Jeff Aronin: The Million-dollar Success From The Desire to Find Medical Solutions for Neglected Diseases

It is an unbreakable code in the field of medicine for doctors to first not harm the patient. When there’s a less harmful way to remedy a medical issue, the doctor should resort to that less risky, less invasive and less harmful procedure. This is something that not many physicians seem to put into practice, and so it’s good to know that we still have doctors like Jeff Aronin who live by the code of not doing more harm to the patients than is necessary.


The Fuel That Ignited His Passion


We can read from Gazette Day that the landmark event in the career of Jeff Aronin that fueled his passion for medical research was that one time he had to spare a child a surgery because of a less invasive way of treatment, which is through medicine. It was there, too, that he realized the critical importance of such principle in improving patients’ lives. Besides, it was also the experience that drove him to push for more research on commercialized medicines for unmet medical needs without putting the patient into too much-hidden risk.


After finishing a bachelor’s degree and MBA, Jeff Aronin immediately worked in the healthcare sector. It was there that his desire to develop medicine for unpopular medical needs grew and it was where he finally founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, of which he is also the CEO. The iteration of Ovation in 2000 was the tipping point of Aronin’s desire to develop medicine for rare and neglected diseases that didn’t receive media coverage. His company also wanted to set itself apart from other big pharma companies that were more interested in getting a blockbuster profit from their research instead of developing medical solutions for areas that need more attention.


The Ultimate Success


Among many successes that Jeff Aronin achieved, it is when Danish healthcare company Lundbeck purchased his Ovation company for $900 million in 2009 that is one of the most remarkable. The company that Jeff Aronin started just from a dream is now valued at more than he could have imagined. After the purchase, Lundbeck still decided to keep Aronin in the company as its CEO, which is an excellent choice because a company’s success highly depends on the visionary and creator behind it.


Jorge Moll: Revolutionary, Doctor & Futurist

Science, innovative technology and healthcare goes hand-to-hand. Yes, you can have one without the other, but with all three combined, better results can be expected. Society has come a long way over the years and advanced technologies has played a major role in its success. Much of today’s medical equipment and medical devices have some form of advanced technologies within their systems. Jorge Moll, M.D., Ph.D, is at the forefront of this transition, and he has a solid reputation to backup all claims. He is very successful at what he does, and he’s constantly striving to get better. It would be very hard trying to find another individual that is as ambitious than this man.


At the affluent D’Or Institute of Research & Education, Moll just so happens to be the institute’s president as well as its senior researcher. The guy has an astounding background in education as he has obtained a Ph.D in Experimental Pathophysiology as well as obtained his medical doctorate. Of course, Moll earned these prestigious accreditations from Sao Paulo University and from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. Advanced technology is flowing throughout the world and the healthcare industry is no different. Top-notch medical devices and even medications have been produced by these advancements. It would be extremely hard to speak about modern-day medications without mentioning advanced technologies. “Artificial intelligence and cognitive systems excites me,” said Moll.


Improving patient care and improving these individuals’ experiences is one of the main goals that the D’Or Institute of Research & Education takes very serious. This extraordinary facility is composed of entrepreneurs, business associates, students, researchers and scientists. “You should never sit on your ideas,” said Moll. Putting these ideas to work can definitely bring forth a positive change in most cases. All in all, Jorge Moll is changing the game via advanced technologies, and he will continue to push the boundaries in modern-day medicine.