Guilherme Paulus: A Touch Of Genius

The Brazilian president recently appointed Guilherme Paulus to the country’s tourism board. The sixty-eight-year-old entrepreneur has been an investor in the tourism industry for over forty years. His investments have helped make Brazil a better tourist destination a fact recognized even by the world tourism organization.

Guilherme Paulus understands tourism and most of his investment decisions have been guided by this understanding. The GJP network one of his investments operates a chain of resorts and hotels all over the country catering for clients from all over. He has been able to tap into the local tourism scene as well as the international tourist scene. This is the same understanding that helped grow CVC to the largest tour operator in Latin America. The company today handles more than 3.5 million clients every year and is expected to grow given the new investments recently made into the firm including the purchase of rival Experimento. The tour operator has always relied heavily on its ability to innovate and create new and unique products that cater to the desires of every client. One of the earliest companies to get an online presence was CVC.

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Guilherme Paulus ensured that people from all over the globe could search and find services offered by the tour operator at the touch of a button. This may have been in part motivated by his understanding of the power of computers and the internet as experienced during his earlier days as an IBM intern. The strategy worked well for them, and despite having physical locations in more than four hundred and fifty cities across Brazil, their online platform still contributed significantly to the large numbers they were enjoying even in those earlier days. CVC today is majority owned by the Carlyle Group but Guilherme Paulus still significant interest left. The group purchased 63 percent shareholding in 2009 at a time when Brazil was experiencing a tourism boom. This purchase would help Guilherme Paulus grow his other venture GJP. Even with the level of success he has achieved Paulus still finds joy in mentoring younger entrepreneurs and helping them navigate the complex world of entrepreneurship.

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Beamridge’s Advisor, Lee May to Race in Support of Nemesis ABC

Beamridge is a UK based company that deals with design and build contractor. Beamridge has the experience of developing projects that meet the set standards and quality. The company’s main agenda is to maintain a long-term client relationship as they expand it.


Lee May’s 10k race

Beamridge Ltd Advisor, Lee May, will be participating in a sponsored 10-kilometer run to raise money that will enable Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to acquire a first-hand minibus. All the proceeds from the race will be channeled to the club to allow them to progress with the dazing job they do.


Beamridge Ltd is the primary sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The sponsorship will help the club improve in all their training aspects so that they can remain competitive in the domestic and European tournaments. Other than boxing, Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also nurtures young people’s talent who, Aside from the boxing, the club contributes to the development of the young persons who take advantage of the strong ethics and conducive atmosphere created by the boxing club.


Lee May has continuously been an enthusiastic boxing fan. For this reason, he takes the initiative to sponsor Nemesis ABC. Therefore, Beamridge is appealing to the general public to support Lee May accomplish his objective by raising £20K.


Thames views Ladies FC and children’s Hospice sponsorship

Beamridge Ltd also Sponsor SECWFL Kent Division Champions. In recent fixtures, the teams had a good running after narrowly losing to Browley in the Kent Plate final.


On 20th October 2017, the company hosted its second charity boxing event where it raised money that will go to financing Demelza Children’s Hospice. The children Hospice is devoted to offering unsurpassed health care and support to children facing life-threatening situations. On 3rd November 2016, the company also hosted an inaugural charity boxing night, with the aim of helping Nemesis ABC and also Ellenor Hospice.


Beamridge Company is committed not only to offering quality services to its clients but also helping the society by providing sponsorship to clubs and hospitals that serve the community.

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How Roberto Santiago has conquered the Real Estate Market in Brazil.

When Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed in 1989, it changed the livelihood of the residents in and around Joao Pessoa. The mall impacted their economic well-being as well as their social life. The conducive atmosphere at the mall provides a spot where people can hang out and relax after their busy schedules at work. The shopping center offers access to food, drinks, and entertainment joints where people can meet and have some good fun. Roberto Santiago, the proprietor of the mall, is a native of Joao Pessoa. He began his entrepreneurial journey making and supplying carton folding’s to several major companies in Brazil. After a few years in the business and amercing a substantial amount of money, Roberto decided to venture into the real estate market. He acquired a piece of land and began constructing what would become the biggest mall in the State of Paraiba.


Manaira Shopping Center sits on 92,500 square meters with a parking area that can hold more than 3,000 cars at a time. Roberto Santiago continues to improve the facilities that were there when the mall first began its operations. There is 24 hour surveillance with state of the art CCTV cameras ensuring the safety of the customers. The mall boasts of an entertainment section of its kind. It has an electronic amusement park, bowling area, cinema halls, and a gaming area. 3D enabled screens are installed in the cinema theaters making watching a movie an excellent experience. Santiago has earned an excellent reputation for himself for ensuring the center maintains its family-friendly environment.


The mall is also a hub for both local and international brands. It is home to learning institutions, food courts, banks and other 280 shopping stores displaying and selling several products including furniture, clothes, electronics, and jewelry. The food court was recently expanded to accommodate more restaurants and have diversity. The customers now have the luxury of choosing their joint according to budget and appetite. It provides access to high-end restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse and Waynes and pocket-friendly fast food joints such as KFC. Another excellent feature that has been recently expanded is the air-conditioned Domus Hall. It is on the rooftop where it host’s large exhibits, concerts, conferences, and fairs. Its sound system and acoustic equipment enable the hall to host shows and theatrical productions.


Roberto Santiago was born and bred in Joao Pessoa. He is a learned fellow with a degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He has contributed significantly to the Brazilian economy and especially in Paraiba State. His mall has provided not just fun and entertainment joints, but also employment opportunities. He continues to improve Manaira Shopping Center to ensure it remains the shoppers and tourists favorite.

Committed to Seeing It Through: Louis Chenevert

In an age where many CEO’s and others leave a business after only a few months, one man stayed committed to a company for eight years to see it flourish on the world stage. This man’s name is Louis Chenevert and he helped United Technology Corporation become one of the most prominent manufacturers of engines and other aerospace technology in the world today. Here is a look at his impressive career and how he managed to turn UTC into the titan it has become.

Louis Chenevert started off slow and easy. He worked at GM in Canada for fourteen years so he made sure that he had the basics of how to run the floor and how things worked. After GM he went to Pratt and Whitney. This is where his business savvy came into being. After only six years at the company, he became president of the company in 1999. After six more years with Pratt and Whitney, he left that position to make a permanent mark in the aerospace industry. He became president of UTC.

The first thing to know about Louis Chenevert and his time at UTC was that he was committed to seeing a vision come to life. He believed in the company and the people who were working with him and made sure to invest in both. This is the key to the success of UTC and Louis Chenevert. He made sure that UTC had the latest in technology when it came to building engines and other components.

He also made sure that the people had the knowledge and skills necessary in order to create the latest in technology. Louis Chenevert also helped create a new type of turbofan engine for airplane manufacturers. Seeing the vision through to the end is why Louis Chenevert was such a great leader at UTC.

Louis Chenevert has moved on from UTC to work at Goldman Sachs. One thing was for certain though. He was committed to seeing UTC spread their wings and fly. He was committed to seeing it through from his beginning in 2006 to the end of 2014.

Glen Wakeman the Business Executive You Need

Glen Wakeman is a global business executive. He has had success worldwide working in 32 countries and living in 6 during his professional career. Since 2015 he is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Wakeman holds many professional titles including global business executive, writer, investor, mentor, and entrepreneur. Degrees obtained include from the University of Scranton a BS in Economics and Finance additionally earned from University of Chicago was an MBA in Finance. The degrees earned has enabled him to become a well known internationally (

Profession activities include start-up companies, mergers, acquisitions, entering of new markets and enormous expansion. He is also known for his writing of articles and blogs to help other business to achieve success (Positivethefacts). The articles and blogs comprise of a diversity of subjects such as administration and management and range to international fiscal matters and global affairs. Advice editorials presented encompassed ways to gain backing and procure funds. Wakeman is also known for his mentoring and is found in a variety of ways. Many follow the advice and find success through journalistic pieces and blogs. An additional form of mentoring is through the software that helps new entrepreneurs with starting and sustaining their company. He also has been known to counsel other executives in management positions. Wakeman is known for his 5 key dimensions of performance which consist of leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

Glen Wakeman has occupied many labels over his career. One heading is entrepreneur through the founding of Nova Four and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Designations of President and CEO have also been achieved. He also has occupied stations on the board of directors. One position accomplished from 1999 to 2006 was CEO Latin American employed with GE Capital. Glen Wakeman has had many successes over his professional life.