Lime Crime: A Respected American Cosmetics Brand

Lime Crime is a popular cosmetics company that runs out of sunny Los Angeles, California. The brand focuses on makeup that’s both cruelty-free and vegan. People who are against animal testing and animal products in general, as a result, frequently gravitate to it and to its plentiful options. The company accommodates the makeup needs of women and men alike. It caters to individuals who are all about showcasing their personalities without making excuses for who they are. Lime Crime’s makeup is vibrant and chock-full of color. It’s suitable for individuals who, simply put, don’t like the idea of following the crowd. It’s appropriate for people who want to stand out and who want to take the world by storm as well.


Lime Crime gives shoppers many options in makeup products. People who want to rock striking and gorgeous lips can choose between many high-quality lipsticks. The brand’s lipstick choices include a dazzling assortment of Unicorn Lipsticks, Perlees, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetines, Matte Velvetines and, last but not least, Diamond Crushers. Unicorn Lipsticks come in all sorts of sassy red tones. Examples of these are Fishnet, Bomber, Lace-Up and Hoodie. If you want to look like a total bombshell for a night out on the town, you just can’t go wrong with Lime Crime’s exciting Unicorn Lipstick Offerings.


Diamond Crushers make a fine option for people who love the concept of iridescent and shiny lips. If you want your lips to glow, then you should look into Diamond Crushers without delay. Widely known Diamond Crusher options include Acid Fairy, Cheap Thrill, Black Unicorn, Fluke and Trip. Diamond Crushers can be great for big fans of purple. They can be terrific for fans of pale pink, deep pink and beyond, too.


This cosmetics brand also has a reputation for making top-quality eyeshadow products. If you want your eyes to pop in the loveliest possible way, you should learn about the company’s various options in eyeshadows. It offers Venus Palettes that are hard for makeup enthusiasts to resist. Other kinds of products that are available through the brand include makeup brushes and pop on nails.


Exciting Cosmetics from Lime Crime

Rebels, unicorns, and fashionistas unite! For the customer looking for something special in their makeup routine, or just that little something different, Lime Crime offers a great line of 100% vegan and cruelty free cosmetics designed with individuality in mind.


Diamond Crusher lipstick is described as “iridescent…(that) gets you lit.” Colors are available in a wide array of shades including trip (a shimmering purple), acid fairy (an alluring, shining soft pink), and cheap thrill (a skin tone with an eye-catching shine). For the person who needs to have as many options as possible Lime Crime offers bundle packages.


The Velvetines line of lipstick is a liquid matte color available in purples, reds, blues, oranges, nudes, pinks, blue, green, grey, and even black. It is easy to see how with such a wide array of products, shoppers can find the perfect matte shade. Select Velvetines are also available in metallic. The bundles available in Velvetine colors are cleverly called velve-tins and come in groups of three in a collectable tin rose shaped container.


The Peerless line of lipstick in a mix between matte and metallic lip color, and is also available in many assorted colors and shades. The denim color, an electric semi-metallic blue, is a real showstopper. Finally, for customers looking to complement their unicorn hair color, a line of unicorn lipstick is also available.


No look would be considered complete without eyeshadow, and Lime Crime offers consumers long lasting eyeshadow palettes inspired by Botticelli’s classical painting of “The Birth of Venus”. The more traditional neutral color palette is sure to compliment a wide array of skin tones, while the Venus 2 palette offers bold choices of greens, blues, and oranges.


An important finishing touch to any unicorn look is skin highlighters. There are three trios of colors, available in blossoms, mermaids, and opals. For perfect nails, shoppers should look at the pop-on nails available in black magic, oyster, storm, baby, lizard and camel. The sale section is also a great resource for those looking to create a fresh look at a great price.


Lime Crime Creates Intricate Hair Dye Collection

Are you inspired by rainbow colors for your cosmetics or hair dyes? Lime Crime products is widely known for their impressive makeup collection that includes eye-shadows and lipsticks, but under the inclination that thousands of people are craving intricate colors, they have created a exclusive collection of hair dyes that are LEAP Bunny approved and cruelty-free. Just like with your makeup, you have the option of choosing hard to find vibrant colors for your hair. Thousands of girls and guys trust Lime Crime products for unapologetic makeup, but now, you can count on them for hard to find bold new hair color options.


Choose from a new collection of colors that offer trendy cool colors for your hair. Transform the way you choose your hair colors from a Unicorn collection of colors that is taking the beauty care industry by storm. You can learn more about their signature colors at the exclusive Lime Crime website. They are launching a new line of colors that demands the same demand of making bold choices with your makeup options. You can become a trend setter today by learning more about their extensive list of color options today.


Are you fed up with the traditional hair dyes of the early 2000’s? You can transfuse your hair with vibrant colors that don’t include bleach or ammonia. Rest assured, that you’ll never threaten the natural luster of your hair with more than a highlighter. You have the option of getting permanent colors that will last throughout your spring break or summer vacation. They are currently launching their hair dye products, but for pre-order options your encouraged to visit the exclusive Lime Crime website. Decide that you’re getting rid of your dull hair color and taking a revolutionary step into your beauty care products with exclusive hair dye products from Lime Crime.