Talkspace Provides Answers

Talkspace is a text messaging application that provides treatment of mental health issues that impact a client’s life. Talkspace connects the client with a licensed therapist that is available around the clock to provide treatment or answers to their questions. The licensed professional counselors on Talkspace are kind and caring individuals that work diligently to provide important counseling to a number of mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks to depression. Many of the counselors at Talkspace discovered that many clients are hesitant to seek out traditional face to face therapy in an office. However, the Talkspace platform provides a way for clients to receive the same kind of benefits.

Treating Depression

It’s surprising the number of people that suffer from depression on a daily basis. Depression renders a person unable to tackle their daily tasks. Certainly, it’s very difficult for the individual to deal with depression. Often, they do not seek counseling or treatment for this mental health issue because of the stigma that is attached to mental illness. Even today, in these modern times, depression is still misunderstood. People are afraid to seek counseling. They hide their mental illness in the shadows. However, Talkspace is a way to provide answers to their problem along with counseling.

Amazing Discovery

Talkspace is actually an amazing discovery for thousands of people that were seeking help for a mental health issue. Thousands talk about their positive experience with the wonderful counselors that are a part of the Talkspace family. Talkspace space removed the stress out of meeting a counselor in person. Others state that the around the clock counseling made them happier, while others state that they felt mentally healthier.

Licensed Counseling Therapist

Counseling Sessions involve texting the concerns that the client faces to a selected therapist. It’s important to note that the sessions are held by a licensed therapist. Patients receive the same quality of care provided by in-office counseling.