Contributions of Class Dojo to the Education Sector

Many schools in the United States have adopted the use of technology to fuel their education process as well make the learning process of children much more manageable. Technological entrepreneurs have now come out in large to venture into the investment, with Edtech investments emerging one of the most influential ones in the market. Edtech looks forward to reaching a pace of around 1.4 billion dollars by the end of 2017 and aims at influencing more schools to adopt the use of their apps for fast and easy learning.

Though many investors including Nearpod and much more have come out in large, to offer services to schools, a significant number of them have not succeeded due to ignorance. Most investors fail to pay attention to teachers and interrogate them on the type of model that they find suitable for their students. Teachers believe that an excellent technological learning app must not be made in such a way that it focuses on pleasing the students, but instead, be molded so that it may make learning easy for them and also solve problems for them to understand much faster.

Many learning apps have been outdone by ClassDojo due to the high leadership and management skills exercised by its founder Sam Chaudhary. Contrary to Edtech and other apps that fail to listen to teachers and instead design apps that they believe will be fun to students, the renowned founder, and entrepreneur of ClassDojo has since the launch and establishment of ClaassDojo paid attention to teachers and also sought their opinions concerning the type of app they want for their students.

With the vast information gathered from a large number of teachers across the United States, Sam has successfully molded a unique and very compelling learning app for students, which has been used by many teachers and adapted in a wide range of schools across the broader parts of the country. ClassDojo has emerged to be one of the best learning apps, and it has seen students improve their mastery skills due to the fun they have while using the app. Besides, ClassDojo has also brought teachers, students and parents together through which they can solve problems much faster and easier.