Anthony Petrello’s Current Position In The Oil Drilling Technology World And Previous Accomplishments

Anthony Petrello is currently arranging some of the biggest deals between oil drilling contractors and large corporations, and he has been responsible for growing profits in the company for shareholders. He guides the technology initiatives and strategic investments of the company’s funds, and he’s received a hefty compensation for his work. At one time he pulled in $68 million that included his base pay plus a large bonus for contract buyout and also stocks and equity in his name. Petrello joined Nabors in 1991 and has been a part of many other organizations.

Prior to entering the oil drilling industry, Petrello had a career in math and law. He attended Yale University as a young man and looked into a career as a mathematician, and even was a protégé of mathematician Serge Lange. He moved from mathematics to law and practiced in corporate affairs as an attorney for Baker & McKenzie. Most of the legal issues he addressed were offshore investments, taxes, mergers and acquisitions and other major transactions. His expertise in financial law was what prompted Nabors Industries to bring him to their executive board.

Anthony Petrello is also on the boards of Stewart & Stevenson, Hillcorp Energy and the Texas Children’s Hospital. He has a young daughter who has cerebral palsy and though no treatment has yet existed for her, Petrello decided to help the research team at Dan & Jan Duncan Neurological Research Institute with research funding. He and his wife Cynthia have become great friends with the Duncans and have started spreading the word to other business owners in the greater Houston area.

Equities First Holding’s Records An Increase In Clients Seeking Stock-Based Loans To Finance Their Ventures

In recent years, it has become quite difficult to acquire a loan using the traditional method that uses a credit score. If one is a first-time borrower, it is automatically harder to get a bigger sum of money. Most banks and lenders consider such customers to have high risks. Besides, most banks have redrafted their terms and conditions with increased the interest rates and required qualifications. However, it is not impossible to get money through alternative means. Margin loans and stock-based loans have rapidly gained popularity for their affordability. One such company that has recorded a rise in those transactions is Equities First Holdings, in the United Kingdom. Read News Here .

The chief executive officer of Equities, Al Christy Jr., stated that the firm has transacted more stock-based loans in recent years since the method is a genius way to cater to customers who do not have the required credentials for credit-based loans. Christy explained that Equities’ stock-based loans have a high loan-to-value ratio of 50-75 percent, and a fixed interest rate of three to four in percentage. In the case where a client decides to abandon the transaction midway, further responsibilities by the customer are put to halt. Stock-based loans allow the borrower to retain the loan’s profits even if the collateral stock depreciates. Unlike a margin loan, the stock-based one does not restrict one to use the money in an endeavor specified by the lender.

Equities First Holdings specializes in processing alternative loans by using a customer’s stock as collateral. The international firm has branches in four nations and is open to using publicly-traded stock from anywhere in the world. Equities values its customers and maintains integrity in all transactions as is evident in all the 650 deals it has transacted since its establishment. During every procession, Equities employed legal professionals to provide advisory and returned the customers’ collateral. Al Christy stated that his firm has the dedication to give clients excellent services at affordable rates. for more .

Rona Borre is Chicago’s Pride in the Business Environment of the City

When Rona Borre formed her new business, Instant Alliance, no one paid much attention because Rona just started without too much fanfare. It was not long however until word got out that this new company was the place to go to hire talented professionals in the finance and technological niches.

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And what was even more remarkable, the candidates were all good people with great track records. There was no need to have the HR department go through tens and hundreds of people as this Rona Borre girl had already done the screening. Rona’s reputation rose like a rocket and today she is the one that is asked to speak at many major events, and she is involved in so many local organizations it is impossible to name them all.

The secret to Rona’s approach is very simple, and it is a tactic that is seldom used on purpose by many of the larger staffing firms. It is the tactic called building relationships. This must be accomplished by the staffing company and the company who will be hiring the candidates. Rona wants to know everything about the client, its corporate culture and how a candidate needs to fit in. When this information is forthcoming, the rest is easy. Just find the right person and plug him or her in and you are done.  Check