Grow your Business From The Experience of Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is a entrepreneur, mentor, investor, writer, and a global business executive. He has been with GE Capital for 20 years taking a leadership role in integrations, new market entry, start-ups for businesses and more. Currently, Glen Wakeman is the Co-founder and CEO of a firm named LaunchPad Holdings, LLC ( One of the most effective ways Glen has been able to have such a good reputation with the corporations he partners with, is Giving his advice on how they should go about their strategy, handle their global affairs, and how to raise their capital.

A lot of businesses starting out are not familiar with the ins and outs of their industry, so someone with personal experience in their field can lead them in the right direction, on the road to success. That is exactly what Glen Wakeman does, he his an expert in helping companies not only have a successful start up, but he provides all the tools needed to keep you reaching higher heights, and shows you the proper steps to continually grow your business.

No wonder Glen has been named the “secret weapon” for top entrepreneurs, providing top notch knowledge, and bringing innovative skills to the table. The next generation is emerging, and these young executives are learning a thing or to from someone who has been successful in what they’re trying to accomplish right now. With Wakeman’s wide-range of experience, he can also customize your business plan while tailoring your ideas, putting you into the best position possible.

It’s rare that someone shares their personal “recipe” for success, but something Glen Wakeman does is pass along information and business skills that was taught to him, making you even more able and capable to excel where there is a very competitive market. So if you want to separate yourself from the pack, listening to the experiences from Glen Wakeman is a good start!

Chris Linkas Knows Real Estate Investing on Several Continents

It is always a good idea to start investing early, even in one’s twenties. However, far too many young people put off investing until it appears to be a more stable endeavor. The reality is there is never time like “now” for just about anything in life. People that are 20 years of age or older are at a great point in life to start investing in their future. This applies even if they have school debt or their incomes are still minimal. Young adults have that important thing called time which allows them to grow their investments with relative peace of mind.


Investing at a Young Age

Investing at a young age also means that a person can take on greater risk. Their earnings are in the future, so they can afford to handle a risky investment or two. They can also build out fuller, more aggressive, portfolios that can withstand the highs and lows of the market. Then, there is nothing like hands-on-experience and being able to learn from the hits and misses. Time is the element that allows them to learn about and refine their investment activities. Today’s younger generation is also more tech savvy than any generation that has gone before it, and this can make all the difference in the world.

Chris Linkas knows what investing is all about and would likely tell anyone that investing at a young age is the way to go. Of course, he thoroughly understands finance and credit as evidenced by his being the European Head of Credit. He bases operations in London, and since 2012 has led a group of 20 people who monitor investment opportunities in the UK, Benelux, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Ireland, Greece, and the United Kingdom (Behance).

Chris’ interests and European investments include leases, performing loans, corporate loans, and investments backed by performing assets. Chris operated out of New York prior to running business operations in Europe. In New York, his company placed focus on commercial real estate, and North American equity and debt real estate investments.


A Review of EOS Visibly Soft Lip Balms

When looking for a great lip product you want to make sure you pick one that hydrates your lips. A lot of products on the market today do not do this. However, Evolution of Smooth has a line of amazing lip balms called Visibly Soft Lip Balms that do just that. Here is a review of the different ones they have, and some information about them.

The Visibly Soft Lip Balm collection from Evolution of smooth restores softness to your lips. It also nourishes your lips with a ton of high quality ingredients. These ingredients include Cocoa and Shea Butters. It also has moisturizing oils in it that keep your lips nice and smooth. This lip balm is hypoallergenic. It is also Petrolatum and Paraben free. It is Gluten free.

This lip balm comes in many different flavors. These flavors include Vanilla Mint and Coconut Milk. They also come in a Honey Apple and a Pure Hydration flavor. The Pure Hydration one is a neutral flavored lip balm.

EOS is a great company that makes natural beauty products. It has a lot of different products for the whole body. These products include lotion, lip balm, and shaving gel.

EOS uses natural and organic ingredients to make sure each product it creates is high quality. They sell their products in many different stores. These include Amazon, Target, and more.

More details and reviews on

If you want a great lip balm that makes your lips nice and soft then you should try Evolution of Smooth’s Visibly Soft Lip balm collection. Your lips will feel so moisturized and soft. You will have the peace of mind knowing your lip balm is made with high quality ingredients. You will be so happy that you decided to make Evolution of Smooth your lip balm company and try their products. More review on


Glen Wakeman the Business Executive You Need

Glen Wakeman is a global business executive. He has had success worldwide working in 32 countries and living in 6 during his professional career. Since 2015 he is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Wakeman holds many professional titles including global business executive, writer, investor, mentor, and entrepreneur. Degrees obtained include from the University of Scranton a BS in Economics and Finance additionally earned from University of Chicago was an MBA in Finance. The degrees earned has enabled him to become a well known internationally (

Profession activities include start-up companies, mergers, acquisitions, entering of new markets and enormous expansion. He is also known for his writing of articles and blogs to help other business to achieve success (Positivethefacts). The articles and blogs comprise of a diversity of subjects such as administration and management and range to international fiscal matters and global affairs. Advice editorials presented encompassed ways to gain backing and procure funds. Wakeman is also known for his mentoring and is found in a variety of ways. Many follow the advice and find success through journalistic pieces and blogs. An additional form of mentoring is through the software that helps new entrepreneurs with starting and sustaining their company. He also has been known to counsel other executives in management positions. Wakeman is known for his 5 key dimensions of performance which consist of leadership, human capital, execution, risk management and governance.

Glen Wakeman has occupied many labels over his career. One heading is entrepreneur through the founding of Nova Four and co-founder of LaunchPad Holdings, LLC. Designations of President and CEO have also been achieved. He also has occupied stations on the board of directors. One position accomplished from 1999 to 2006 was CEO Latin American employed with GE Capital. Glen Wakeman has had many successes over his professional life.

How Perry Mandera Supports Others In The Broader Community

Perry Manders is the founder and owner of Custom Co. Inc, a business in Chicago that is in the transportation industry. He started his first business in this industry in 1980 and sold it in 1985. It was in February 1986 that he started his new company. His customers range from small business to S&P 500 firms. His team delivers products that can be tracked throughout the entire process using satellite technology.

Beyond his business, Perry Mandera is passionate about giving back. He regularly engages in philanthropy and has given to charities on the local, state, and national levels. In addition to money he also donates his time and business skills to nonprofits. He is a big supporter of children’s and youth organizations as well as those that support military veterans.

A number of years ago, Perry Mandera set up Custom Cares Charities. This is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit through which he provides his donated money. He once used this charity to donate thousands of coats across Chicago during one of its bitter winters. In 2013 a nearby city in Illinois experienced extensive tornado damage. He had his fleet of vehicles deliver supplies and food to families in need in this city.

Perry Mandera also helped out when Hurricane Katrina struck the states of Mississipi and Louisiana (Positivethefacts). In total he sent 40 truckloads that delivered supplies to people in both of these states. Some of the supplies had been donated to Custom Cares Charities while others were supplies that he had purchased. His charity also provided support to the victims of the 2017 California wildfires.

Each holiday season Custom Cares Charities donates cash to families in need to spend on gifts for their children. He also has helped out with youth sports. He has sponsored a number of youth boxers that he has coached, for instance. Two of these Chicago-based boxers went on to compete in the Summer Olympics. He has also coached in other sports such as baseball, basketball, and football.


Jeff Aronin Oversees Paragon Biosciences Growth

With more than 20 years of experience in creating dynamic biotech and pharmaceutical companies, Jeff Aronin is a true pioneer in healthcare, and in helping patients prevail over serious illnesses.

Leading Paragon Biosciences since 2010, Jeff Aronin has helped further establish a new paradigm in biotech, which has led to a focused, patient-centric drug development strategy. The strategy helps to more efficiently bring forward important science for patients with unmet needs.

Paragon and its portfolio companies are focused on understanding the underlying cause of diseases, especially those affecting people who have few or no treatment options. The team then seeks breakthrough science, partnering with innovative researchers around the world to identify novel ways to address serious illness ( Once that is accomplished, Paragon sets out to finance and incubate promising biotech companies that are focused on bringing medicines to market.

Two of Paragon’s lead companies are Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals and Harmony Biosciences. Castle Creek is focused on rare genetic dermatology disorders and Harmony is focused on central nervous system disorders. Whether it is addressing the underlying causes of epidermolysis bullosa simplex (in the case of Castle Creek) or narcolepsy and cataplexy (in the case of Harmony), Paragon’s companies are doing important work to bring additional options for patents in need.

Beyond Paragon, Jeff Aronin has nearly two decades of experience in the biotech industry spent discovering and developing medicines that have helped tens of thousands of patients live better. At Paragon, the leadership team has secured 13 new drug approvals, a rate on par with or better than most large biotech and pharma companies.

Paragon Biosciences partners with top medical professionals to do the important clinical research needed to get medicines approved. Jeff and his team put patients first and work every day to do the most they can to develop medicines that matter.


The Stock Market According To Chris Linkas

Chris Linkas is familiar with clients who constantly question individual stocks, the economy and the market. There are numerous strategies for investments that are not common knowledge. Some of the best advice is to bet on takeovers and beware of bubbles. It is common knowledge that even the best of investors makes mistakes. One of the worst mistakes is to double down on a failing investment. When an investor believes they are right they will continue funding a losing proposition. Chris Linkas has witnessed investors making this mistake while working with the European Credit Group.

A lot of investors use news events to make their trades. They make their purchases based on a corporate event, contract win or earnings announcement (Cheynecapital). Once the event is over they simply move on to something else. In the case of Covalon Technologies the stock decreased forty percent once their earnings were released. Chris Linkas has handled opportunistic principal investments in numerous regions including the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Greece. He realizes even the safest stocks can take a big hit when the markets shift.

Higher interest rates this year are causing concerns among the investors and takeover rumors are common. Once in a while a rumor is correct but most never amount to anything. There are some important basic principles regarding stocks Chris Linkas understands very well ( A stock should never be ignored forever. Extreme care should be taken when making a purchase because of a takeover rumor. Just because an investor has been burned by a specific stock does not mean ignoring the company is the correct avenue. This will reduce potential stock investments in the future. Even if a particular stock has been removed from an investors portfolio it can be added back in at a later time. This may be dependent on the quarterly earnings.

One of the most important aspects of the stock market is things change. The dynamic of the marketplace fluctuates and no stock should be ignored. A stock that caused an investor a loss in the past may provide a nice return at a later date.


How EOS Has Created a Vegan Line: Review

The new vegan line of EOS is known as Crystal Plus. Crystal Plus is made with plant-based oils to provide all day moisture to those who want a better product at a better value. Unlike other vegan products on the market, you will find that EOS’ new line is more affordable and uses higher-quality ingredients that are good for the skin and lips. The Crystal Plus line comes in a range of delicious flavors so that you can find a custom option right for you (

EOS is a wonderful company that prides itself in being one of the best options for those who want skin and lip care products. Not only are they famous for their ball applicator lip balms, but they have also revolutionized lotions and shaving creams for those who need better ingredients and more moisture on the skin. You will also find that considering the fact that their products are better for you, they are far less money than other brands on the market. This is why so many people have chosen EOS for themselves and are thrilled with what this company has to offer to them.

Read more about the product, visit

If you have never given EOS a try for yourself, it is crucial that you either visit their site for a full lineup of their products or you check them out in your local drugstore. Once you begin to use EOS products, you’re going to get addicted really quick because of the quality you’ll begin to get used to using for yourself. This amazing line of products has received numerous awards and positive reviews on the internet. This makes it easy for you to choose an amazing product at a price you can afford, and it’s never a bad time to give their vegan line a try for yourself as well.  Check for additional reading.

InnovaCare Healthcare offering services

InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health offers Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services to their customers. Rick Shinto is the current Chief Executive Officer of the InnovaCare Health while Penelope Kokkinides is the Chief Administration Officer. Together they form a strong team that ensures quality service delivery and proper running of the company’s operations.

About Dr. Richard Shinto

Rick Shinto is currently the CEO of InnocaCare Health, but before he took the leadership position at InnovaCare, he used to be the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. from 2008 till 2012 when the company was sold. Moreover, before that, Dr. Shinto worked as the chief medical officer at NAMM California and also used to be the corporate vice president of medical management for one year at MedPartners Company. Rich Shinto is a celebrated medical doctor with over 20 years’ experience in the healthcare sector. Rick Shinto acquired his B.S and Medical degree in American universities as well as his MBA.

Awards Dr. Shinto won

Rich Shinto was privileged to have won the 2012 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur year award after he demonstrated excellence performances in various entrepreneurial fields. Shinto was a successful performer in financial matters, innovation and also had firm commitments to community work. Check out Glassdoor to know more.

About COO/CAO Penelope Kokkinides

According to Businesswire, Penelope Kokkinides is an experienced doctor who specializes in Medicare and Medicaid in the health industry. Additionally, Penelope has broad knowledge in healthcare management and development of effective clinical programs geared to improve efficiencies in healthcare service provider. He previously served as the COO and Executive VP at Centerlight Healthcare. Also, Penelope Kokkinides worked at Touchstone Health as the COO and at AmeriChoice where he took the executive role of disease management.

About InnovaCare Health

The firm provides managed healthcare services to North America population. InnovaCare health focuses on offering quality healthcare services by creating a cost-effective model that can be integrated with advanced technologies to manage healthcare. Currently, InnovaCare manages two government-sponsored Medical plans for Puerto Rico. In August 2016, the firm announced a partnership deal with LAN that aimed at improving their healthcare system by offering payment model based on quality but not quantity.

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Chris Linkas: Article Recap and General Information

This will give information around Chris Linkas. It will also focus on some financial strategies as well. One strategy is about experts not knowing everything. It is true that skilled fund managers and investors are involved through a lot, for example, getting access to company’s management teams and being subscribers for financial streams and great data to get information. However, it is also true that the market is bigger than the experts and there have been a lot of very intelligent fund managers who have made giant mistakes. One of the such mistakes is a double down on a low type of investment. It seems that the smart investors at times go on a belief that the market is wrong and they are right. In saying that they are buying into more and more of a position of loss. A good example of a company that has over the last few years doubling down (

Another point is that there can still be a lot of decline from defensive sectors. Two examples of bad performances were either the utility stocks of the current year or the production of preferred shares (Cheynecapitals). Also, in this year with the frets of investors in higher interest rates there are companies like Enbridge Inc. which are orphan and window stocks. They have gone down fourteen per cent and thirteen percent with Forties Inc.

Now some general information regarding Chris Linkas, he works now for a company in New York and London, UK. Linkas has since November 2012 been the head of a European Cred Group that is based in London. There he was responsible for principal investments with opportunity in the regions which are UK-Euro. Some examples are, the United Kingdom, Greece, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland and Ireland.