New Oncology Program Through CTCA Collaboration

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to form a technical solution that will make the workflow of Oncologists across the nation that much simpler. They have developed a system built with seamless integration called NantOS. This system was built with up to date information gathered from hundred of oncologists throughout the U.S. which grants invaluable information for all oncologists working with cancer patients. The program created through this collaboration is called Clinical Pathways and its prime function is to provide a better means for practicing physicians in the oncology field, without hindering their usual clinical workflow.

Clinical Pathways was designed with the patient in mind. The information that this program comes with is packed with the latest cancer related research available in the medical field. This includes therapies and treatment regimens that will complement every oncologist who uses this program by streamlining what data they have to work with in an easy to manage and user friendly package. This will cut down time and any miscommunication by providing only the information that the professionals need in their daily work routines. This will also help them provide only the most accurate information to their patients, to better enlighten them on their options for cancer treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, with five other hospitals scattered about nationally. These locations include Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix. CTCA has been consistently rated among the hospitals to provide the highest quality care in the healthcare industry, particularly in treatment to do with cancer care. They provide their patients and their patient’s families with only the best and most comprehensive information regarding the care of those who are fighting cancer and their supportive loved ones due to how much they encourage active participation in cancer care options.

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Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953, in Miami, he worked hard and became an entrepreneur and investor. He founded the Burch creative capital and also the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand. Mr. Chris is a believer in good marketing strategy and branding. He is currently keen on using his marketing skills to conquer new markets. He applies to creativity, imagination, incubation, support, and scale to brands and businesses that have a direct impact on consumers. Chris has been an investor for almost 40 years and has seen or participated in the rise of over 50 companies. His career started as an undergraduate at Itchica College where he and his brother started eagles eye parallel which grew to $165 before selling it.  Related articles on

Mr. Burch has connected innovation and impact by understanding consumer behavior with direct sourcing. The Burch creative capital has several portfolios; these holdings include the ED, the Cocoon9, Popping, Trademark to several established brands embraced by Christopher. The company currently is supporting consumer products ranging from home furnishing, organic foods, and retail products.he has investments in the technology industry with brands like blink health chubbies and little duck organic under his name. The most recent Portfolio is the Nihiwatu.  To read more about Burch and his company, click on

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Nihiwatu is based in Indonesia, and Mr. Burch bought it in 2012 and transformed it into a resort and 2016 it was ranked number One in the world. After investing in different brands, Mr. Burch decided to venture into the Hospitality market. Chris together with an hotelier James McBride bought the property on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and spent over $30 renovating the hostel and naming in Nihiwatu after it reopened in 2015. For an update of his timeline activities, check on  After a year of exceptional performance, Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel in the world by travel + leisure.

In an interview, Burch was quoted saying that “the reason for building the Nihiwatu is for his children and the community around the area.” He also mentioned that “Nihiwatu turned into what he never expected as most of the time investments bring less.” Nihiwatu has 27 villas including Raja Mendaka, a private villa for Burch where he spends most of his day. Raja Mendaka particularly has the main house and additional villas that each has its private plunge pool. Nihiwatu was later nicknamed the ‘The Edge of Wilderness.’ Nihiwatu is adjusted to a beach known as Morten Rock after the formation of the rock by tides.To conclude investment is what we should learn from Mr Burch and his achievements should be our motivation for he started little and grew big.  For the full interview, hit interview,net.

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Jason Hope Serves the Betterment of Mankind

Noted Tech commentator Jason Hope has expressed that he is a believer in the internet-of-things. Hope is an entrepreneur and brings a certain cachet to the discussion regarding all things tech. His high regard for the IOT is not without merit as interconnectivity is growing by leaps and bounds. Hope’s articles are widely respected and his opinion carries weight.The internet-of-things refers to the ability of different devices to connect with each other on the same network. This would also include some of the more mundane devices such as kitchen appliances. Eventually, most useful electronic devices will be connected to the internet. This will help increase efficiency and reduce waste. Jason Hope relates that the IOT could be the ultimate disrupter completely changing the face of business. He considers it the single biggest advancement possibly for years to come.

Hope believes the effort leading to total connectivity will be led by the global giants. Large, multinational companies with the resources to catalyze change and help business and life evolve to a new level. When these advances begin to take place other companies will be forced to implement their own changes to keep current.A real-life example of where smart technology has improved life is public transportation. The IOT has empowered public transportation to improve its quality of service and productivity. This includes better monitoring of maintenance concerns for trains and real-time mapping of public bus routes. This allows buses to avoid dangerous conditions on the route. Things like this will increase public satisfaction and could lead to increased usage. Fewer drivers mean less pollution, less congestion, and reduced numbers of traffic accidents. If you want to visit his Facebook page : Click Here.

Cities aren’t the only entities that stand to reap improvement in everyday life. Rural areas are also able to utilize the advantages that connectivity will bring. GPS tracking of accidents and Emergency responses will be more accurate. They will also be more efficient with the extra data collected.Jason Hope wears many different hats some of which include, philanthropist, futurist, investor and entrepreneur. Hope feels compelled to help improve the lives of others. One way he does this is his support for research to lengthen and improve the quality of life. Prevention is crucial in the mind of Hope, as it takes on disease from a new direction. Learn More.

Beneful Dog Food Commercials Connect To Real Life

The first commercial starts out with an inside look of a refrigerator. The fridge has about theee different kinds of Purina Beneful wet dog food blends. The owner is asking his dog what type he would like to eat. The dog looks very intrigued and genuinely interested in all of the flavors. The owner decides on the real beef flavor and the ingredients begin to float around on the screen. The narrator describes that the product is made with real beef, real peas and carrots, and that it’s full of juicy all natural ingredients. The screen then jumps back to the dog attacking his food with excitement.

In the second commercial, Beneful is showcasing their healthy blend of dry dog food. The owner talks to his dog about how he is the only one left with love handles because his dog dropped weight so quickly. The owner is seen working out in a home gym doing things like running on a treadmill and trying to perform push-ups. The dog is then seen sitting on the floor while his master works his butt off to shed some weight. The point of the Beneful commercial is that the dog easily loses weight because of his diet, so he doesn’t need to do a lot of activities like his owner does.

Clearabee-Keeping Things Simple

Clearabee is the largest man and van type rubbish removal service in the UK and employs over 165 employees. Clearabee has a total of 65 vehicles to take care of your unwanted mess and they do not subcontract any of their collections which means that all of your rubbish ends up where it belongs-at a proper waste disposal site in or around the London area.


Clearabee was founded in 2012 and began to offer rubbish removal services in 2013 with just one vehicle in Northampton. In 2013, the company moved closer to the London area in the town of Birmingham, where they began to quickly expand. Clearabee has never subcontracted rubbish collection.


Clearabee first introduced the skip bag service, also known as the beebag, which includes free next day delivery, same day collection, and even the option to put your bag in a location that is more convenient for the customer.


The Beeloyal scheme was introduced in April of 2017 and is a scheme for trade and regular customers that offers a 10% discount for every qualifying order in order to make their rubbish removal services even more affordable with minimal hassle.


Clearabee is a nationwide company and they are open seven days a week. You can even book with them online at any time through their 24/7 online bookings and they can collect day and night as well as on weekends. They also cover all the labor, so you hardly have to deal with your junk at all.

Logan Stout: The Entrepreneur With A Love For The Sport

Logan Stout is a well-known name in the baseball community, being the owner of the Dallas Patriots. He has possessed the love for the sport ever since a young age and has been a professional player in his early days. He has managed to take his immense love for the game and convert it into a brilliant business opportunity, which has made him extremely successful.

Logan Stout has always been someone who has a love and passion for sports. Since a young age, he has always been an active sportsman, participating in numerous different kinds of sporting events. He also possesses a drive to be the best and win at what he does, which is why he was so successful at whatever he put his mind to. Ever since his schooldays, Logan Stout has always stood out as a star student, which earned him a lot of recognition wherever he went.

He developed a love for baseball since a very early age and went on to play at numerous championships; He also played for his college basketball team when he was studying Pearce College. When it comes to college education, Logan Stout has received multiple degrees and has diversified himself into multiple professional arrays. He is the proud owner of a business degree and a psychology degree which have both helped him get to the position he is in today.

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Logan Stout believes that younger children and youth should regularly be mentored and motivated to reach new limits. One of the reasons he decided to form the Dallas Patriots is to give potential baseball players a place where they can grow and develop their talents. He is someone who is driven towards change for the better and wants to be able to instill that in the minds of the youth who want to be good at the game. Through the organization, he hopes to help the youth understand their real potential and trying to give them the tools to be able to develop it well.

His journey to success and being big in the baseball community is all penned down in his book “Stout Advice: The Secrets To Building Yourself, People and Teams.” In the book, he explains the various mindsets that he had to incorporate to make it out there.

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The Capital Group’s CEO, Tim Armour

His uniqueness can be seen in his ownership of the views alongside the business. He often stations them in line with the rigorous market investigation. The result of it is that it sets up an adequately outlined inference concerning the market inclinations. Tim has a lot of confidence alongside acquiring satisfactory yields as an outcome of investing in the account of S and P passive index. This is the consideration of the charity worth one-million dollars which were staked by Buffet. It is important to acknowledge that Buffet escaped the high priced and non-genuine funds which presented a challenge to the shareholders to learn more: click here.

Tim vividly gives his stand that he is in support of Buffet’s idea concerning the minimization of expenditures that are capable of enabling the education of the American persons on making savings for their retirements and making the necessary ventures. The spirit of investment should be kept active at all times. The periodic results of this are the long term explanation to the steadiness of the inflow of capital. This enhances an increasingly promising future after retirement.

Upon the integration of the entire views, he partakes some level of opposition concerning the opinion by Buffet. In line with his consideration, several mutual funds result in both the weak as well as unrealistic yields at the termination of a lengthy duration of time. It is because an enormous monetary amounts are necessary for managing the firms and the additional business. This is in addition to other risks that ought to be undertaken despite the fact that the prospect budgets are both undervalued and unidentified. Tim Armour it deals with the conveyance of durable venture earnings that would have let the shareholder incur the initially required requirements worth non-strenuous cost.

The persons with the wish to invest ought to get into the business globe alongside the leading and most rigorous funds emanating from the American Funds. The optimal deals are usually accomplished via the efficient making of intelligent choices during the funding facilitation duration. The most competent directors are habitually branded by the least possible spending in the enhancement of the capable strategies.

The Experts At Goettl HVAC Share Money Saving Solutions For The Summer Months

Summer is fast approaching, and the temperature isn’t the only thing on the rise. When homeowners crank up their air conditioning, they will see a dramatic increase in their utility bills. Fortunately, HVAC industry leader Goettl has compiled a list of insider secrets that will keep homeowners cool, without burning through all of their cash.

Maintenance Is Key

A well-maintained HVAC system is an efficient HVAC system. Homeowners should inspect the unit for refrigerant leaks every month, and clean or change the filter every 90 days. Removing any vegetation growing near the unit is also essential. Professional HVAC technicians should brought in annually to provide more comprehensive maintenance.

Technology Is Our Friend

Homeowners may want to upgrade to a smart thermostat. Programmable smart thermostats are more accurate than traditional thermostats and can be programmed to save energy when no one is home.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

It’s best to use landscaping or an awning to provide shade for an HVAC unit. An HVAC unit that is constantly exposed to direct sunlight has to work harder to cool air, and an overworked unit is less energy-efficient.

Visit Goettl’s Tell All Secrets To Staying Energy Efficient This Summer for more money saving tips.

Goettl’s High Desert Mechanical, Inc.

Established in 1926, Goettl has a long history of being a trusted name in the HVAC service industry. The Phoenix-based company became an innovator in the field, and held over 100 patents at one time. Nearly a century later, the business is still going strong.

Goettl offers heating, cooling and plumbing services that include installation, maintenance, repair, duct sealing and geothermal heating and cooling. The company serves the Sedona, Verde Valley, Prescott and Quad Cities area.

Jim Tananbaum Accomplishment

Jim Tananbaum is a well-recognized and skillful entrepreneur who went Yale University and attained a B.S and B.S.E.E and also went to Harvard Medical School and attained M.S. apart from attending that University he as well got an M.B.A from Harvard Business School and lastly an M.S from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Due to his experience and expertise which he got from school is what made him hold the top position in numerous companies as the Advisory Board of Harvard-MIT HST program and Yale’s President Advisory Council. Jim Tananbaum also is the main founder of Foresite Capital which he has managed for a long time.

Due to his knowledge, he has for more than 25 years in healthcare, entrepreneur and also as an investor it has made him transform people lives and enabled them to live a better life. His management skill made him develop the company to be one of the best in the world. Furthermore, his extraordinary technique that he generates in the health industry is what makes him unique. At the company, he also acts as the Chief Architect of Foresite Capital Investment Company which his main work is to provide new strategy inventive ways that will make the company grow.

He as well is part of the co-founder of numerous biopharmaceutical Institute and also healthcare investment. GelTex Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: GENZ), is one of the pharmaceuticals that he started when he completed Harvard University in Medical and Business Schools and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The pharmaceutical introduced medicine which was to two for approximately $80 million. Furthermore, in the year 1998, he was able to sell the pharmaceutical which is a leading drug manufacturer for $1.6 billion. Other organizations which he served are Therevance as the co-founder and as the CEO too. In order to provide better services he connected Inc and Innovative (NASDAQ: INVA) and Therevance and they were able to make $3.2 billion.

Prospect Venture Partners II and III he was the founding partner and also a partner at Sierra Ventures which he is talented in making heath care investment planning. He always ensures that he attends fully to his clients.

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Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Strategy – Explore The Markets For The Best

Igor Cornelsen, a reputed Brazilian banker and renowned investor, has a specific strategy called exploring the markets and options for the best. He is increasingly successful due to he looks for opportunities beyond the borders and invests in all the financial markets where there are opportunities. Since Cornelsen retired from the banking career in 2011, he is more focused on stock market investments and established a firm called Bainbridge Group Inc., based in the Bahamas. Cornelsen also gives investment advisory services on stock market investments and working as an independent consultant. He also advises on commodity and forex investments through Bainbridge Group by focusing on Brazilian and U.S. markets, though, he provides services across the major financial markets.



Since Cornelsen has decades of experience in banking industry and financial management, he knows what is required for benefiting from long-term and short-term investments. During the banking career, he was exposed to highly complex financial products and saw the movements of those instruments in the market with respect to various factors. His expertise by working in those instruments for decades are really helping his customers as well, and many consider him as a global investor who can potentially give services on any products on any market. Cornelsen knows how to take benefit from the volatile markets and has a reputation of making profits even during the odd times of the market.



Cornelsen vociferously asks the companies to follow the established rules of the country where they invest as that can ensure no escalation of business into bad shape. He believes that Brazil has a bigger role to play in investments, and the economy has greater potential to grow in larger numbers. Cornelsen also asks his customers to make use of the momentum of the market to earn some significant profits. He also advocates for diversified investment strategy as it is crucial to avoid any major setback from the downfall of the market.



Igor Cornelsen is a strong proponent of investments that gives recurring returns than the ones that take a long time to produce the profit. He researches the companies before investing and looks for whether they are competent enough or not. Cornelsen asks to watch for businesses that are productive with their money and time. Also, firms which are having decades of consistent service would have a greater reputation for being transparent and competent. Cornelsen worked with a number of high-profile Brazilian banks in various roles until he retired in 2011.