Whitney Wolfe Herd Plans The Next Phase For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is now the CEO of the most successful dating app on the market today. She has already proven that she understands how to build a brand and what consumers want with Bumble. However, she isn’t stopping and she wants to do so much more in the future for her brand. She wants Bumble to takeover social media and she even has plans for the business world. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has taken a look at the life of Wolfe. She made it clear from a young age she wanted to do everything she could as a leader and businesswoman. Now, she’s in a position to let it happen.

The Bumble BFF app is the latest craze for the company with a new focus on social media. Essentially, Bumble BFF takes the interface of a dating app and applies it to social media by letting users swipe to find new friends. The app is seriously changing the way people think about finding friends by giving them a new dynamic. You can now find your friends by looking at what activities they’re into and how they dress. It’s making the friend making process much faster.

As a married woman, Whitney Wolfe Herd is moving beyond the dating world. She wants to do something that reflects her new self and women like her. Bumble is moving on with her into the business world with an app designed to give people a chance to make business contacts. This move is welcoming an entirely new era for social media apps in general. An entire generation has grown up with social media and everything it offers to the world. Wolfe is giving them a way to do business that properly reflects who they and what they represent. She is spearheading modern social trends.

You will probably never find a female CEO with the same level of* success in such a short period as Whitney Wolfe Herd. She managed to find a way to combine both her political goals and her business ambitions to build one of the most amazing over night success stories of our time. Bumble has taken over one market and it plans to take out the others. While many have attempted to copy this success, it’s clear she has something unique going for her that can’t be repeated. She’s created a company with the potential to stay around for the long haul and to know more


Top Benefits of OneLogin

Security is a major concern in IT field. There are many security control measures in IT professional that aims at protecting sensitive and confidential data. OneLogin’s identity as a service serves as a solution to many traditional security challenges that arise due to the authentication, improving regulatory compliance and when freeing up IT resources. Some of the benefits of OneLogin’s identity as a service include the following.

Improves Security

Onelogin helps the IT professional to execute single identity policy throughout the IT infrastructure. It enables the IT experts to deploy authenticating policies faster and alter them when a need arises. With it, the changes are propagated throughout the system quickly unlike updating the system on a module-by-module basis. It creates a cohesive mobile device management policy which supports both web and mobile devices.

Reduces the Costs

It is worth noting that authentication has a significant cost. With the OneLogin the need for the onboard identity infrastructure won’t be necessary. As a result, the business will opt to outsource the authentication services which will be cheaper.

A firm or any organization using OneLogin will not incur any charges on authentication technology or charges of maintenance of the authentication infrastructure. Also, directory integration cost and directory costs for authentication-related services are unnecessary. The OneLogin has many pre-integrated apps which are easy to use.

Better Compliance

Is it possible to have a centralized audit for all user management information? OneLogin creates the centralized audit which makes it easier to track access and modification. With OneLogin, the employees can access policy compliant applications while using the OneLogin authentication policy. The IT team is also able to manage the activity through the consolidated dashboard.

With OneLogin, custom reports and standard reports can be generated. The report generated will be used to review compliance issues that may arise. Which are some of the potential compliance that is likely to occur in an organization?

Some of the issues include additional privileges and weak passwords. OneLogin also simplifies the compliance by making it possible through one-click auditing reports.

OneLogin simplifies the authentication process throughout operation of any enterprise or firm. It reduces the cost, and improve the security.

Learn more about OneLogin: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/onelogin-for-google-chrom/ioalpmibngobedobkmbhgmadaphocjdn?hl=en

Talk Fusion’s Video Chat’s Is Awarded For The Second Time In A Year

For the second time in a year, Talk Fusion, the home for all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, has earned recognition from the Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC). The integrated media giant named Talk Fusion as the winner for the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. This award recognizes exceptional products and services that augment voice, data and video communications. Such products needs to have been new to the market or greatly enhanced. Talk Fusion’s Video chat app, which is found on iTunes and Google Play Stores, allows for face-to-face communication with anyone on any device. The video chat app’s full version went live in March 2016.

In addition, Talk Fusion has demonstrated its continued success in the communication industry through the establishment of WebRTC Recorder, Free Trials, and development of a new website. All these achievement have been made within a year. Talk Fusion’s CEO, Bob Reina, asserted that the award and other accomplishments made by the company were the beginning of the future of their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. He added that his team is highly dedicated to innovate and handle all processes with the highest levels of professionalism. Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, lauded Talk Fusion as the true industry leader. Their communication solutions help users to attract more customers to their businesses.


About Talk Fusion

The modern businesses benefit from converged communication networks. However, deployment of such services is hectic. Notably, single vendor solutions are restrictive. Businesses need appropriate partners that can provide cutting-edge IP unified communication services to operate as going concerns in the competitive industry. Talk Fusion offers dynamic solutions that enhance their client’s marketing strategies by making them more engaging, persuasive and memorable through the use of video. Over the years, the company has been able to develop consumer oriented products and services that satisfy their utility. These products are designed to maximize business value. Talk Fusion’s unified communication applications allows for seamless integration.

Talk Fusion’s team is highly experienced in the field of communication and project management. These professionals have been hailed for handling different contracts in a professional manner. Some of the products developed by Talk Fusion are answering machines, headsets, voicemail, conference phones and cordless phones among many others.