Experience of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a entrepreneur, mentor, investor, writer, and a global business executive. He has been with GE Capital for 20 years taking a leadership role in integrations, new market entry, start-ups for businesses and more. Currently, Glen Wakeman is the Co-founder and CEO of a firm named LaunchPad Holdings, LLC (http://www.glenwakeman.com/about-glen-wakeman/). One of the most effective ways Glen has been able to have such a good reputation with the corporations he partners with, is Giving his advice on how they should go about their strategy, handle their global affairs, and how to raise their capital.

A lot of businesses starting out are not familiar with the ins and outs of their industry, so someone with personal experience in their field can lead them in the right direction, on the road to success. That is exactly what Glen Wakeman does, he his an expert in helping companies not only have a successful start up, but he provides all the tools needed to keep you reaching higher heights, and shows you the proper steps to continually grow your business.

No wonder Glen has been named the “secret weapon” for top entrepreneurs, providing top notch knowledge, and bringing innovative skills to the table. The next generation is emerging, and these young executives are learning a thing or to from someone who has been successful in what they’re trying to accomplish right now. With Wakeman’s wide-range of experience, he can also customize your business plan while tailoring your ideas, putting you into the best position possible.

It’s rare that someone shares their personal “recipe” for success, but something Glen Wakeman does is pass along information and business skills that was taught to him, making you even more able and capable to excel where there is a very competitive market. So if you want to separate yourself from the pack, listening to the experiences from Glen Wakeman is a good start!