With Lime Crime Makeup is a Lifestyle

Right now it can be argued that lime Crime is dominating the online cosmetics industry. especially in a day and time where popularity is as important as quality. The internet darling currently has close to 3 million followers on its Instagram account. Which is no small feet for any cosmetics brand not to mention one as young as this.

This year has been especially good for the beauty company. It plans to continue it momentum with the addition of Scandal, a new intense plum matte lipstick, to its Velvetine lipstick line. There are high expectations for the new addition considering Velvetine has become a cult classic line for the company.

Scandal is expected to live up to the hype however. Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere conceptualized and developed the new Velvetine addition herself. With the genius mind of Doe Deere behind its creation Scandal is different from other additions yet stays true to the long-lasting and luxurious formula of Lime Crime’s famed liquid-to-matte lipstick line. The 100% vegan Scandal comes in a rich purple-violet hue largely unrivaled by competitors.

For those who like to stay trendy Scandal is the perfect choice. Its depth and drama will definitely draw attention. Scandal is able to give a little edge to even the safest individuals. To get the full Scandal experience Doe Deere recommends wearers to apply lip balm 15 minutes before putting a coat of lipstick on.

About Lime Crime

It is a beauty company based out of Los Angeles, California that believes makeup is much more than its widely believed to be. To the beauty company covering up imperfections is just one small facet of makeup. Makeup in its truest form is a way of life and self expression. This kind of of thinking is probably responsible for its success. Today it is a trend-setting makeup company whose best days are probably still ahead.