Eric Lefkofsky, an American Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky is considered to be one of America’s greatest entrepreneurs. The teacher, writer, philanthropist and business man created a variety of successful companies which we all know and love. Dedicated to giving, Eric leads many successful charities and organizations as well.

Eric grew up in a suburban community located in northern Michigan. Son of a school teacher and engineer, Eric Lefkofsky pursued law as an education. He graduated with honors from the well respected University of Michigan. After graduating, Lefkofsky then pursued a higher education in the same state. He completed his studies at The University of Michigan Law School. It was here he managed to secure his Juris Doctor.

The cofounder and CEO of Tempus, Eric and his company are working tirelessly to bettering lives of cancer patients. Tempus is commonly known for their cancer battling technologies. This innovative company allows doctors the opportunity most are denied. Physicians are given personalized cancer care treatment opportunity through analytical and machine learning platforms.

Tempus provides genomic sequencing service. They also provide molecular analyzing and therapeutic data allowing doctors to make the most accurate decisions. These decisions are based on real time data.
Eric Lefkofsky is also the cofounder of Lightbank. This financial organization specializes in investments. Lightbank offers various venture capitalist investment opportunities. The most known companies Lightbank invest in are Groupon, Mediaocean and InnerWorkings. Although the headquarters is located in Chicago, Loghtbank has made investments with companies across the nation.

Eric is also known for his professional teaching career. He has worked alongside many prestigious schools in the Midwest region. Eric teaches a wide range of courses providing insight on his professional and educational background.

Eric has taught Applied Technology at Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. He has also taught a course on Disruptive Business Models at Northwestern University. At Chicago Booth School of Business, Eric teaches a course on entrepreneurship and web based businesses. For more info about us: click here.

The cofounder of Groupon is much more than a business man. With a passion for helping the community, Eric has since joined the Giving Pledge. The Giving Pledge is a campaign created by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to encourage wealthy people to contribute their wealth to philanthropic causes.

Eric Lefkofsky also created a charitable trust. Content on helping others, Eric started the Lefkofsky foundation in 2006. The foundation supports science and children foundations. The Lefkofsky Foundation has collectively help fund over fifty total organizations.

New and Improved White Shark Media Review

Any company that is willing to fix their past mistakes gains a great amount of respect in the eyes of consumers. This is exactly what White Shark Media has done. After watching their videos on Youtube, it is clear that they have put in place necessary changes to help improve client satisfaction.

I believe that communication is key between businesses and their clients. Through great communication businesses can better address solutions to their cliental. This is precisely what White Shark Media has done with their all new Access-Phone Systems.

I love the principle they follow that says, “the Client’s success should also result in our success and not before”. With their new and improved systems, based on client’s feedback, White Shark Media is holding true to this principle.

With over 600 active client’s, according to, White Shark Media is really refocusing efforts on their cliental. They have a growing client retention and are working hard to help their customer base succeed in their SEO Marketing.

Their clients are flooding their website with positive feedback. Their clients are saying; they would recommend White Shark Media to anyone looking to advertise. Another has said that White Shark Media has dramatically increased their performance. With all this positive feedback it is clear that White Shark Media really does listen to the feedback that they receive.

A new service they provide is that they will offer you detailed reports on your google Adword campaigns so you know the exact methods that they are using to increase your customer base. This is so crucial for small businesses, because you need to know what is working and what isn’t so you know where to focus your efforts and cut out what doesn’t work. This feature alone could save you a lot of money!

I am impressed with White Shark Media review because they have listened to their client’s feedback and made the necessary changes to improve customer satisfaction. This goes to show that they are truly there to help you and your business succeed.


Eric Lefkofsky is One of the Leaders in the Field

Eric Lefkofsky Business

Many people today want to learn how to take their health to a new level. Millions of people every year struggle with diabetes and high blood pressure. For the vast majority of these people, a few lifestyle changes completely transform their health in less than a year. Now is a great time to learn about your health because there is so much information available.

There are a lot of companies that are taking healthcare industry by storm. These companies are transforming the way that people conduct their health, and they are ready for any challenge that comes their way. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the leaders in the business world who is tired of the typical healthcare system. He is working on a lot of projects in his business that will help other people throughout the world.


Many people like Eric Lefkofsky are frustrated with the healthcare system today. There is more technology than ever before, but the cost of health care continues to increase every year. Not only that, but he is tired of seeing people struggle with their health and wellness because they lack basic information.

Everyone knows that they should eat healthy and exercise. However, few people today are actually doing this. It is vital for people to start taking their heathy seriously. Eric Lefkofsky employees in his business are working on ways that they can teach people basic steps to get out of bad health. The company has already had success with many people who wanted transform their health.

Eric Lefkofsky

When it comes to new technology in the world of healthcare, Eric Lefkofsky is one of the leaders in the field. However, it is also important to know that he truly cares about helping people. Although he runs a successful company, he is not just doing it for the money. He has a track record of success in helping his customers feel better and more energetic. In the world we live in today, the cost of healthcare continues to increase every year. Eric Lefkofsky is fighting to change that.

About Eric Lefkofsky:

Troy McQuagge; the Man behind USHEALTH’s Incredible Growth

In the modern world, the business industry has become competitive due to the rising number of firms emerging every day. Due to the competitive nature, most potential leaders find it difficult to survive in the unwelcoming environment. However, from an expert’s point of view, success can be influenced by motivation since the people awarded feel appreciated for what they do. One Planet Awards is a global platform that understands how appreciation goes hand in hand with career growth.


Recently, Troy McQuagge scooped the CEO of the year title in the One Planet Awards. The USHEALTH Group’s CEO was crowned the Golden Winner title on such a grand platform. Since establishment, One Planet Awards has been known to search and appreciate successful businesses and professionals across the universe. The platform is usually and is open to every kind of business regardless of the state. Both beginners and the old folks in the industry are typically provided with an equal chance of winning the awards.


It is evident that Troy’s efforts and precise moves came to be noted while at USHEALTH Group. Although Troy McQuagge has been in the organization for less than a decade, his hard work and efforts have positively been felt. On joining, Troy was supposed to oversee the refurbishment of the USHEALTH Advisors, the organization’s distribution agency. With Troy on board, USHEALTH Group thrived incredibly, a trend that saw him promoted to its President and the CEO. In a statement to the media, Troy felt humbled being recognized in such an elevated platform. The successful CEO went ahead to clarify that the award was entitled to everyone at USHEALTH Group who sees the dream of providing affordable health care come true.


About Troy McQuagge

Today, Troy McQuagge serves as the President and CEO of USHEALTH Group, a position that greatly suits him based on his track record. Troy joined the organization in 2010 and had served in different positions. However, after four years, the talented CEO was promoted to the Presidential position and CEO due to his important effort in transforming the organization. Troy is expected to monitor all the strategies of the organization as well as oversee the overall growth.


Troy’s success records speak loud about him. When it comes to experience, Troy takes pride of owning a significant share. He has been in the healthcare industry for over 30 years, an undertaking that has boosted him with more than enough skills to lead any organization to maximum potential. Troy schooled in the University of Central Florida where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Legal Studies.

Betsy DeVos Discusses the Future of the American School Choice Education Sector

Betsy is a pioneer in the school choice movement in America. She’s championed the reform of the education sector since the early 80’s. She advocates for educational reforms to give parents all sorts of choices. To achieve that, she works closely with the politicians to amend the existing school choice legislations.

Equal Opportunities to All

Betsy’s organization has made some tremendous strides in the last five years. The establishment has a prominent presence in over 24 states. Thanks to her tireless effort, kids and parents from low-income brackets in her home state, Florida and elsewhere, have the opportunity to compete on the same level platforms as those from wealthy backgrounds.American Foundation for Children provides the following broad range of free choices to parents and students:-

  • Private School Learning
  • Charter School Learning
  • Educations Savings Account
  • Lunch Vouchers
  • Tax Credits
  • Blended Learning
  • Virtual Learning
  • Homeschooling

Speaking in a past interview, Betsy revealed the astonishing strides made by her organization, the American Foundation for Children, over the past 35 years. AFC had amassed a membership of over 250,000 students. The organization had around 10,000 students under the private-choice voucher programs.

Porter’s House Christian School

Potter’s House Christian School in Grand Rapids, Michigan was the first educational institution Betsy and Dick DeVos ever worked with. Betsy’s lifelong quest has culminated in milestone reforms in the private education sector in America. In 1993, Betsy is credited with the introduction of Michigan’s first school choice bill. The couple supports these schools by issuing scholarships and money to the institutions.

Success in Florida

In 2013, an estimated 50,000 Florida kids and homes were on pro-choice programs. That number expected to surge and soar in coming years, according to Betsy DeVos. The iron-willed reformer planned to expand the AFC movement to states like Indiana and Louisiana. The Education Secretary is very proud of the progress made in the state of Florida. Today, Florida has one of the leading school choice programs in place than anywhere else in the nation.

Bipartisan Politics

DeVos continues to fight an uphill battle with the Democrats. Her opponents have done everything in their power and influence to make sure her bills don’t pass the early stages. Betsy reminds the Democrats that the future of the nation lies at stake. If the leaders don’t put aside their differences to work for the common good of the ailing American education system, then we are all doomed, Mrs. DeVos sums up.

About Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos nomination as the U’S Secretary of Education got a Senate confirmation on the 7th February 2017. President Trump described the incoming Secretary as a ‘brilliant’ and able reformer. Betty chaired the Windquest Group. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Calvin College in Michigan.

OSI Industries Is One Of America’s Largest Privately-Owned Companies


It began as a meat market in the early 1900s. Otto Kolschowsky was a German immigrant who came to the United States with a very specific vision. He opened his company in the Chicago area and began to provide meat to individual customers, as well as other food businesses within the region. Otto soon became a trusted supplier of meat to restaurants and supermarkets alike. By the 1950s Otto Kolschowsky had turned the business over to his sons.

Otto and Sons maintained a presence in the industry. Their work soon drew the attention of Ray Kroc, who was leading the McDonald’s franchise operations at the time. McDonald’s was looking to expand its business into the Illinois region and needed a meat supplier that they could trust. Otto and Sons got the job. Their innovations over the years set them apart from many of the other meat manufacturers that were being used by McDonald’s at the time. Equipment such as the meat patty cutting machine catered to the McDonald’s objective. Otto and Sons were also able to implement cryogenic freezing, which allowed them to store large amounts of product that could be delivered to McDonald’s on a timely basis. Eventually, Otto and Sons became McDonald’s primary supplier of meat. OSI Group Buys Former Tyson Foods Plant in Chicago.

Otto and Sons later became known as OSI Industries. OSI Industries has expanded its operation and now manufactures many different food products, including hot dogs, pizza, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Their client list consists of major food chains such as Pizza Hut, Subway, Papa John’s, Pizza and Starbucks. The company’s presence is worldwide in terms of manufacturing. There are plants throughout the United States and the Asian Pacific. OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe.

OSI Industries practices a hiring process that allows them to bring in talent from all over the world. There are recruiting bases in the Asia-Pacific, the United States, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom. Hiring methods are designed to keep the company on the cutting edge of ideas within the industry.

OSI Industries was ranked the 136th largest privately owned company in the United States by Forbes magazine in 2011. By 2016 Forbes had placed them at number 58. for more information.

Brazilian Businessman Describes The Benefits Of Reforming Brazil’s Sanitation Industry

Brazilian businessman, Felipe Montero Jens says he is a supporter of the National Bank for Economic and Social Development program that will help bring private capital and enterprise to Brazil’s water and sanitation services. Mr. Montero Jens believes that the sanitation and water supply service industry will benefit tremendously from the influx of capital and new technology from private business. He points out that the majority of waste treatment and water treatment comes from the public sphere in Brazil. While there are some excellent public providers, there are many that are failing to provide quality and reliable services. That is a serious problem to Brazilians points out Felipe Montero Jens.


Mr. Montero Jens believes that private companies should take over operations where the public companies are failing to provide adequate services. He states that the private companies can bring with them new technologies. The new technology can reduce water waste. This will result in a more stable and reliable water supply. It will also be better for the environment.


Another important factor that cannot be missed is the fact that private firms will often invest large sums of their own money into public infrastructure such as the water supply system and the sewer system. This is very important because many areas in Brazil desperately need these systems repaired or expanded. Bringing private firms to these areas is one way that this can be accomplished.


Felipe Montero’s background includes holding positions in planning, finance, management and oversight for various companies in both Brazil and abroad. He used to work for the Italian company called Terna S.p.A which is part of the Enel Group. Mr. Jens also worked for the multinational firms Enron and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Mr. Montero Jens studied at the Getúlio Vargas Foundation in Brazil. He completed a bachelor of business administration program there. Later, he completed an MBA in international management at the University of Arizona.

Highland Capital Management: An Agency Equipped For The Future

Located in Dallas, Texas, Highland Capital Management is unique for a number of reasons. But first, let’s discuss the general business that we identify as investment banking. When you hear the term of, “capital management,” you’re not hearing a different field of interest. Capital management is actually straightforward and what it sounds like.

There are various entities in the world that seek aid in managing their money. Money is simply another term for capital and in the financial world. The work of taking money or capital and then investing it is challenging. So whether an entity is a large corporation, a private government institution or a wealthy individual, they seek help.

– The Qualities That Stand Out Most

The help that these potential investors need is with finding, buying and then managing financial options that bring a hefty return. Yet, this is only a fundamental outlook on what we all know to occur on Wall Street. And what makes Highland Capital Management standout in this financial arena is its quality. That quality is provided for investors.

It is also enforced as a guarantee by Highland Capital Management.

The financial industry is a market that is very difficult to stand out in. Yet, this firm has done so for over twenty years in service. The firm offers what most can expect from an investment banking firm, but it’s the level of quality that pushes many to seek out the name of Highland Capital.

– A Competitive Arena, But A Successful Track Record

So when competition is so high, there’s really only one way to fight against it. It’s not necessary to actually battle. What’s necessary is that financial brands build the right reputation while avoiding the over exaggerated outcome of false marketing. In order to do that, Highland Capital Manage has instead created success for its clients.

These success stories are then seen by the world at large and make great opportunities for the agency. So though there’s a great deal of competitive standing in the financial market, there’s also a great deal of success stories that prove what Highland Capital can do. We’re also certain that this reputation is likely to continue.

For more information follow Highland Financial on Twitter.

Omar Yunes Opens Sushi Itto Locations in Mexico

There are many different chain restaurants that are located in Mexico. This is something that the company has tried to do so that they will be able to make a difference for all of their clients. It is also something that has made things easier for people to understand when they are looking at the options that they have available to them in the restaurants that they are located in. For Omar Yunes, though, opening a Sushi Itto restaurant was one of the only things that made sense to him. People in Japan loved the brand and would often visit there when they were looking for fast food solutions. Now that it also has franchise locations that are located in Mexico, people are able to try new things and get more out of the restaurant so that they are able to try new things and get more out of the options that they have.

When Omar Yunes first started the company in Mexico, he wasn’t sure how it would perform. While he saw that it was successful in Japan, he knew that it was an entirely different market in Mexico. By making sure that he knew what the market was going to be like and what it was going to bring to Sushi Itto, he was able to try new things and branch out the selection that he had in the business that he was a part of. For Omar Yunes to be able to try new things with the options that he had, he wanted to show people the positive aspects of Sushi Itto.

The process worked and Omar Yunes is now a successful 13-franchise owner with the brand. He has 13 different locations in the major cities of Mexico. With all of the options that he has in the business, he has been able to continue providing exceptional service. He is, in fact, so good at owning the franchises, that he has won awards for being the best franchise owner. These awards were given to him by both the company and by independent agencies that have chosen to use the different things that he can do.

The Pros of EOS Lip Balms and Their Different Flavors

The EOS lip balm is a popular lip balm endorsed by some of the biggest American celebrities. It comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy every customer’s needs. With all-natural ingredients, EOS lip balms promise to help you treat your lips to the best nourishing experience you can get from a lip balm. Some of the ingredients include jojoba oil, shea butter and vitamin E packed with antioxidants.


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Some of the flavors you can find come in different shapes; Smooth Spheres and Smooth Sticks. Smooth Sticks offers Sweet Mint, Pomegranate Raspberry, and Vanilla Bean flavors. The Smooth Spheres on the other hand umbrellas many flavors:

  • Sweet Mint
  • Summer Fruit
  • Blackberry Nectar
  • Blueberry Acai
  • Strawberry Sorbet
  • Coconut Milk
  • Pomegranate Raspberry
  • Honeysuckle Honeydew
  • Vanilla Mint


These lip balms can be bought individually or in value packs. The packs offer you the option to purchase different flavors at the same time if you are that type of consumer. EOS lip balms provide instant relief upon application as expected. They’re free of petrolatum, paraben, phthalate as well as gluten comprises ingredients that are mostly botanical extracts. EOS Lip Balms, as well as other EOS beauty products, can be found across Canada and the US with headquarters in NY.


About EOS Lip Balm

The Evolution of Smooth lip balm is a product under EOS, LLC which was founded in 2006 in America. The lip balm usually comes in containers that are egg-shaped. This product is endorsed by renowned celebrities such as Britney Spears and Kim Kardashian among other public figures. EOS lip balm employs the use of natural constituents making it popular among consumers. Besides the egg-shaped containers, the lip balms also come in ‘Smooth Stick’ containers, have a peek products here on their page.


The EOS Lip Balm ingredients give the product a 95 percent score as organic despite all the ingredients being natural. We can classify the product as organic given most of its components are certified organic. Purchase your lip balm here.


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