Wengie’s Draw My Life

Born in China in January of 1986, Wengie’s parents left for Australia when she was still very young; she was placed in the care of her grandparents until she was four years old. At this time, her grandfather brought her to Melbourne to be reunited with her parents. Upon arriving at her parent’s home, she cried and pleaded with her grandfather to take her back home to China.


Since her parents were just getting on their feet, the family was poor, and Wengie had many make-shift toys and playthings. At age seven, her parents got new jobs and moved the family to a nicer home in Sydney; her introverted and shy nature made it difficult for her to make friends. By high school, Wengie sought out friends and attention, trying to be as outgoing as possible.


As her high school years came to a close, she welcomed her baby brother Jim into the world. Wengie received a scholarship to attend university. Her family pushed her to pursue a career in accounting. At twenty four, she got a job at a large firm and moved into her own home.


A few years later, she resigned and began seeking a more creative position, and this is when she became a social media consultant. She mostly enjoyed the position, but the hours were long. She decided to create her own fashion and lifestyle blog to practice her skills and do something she loved. She launched her YouTube Channel in February of 201, and in August of 2015, she got engaged to her now Husband, Max.