An EOS Lip Balm Review

Most people need to protect their lips from the heat and sun in the summer. Using a lip balm is the way most women will do this. Lip balms were created to not only provide this protection but to offer a slight hint of color and shine to the lips. EOS Lip Balm is noted as being one of the best of these out on the market. When the lip balm was reviewed, most people said it gave the best protection and lasted on the lips for a very long time ( Other companies lip balms did not provide nearly as much protection.

EOS Lip Balm is packaged in attractive little round balls as opposed to the normal tubes that are found in other brands. They come in a wide variety of colors and all of them have different flavors. The review found that the moisturizing effects from this lip balm was much better than others. It is made with several oils, including Jojoba oil, which has been proven to be a natural moisturizer. Most reviews for this product have been positive in that it delivers exactly what it states it will. There is also a line of this lip balm that includes SPF materials to protect you from the hot sun.

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Christopher Linkas’s two cents on retirement savings

For most individuals in their early twenty’s and also mid-thirties saving for retirement is often not much of a big deal or a matter of urgency until their golden age clock starts ticking fast. This is when they get a rude awakening that they are about to become baby boomers and they do not own even a single asset or business that they could rely on during retirement to their name. However, Christopher Linkas a highly proficient financial and investment pro strongly advises those with such habits to change them by saving as early as they can to prevent the last minute rush.


Reasons why young adults should start taking saving for retirement seriously


Even though it’s natural for the young generation not to fret about retirement as it often seems like its centuries away, Linkas says that saving is the only way to get greener pastures during retirement and also enjoy lifetime financial independence. Additionally, some aspects of investments only pay off if they are extended to a long period of time and thus the only way to enjoy their fruits is by starting as early as possible.


Talk of obstacles and how to overcome them


Nevertheless, even with that being said and done, Christopher Linkas acknowledges that there are factors which act as barriers to saving for such individuals. For instance, most of them do not have a six figure income which means that saving even a little percentage of it can cause major inconveniences in their lives. However, he is positive that with the right attitude and financial discipline it is possible to start saving early for retirement regardless of the income one receives.


Benefits of saving early


According to Linkas saving for retirement as early as possible does not deprive you anything but instead, it packs a bunch of benefits which you get to enjoy. For instance, it means a better, happier and stress-free life in future, it helps cultivate better spending habits and additionally puts you a step ahead of your peers who would rather spend their entire paychecks rather than save. Lastly, by saving you get to grow your compound interest capabilities which means you can take advantage of investment opportunities when they come your way in future.


Who is Christopher Linkas?


Best known for his sound financial advice, high profile career, and monumental success, Christopher Linkas is a well-known London based investor. Mr. Linkas has been sitting as the head of the European credit since 2012 now and boasts over two decades of experience in the finance arena. Initially, the renowned financial advisor had studied for a degree in philosophy but his passion for helping others learn the ropes of wise investment choices and saving led him to study finance.


That was a wise move because, after completion of his studies, Christopher Linkas immediately got a well-to-do job as an analyst and asset manager at RER Financial Group LLC. In just a few years, Mr. Linkas had already made a name for himself and has worked with various top-shelf financial institutions such as a UK based investment group among many others. He has also ventured in New York’s real estate having worked for various real estate fund businesses in the region. He is truly an icon and a source of inspiration to anyone looking to bettering his/her life.

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Christopher Linkas Discusses Three Types of Commercial Real Estate


Jeff Aronin: The Million-dollar Success From The Desire to Find Medical Solutions for Neglected Diseases

It is an unbreakable code in the field of medicine for doctors to first not harm the patient. When there’s a less harmful way to remedy a medical issue, the doctor should resort to that less risky, less invasive and less harmful procedure. This is something that not many physicians seem to put into practice, and so it’s good to know that we still have doctors like Jeff Aronin who live by the code of not doing more harm to the patients than is necessary.


The Fuel That Ignited His Passion


We can read from Gazette Day that the landmark event in the career of Jeff Aronin that fueled his passion for medical research was that one time he had to spare a child a surgery because of a less invasive way of treatment, which is through medicine. It was there, too, that he realized the critical importance of such principle in improving patients’ lives. Besides, it was also the experience that drove him to push for more research on commercialized medicines for unmet medical needs without putting the patient into too much-hidden risk.


After finishing a bachelor’s degree and MBA, Jeff Aronin immediately worked in the healthcare sector. It was there that his desire to develop medicine for unpopular medical needs grew and it was where he finally founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, of which he is also the CEO. The iteration of Ovation in 2000 was the tipping point of Aronin’s desire to develop medicine for rare and neglected diseases that didn’t receive media coverage. His company also wanted to set itself apart from other big pharma companies that were more interested in getting a blockbuster profit from their research instead of developing medical solutions for areas that need more attention.


The Ultimate Success


Among many successes that Jeff Aronin achieved, it is when Danish healthcare company Lundbeck purchased his Ovation company for $900 million in 2009 that is one of the most remarkable. The company that Jeff Aronin started just from a dream is now valued at more than he could have imagined. After the purchase, Lundbeck still decided to keep Aronin in the company as its CEO, which is an excellent choice because a company’s success highly depends on the visionary and creator behind it.


Dr. Johanan Rand Uses Bioidentical Therapy to Help Patients in Need

Dr. Johanan Rand is a bioidentical hormone replacement, and integrated medicine practiced. He is currently the president of Healthy Aging Medical Center located in West Orange, New Jersey. This medical center focuses on providing the care that patients need.


Johanan practices physical medicine and is a rehabilitation and physiatrist specialist. He is a certified medical acupuncture practitioner. He has accumulated over 15 years of experience in the treatment of age disorders including erectile dysfunction in men and menopause in women.


Dr. Johanan Rand normally combines several treatments practices that work together to bring out a better result. He is well trained in anti-aging and weight loss. He partly received this training from the Albert Einstein Medical Center, New York. He is committed to the prescription of treatment options after it has passed medical process.


He is therefore well committed to the wellbeing of each patient he receives at his medical center. He understands how to balance the body’s internal chemistry, with the use of several supportive therapies. Normally, he combines the hormone therapy with, nutritional supplements, physical therapy and HCG diet. The combination can greatly reduce effects caused by aging.


Dr. Johanan’s Therapy goes to the source of the problem and addresses the basic issue, with the treatment of the symptoms that the patient is showing. The treatment is effective for different age dysfunctions such as erectile dysfunction, weight loss, anxiety, depression, mood swings and stress. The end goal is to change the life of a patient so that they can live productively and fully.


Testing for integrative treatment plans


Tests play an important role in customizing treatments to fit specific patients. Dr. Johanan is known to offer Blood work at his medical center. Blood work is mainly used to determine the lack of essential minerals and detecting deficiencies of minerals. This information can be used to develop a plan for an individual to take supplemental nutrition. This information can also be tracked to create a body of information related to the patient’s condition after and before an integrated treatment.


Patients have given testimonies on how Johanan’s work has transformed their lives. Many have seen the transformation after combining hormone therapy with exercise plans and a good diet. Dr. Johanan Rand has transformed the lives of his patients by spending quality time with children. He knows very well that a combination of therapies is effective than using one in isolation


Treatment of the erectile disorder


Dr. Johanan Rand has invested a lot of his time and resources in the treatment of erectile disorders. Patients usually suffer from emotional problems. It is, however, normal to have stress and anxiety when experiencing erectile disorders. At his clinic, Johanan has put all the mechanisms in place to treat this disorder in his patients.


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Dr. Johanan Rand and the Practice of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Stansberry Research Bares Berkshire Hathaway’s Financial Standing

Porter Stansberry, the founder of Stansberry Digest published an article about Warren Buffet as the best portrait of an American businessman. Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway has made a lot of money for quite a long time, and as usual, the United States of America adores winners. Further, Buffet has converted his ordinary and plain personality into an invincible public trademark, which cannot be soiled. Buffet is a good investor, and but even more excellent at public relations; which is why nobody noticed that Berkshire Hathaway is poorly managed.


The brilliance, structure, and strategies that formed the free enterprise’s perfect business have been lost, forgotten, and abandoned. And to make things worse, Warren Buffet directed the company in becoming an enormous dragnet, a dilemma that made it lost its competitive edge against S&P 500 and that will in due time, cause the company to be bankrupt.


However, the core of Berkshire Hathaway is still sound, for it still possess a portfolio of the best international insurance companies. Nonetheless, this superb collection of assets is being plagued by a succession of unsuccessful investments, an issue which shareholders know nothing about.


These outcomes, together with Buffet’s determinations to conceal them must lead the company’s investors to ask him to quit as Berkshire Hathaway’s Chief Operating Officer. Berkshire must be divided between its fully owned industrial firms and its insurance companies, where majority of the former should be put up for sale. Not taking the previously mentioned steps will lead S&P 500 ahead of Berkshire Hathaway.


To comprehend what actually went wrong with Berkshire Hathaway, Stansberry Research’s Porter Stansberry said that it is essential to know how things came to be as they are. For many years, Berkshire implemented a straightforward but extremely dominant investment procedure, which saw the company to primarily purchase insurance companies that are property and casual (P&C) in nature. Now as long as the insurance companies are able to collect premium to pay the claims, Warren Buffet has more than “free” adequate funds to invest; while other insurance companies have to repay capital or gradually withhold it from earnings.


Unfortunately, majority of the investment made by Buffet over the years did not have the anticipated returns that were earlier forecasted or anticipated, putting Berkshire in financial peril.


Beamridge’s Advisor, Lee May to Race in Support of Nemesis ABC

Beamridge is a UK based company that deals with design and build contractor. Beamridge has the experience of developing projects that meet the set standards and quality. The company’s main agenda is to maintain a long-term client relationship as they expand it.


Lee May’s 10k race

Beamridge Ltd Advisor, Lee May, will be participating in a sponsored 10-kilometer run to raise money that will enable Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club to acquire a first-hand minibus. All the proceeds from the race will be channeled to the club to allow them to progress with the dazing job they do.


Beamridge Ltd is the primary sponsor of the Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club. The sponsorship will help the club improve in all their training aspects so that they can remain competitive in the domestic and European tournaments. Other than boxing, Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also nurtures young people’s talent who, Aside from the boxing, the club contributes to the development of the young persons who take advantage of the strong ethics and conducive atmosphere created by the boxing club.


Lee May has continuously been an enthusiastic boxing fan. For this reason, he takes the initiative to sponsor Nemesis ABC. Therefore, Beamridge is appealing to the general public to support Lee May accomplish his objective by raising £20K.


Thames views Ladies FC and children’s Hospice sponsorship

Beamridge Ltd also Sponsor SECWFL Kent Division Champions. In recent fixtures, the teams had a good running after narrowly losing to Browley in the Kent Plate final.


On 20th October 2017, the company hosted its second charity boxing event where it raised money that will go to financing Demelza Children’s Hospice. The children Hospice is devoted to offering unsurpassed health care and support to children facing life-threatening situations. On 3rd November 2016, the company also hosted an inaugural charity boxing night, with the aim of helping Nemesis ABC and also Ellenor Hospice.


Beamridge Company is committed not only to offering quality services to its clients but also helping the society by providing sponsorship to clubs and hospitals that serve the community.

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The New Face Expected At TransUnion By June 2018: Heather Russell

Having been in the forefront of finding better and innovative ways in which information can be made available so as to help individuals make sound decisions; TransUnion has a deep understanding that information is power. It has used historical information and other alternative sources to reveal unique stories, insights, and trends. Through their information, many businesses have been able to manage risks while consumers are able to manage their identity and credit. It has been able to penetrate through the markets of over 30 countries while taking lead in African, American and Asian markets.

TransUnion is headed by Mr. Jim Peck who is the President and the CEO. Besides, he serves on the Executive Committee of the organization. Jim will probably have a lighter burden in running the organization from 4th June 2018 when Heather Russell will start her duty as the Executive Vice President and consequently the Chief Legal Officer. Having studied at College of William of Mary for her BA and also in the American University Washington College of Law for her J.D, Heather has properly equipped her thoroughly to deal with various legal issues.

Heather Russell comes along with 20 years of tangible experience especially in the field of finance which include compliance, financial services, mergers and acquisition, privacy and security issues. In her new position at TransUnion, she is adorned with ensuring that all legal, government relations, consumer privacy, corporate governance, and compliance functions between Transunion and its various subsidiaries run smoothly. She will be reporting to the CEO of the organization.

The whole leadership team of TransUnion led by their President is excited to have Heather Russell in their organization because of how her expertise and skills will leverage the functions of TransUnion. Heather is bringing her financial expertise in the organization having been served as the leader of financial institutions regulation and fintech practices at Buckley Sandler, LLP. She has served at the Fifth Third Bank, Bank of New York, Bank of America and Skadden where she served in various executive positions. (Source: LinkedIn)

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Glen Wakeman Helping Others be Successful

Financial Executive, Glen Wakeman, is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings. He specializes in business development and P&L roles. His ultimate goal is to help businesses better themselves by analyzing five key dimensions of performance, which include: leadership, human capital, execution, risk management, and governance.


In addition to LaunchPad Holdings, Wakeman is also the founder and President of Nova Four. In order to help developing companies grow, Nova Four gives them advice and access to capital. Wakeman’s specific role in this company is to teach chief executive officers how to proficiently do their job.


Prior to his entrepreneurship endeavors, Glen Wakeman spent over two decades with GE Capital where he served in a number of leadership roles. Right before leaving GE Capital, he served as CEO of GE Money Latin America. Wakeman saw success in this position where he built a nine-country operation that saw profits of $2 billion.


There is no doubt that Glen Wakeman knows the ins and outs of the industry. His vast leadership and entrepreneur experiences have given him the unique opportunity to discuss his own experiences and give advice to fellow entrepreneurs.


Throughout his various roles, Wakeman has met with many small businesses that had great potential, but many of them ended up failing. When Wakeman started looking into the reasons why these businesses weren’t taking off, he realized it was because they lacked structure. This is where he got the idea for LaunchPad. He decided that, to help these businesses out, he would develop a plan for success with a software platform.


Since Glen Wakeman holds a number of different responsibilities, he has to stay productive. The first thing Wakeman does to ensure productivity is to begin his day be reviewing the previous day; he then meets with his partner to divide duties. Dividing duties helps him stay focused on completing the tasks at hand because he doesn’t feel overwhelmed. Additionally, he contributes part of his productivity to his curiosity. It helps him work hard through tasks that are difficult, this gives him the insights to know why things work so that, if need be, they can be changed. Wakeman also uses a number of apps to help him stay on task and productive. Part of a business’ success comes from a hardworking and productive owner.

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IC System the Exceptional Collection Agency

Jack Erickson and Ruth were the co-founders of IC System in 1938. The firm’s headquarters is located at the outskirts of St. Paul, Minnesota. For about 80years the company has been run by three generations of the members of Erickson’s family. Despite being run as a family’s affair, the firm didn’t halt to thrive. The company’s primary focus is to follow the principle that guided them in providing ethical and straightforward services to its clients.


At the beginning of 2013, the firm was awarded for three continual years by the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for its ethical progression in its services. IC System has a distinguished history of offering exceptional services to their clients for their collection needs. The IC system has outstanding innovative services that work tremendously to satisfy the needs of their clients based on firm ethical guidelines and committed.


There are other firms in the collections industry, they offer the same services to clients, but the quality provided by the IC System is incomparable. The company’s culture and core values of integrity, commitment and honesty is the ideal foundation of their outspoken ethical practices.


In addition to enhance their culture of company’s commitment to responsibly, IC system also gives a helping hand to the community. The corporate came up with a philanthropic group named Employee Charitable Help Organization (ECHO) in 1981. The ECHO organization duties id to organize the in-house volunteer projects of charity by the employees. Every year they organize donations events for donations that create a platform for willing employees to donate. Their past and present donations have been to organizations like the American Red Cross, The Special Olympics and many more.


The IC system mission is to accomplish their role of giving back to the community. The firm’s Philosophy is to not only donate to the community but also to maintain their ethnicity in the offering of their services, by providing continuous committed. The IC system has a worldwide reputation of being the most trusted service providers for both local and national levels.

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What to Do When You’re Contacted by IC Systems


Jorge Moll: Revolutionary, Doctor & Futurist

Science, innovative technology and healthcare goes hand-to-hand. Yes, you can have one without the other, but with all three combined, better results can be expected. Society has come a long way over the years and advanced technologies has played a major role in its success. Much of today’s medical equipment and medical devices have some form of advanced technologies within their systems. Jorge Moll, M.D., Ph.D, is at the forefront of this transition, and he has a solid reputation to backup all claims. He is very successful at what he does, and he’s constantly striving to get better. It would be very hard trying to find another individual that is as ambitious than this man.


At the affluent D’Or Institute of Research & Education, Moll just so happens to be the institute’s president as well as its senior researcher. The guy has an astounding background in education as he has obtained a Ph.D in Experimental Pathophysiology as well as obtained his medical doctorate. Of course, Moll earned these prestigious accreditations from Sao Paulo University and from the Federal University of Rio De Janeiro. Advanced technology is flowing throughout the world and the healthcare industry is no different. Top-notch medical devices and even medications have been produced by these advancements. It would be extremely hard to speak about modern-day medications without mentioning advanced technologies. “Artificial intelligence and cognitive systems excites me,” said Moll.


Improving patient care and improving these individuals’ experiences is one of the main goals that the D’Or Institute of Research & Education takes very serious. This extraordinary facility is composed of entrepreneurs, business associates, students, researchers and scientists. “You should never sit on your ideas,” said Moll. Putting these ideas to work can definitely bring forth a positive change in most cases. All in all, Jorge Moll is changing the game via advanced technologies, and he will continue to push the boundaries in modern-day medicine.