Bruno Fagali: the giant in legal practice

The Brazilian law system is one of the most complicated law systems worldwide. This tough framework does not usually only affect the international issues (as would be expected of a country implementing laws to protect themselves from external forces). Even local frameworks have been affected by this factor. The FAGALI advocacy is one of the few legal firms that are operating above the bar set by the Brazilian government. The owner and CEO of this legal firm is Bruno Jorge Fagali.

Fagali has a lot of experience in the legal field, which has been created through the different legal companies that he has worked with since the year 2012. The reputation that he has created in this industry has been created by the good services that he provides. The loyalty of these customers has been fostered by the fact that he does not have extravagant charges like those of other practitioners in the legal field.

The ethics that he puts into practice while working have been fostered by the educational background got in Sao Paulo. These ethics are expected even of employees. Bruno ensures this is so by ensuring that he sees to the training of all his employees in his advocacy, as well as constant seminars to build on what they already know. He creates a good working environment for his employees so as to enhance the general performance of the company. This is also fostered by the title that he takes up in the company. Despite being the director and founder of the FAGALI advocacy, he chooses to maintain the title as an employee. This eases communication and even the way things are run by the company, especially in terms of team spirit creation.

Bruno Fagali has set very high standards over time. He has coupled so many factors that have been a requirement for the Brazilian government over time. He has ensured that he has maintained the required the ethical standards, he has acquired a good educational background and he has gotten into practice that is satisfactory to the customers.

Despite Bruno being a lawyer, he is a successful businessman. Therefore, he was successfully able to put up a legal firm which operates well despite the tough external environment in Brazil. His leadership skills and charisma have also fostered his successful venture. Generally, Bruno is viewed by very many as a role model and an inspiration in his practice.

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