How Magnises Came to Life with Billy McFarland

Billy McFarland, an American tech entrepreneur gave birth to a social membership only platform in 2014, and it’s still growing. Billy McFarland realized that he could take an interesting social concept and use his knowledge of technical matters to marry the two together. Magnises came to life in 2014 when he created a black metal card that would signify a membership with a social network offline, and the card could be attached to a credit or debit card.

Those who want to take their social life to the next level can be members of Magnises, and with the card young professionals can go anywhere that they are partnered with and get access to discounts at some of the finer restaurants, clubs, bars, and even fashion shows and other events.

While it’s true that the market is directed to elite millennials in the age group of 25 to 35, the concept overall is to reach out to young professionals that may not normally join a club like Magnises.

The ultimate goal isn’t to exclude anyone, but rather to reach individuals from all walks of life, nationality, and race. The entire concept behind Magnises renders it the fastest growing platform by which a membership offers the experience of a lifetime. Right now the card is active in the cities of New York, Washington D.C., and San Fransisco.

McFarland simply tapped into his desire to make a credit card more personal, and he ended up refining his own idea and turned it into a business.

At a young age, he began to study how to use computers on his own, and how they worked. As a studious young man, McFarland was well on his way to building a rock solid future with his knowledge and his gifts in business.

Today, Magnises has more than 10,000 members and counting. The membership will be expanding into other cities including Los Angeles, London, Atlanta, and Chicago.

This company is referred to as the one with the “little black card”, and the one as being home to elite millennials who get the private access to the very best in NYC.