Which mint flavored EOS flavor is the best?

EOS, as one of the leading manufacturers of lip balms has a wide range of different lip balms for you to choose from. Included in this range of choices are two flavors of mint themed lip balms. Mint lip balms are popular due to their refreshing flavors and their association with freshness (and likely toothpaste). Finding the right brand of lip balm can be a real challenge even if you narrow it down to the mint offerings from EOS.

As noted above, the freshness associated with a mint lip balm is particularly important, and that is where EOS truly shines. Since EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms, they taste fresher and more natural and like the real thing. Eos relies on quality ingredients in their lip balm and focus on higher quality emollients that provide for lasting protection to your lips over the other lip balms which use petroleum jelly based ingredients. EOS’ commitment to quality ingredients really shines through in the quality and flavor of their lip balms. Check this article for more, blogwebpedia.com.

EOS offers two different mint themed lip balms; sweet mint and vanilla mint. Sweet mint is the standard mint offering and is more easy to compare to the competing mint flavors on the market. Sweet mint, unlike the competition, tastes like fresh mint and does not have the medicine like flavor of the competition. Sweet mint is refreshing, has a natural feel to it, and is enjoyable to apply and use every day, gather information here.

Vanilla mint has a more complex flavor and represents a true blend between mint and the vanilla bean. The flavor is complex and varied and tastes like a true blend between the two. Neither flavor is overpowering and they simply work well together. Watch cool video on youtube.com.

Ultimately, you should understand the flavor notes that you enjoy but both make for a great addition to your daily lip balm applications.

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Lime Crime: A Respected American Cosmetics Brand

Lime Crime is a popular cosmetics company that runs out of sunny Los Angeles, California. The brand focuses on makeup that’s both cruelty-free and vegan. People who are against animal testing and animal products in general, as a result, frequently gravitate to it and to its plentiful options. The company accommodates the makeup needs of women and men alike. It caters to individuals who are all about showcasing their personalities without making excuses for who they are. Lime Crime’s makeup is vibrant and chock-full of color. It’s suitable for individuals who, simply put, don’t like the idea of following the crowd. It’s appropriate for people who want to stand out and who want to take the world by storm as well.


Lime Crime gives shoppers many options in makeup products. People who want to rock striking and gorgeous lips can choose between many high-quality lipsticks. The brand’s lipstick choices include a dazzling assortment of Unicorn Lipsticks, Perlees, Velve-Tins, Metallic Velvetines, Matte Velvetines and, last but not least, Diamond Crushers. Unicorn Lipsticks come in all sorts of sassy red tones. Examples of these are Fishnet, Bomber, Lace-Up and Hoodie. If you want to look like a total bombshell for a night out on the town, you just can’t go wrong with Lime Crime’s exciting Unicorn Lipstick Offerings.


Diamond Crushers make a fine option for people who love the concept of iridescent and shiny lips. If you want your lips to glow, then you should look into Diamond Crushers without delay. Widely known Diamond Crusher options include Acid Fairy, Cheap Thrill, Black Unicorn, Fluke and Trip. Diamond Crushers can be great for big fans of purple. They can be terrific for fans of pale pink, deep pink and beyond, too.


This cosmetics brand also has a reputation for making top-quality eyeshadow products. If you want your eyes to pop in the loveliest possible way, you should learn about the company’s various options in eyeshadows. It offers Venus Palettes that are hard for makeup enthusiasts to resist. Other kinds of products that are available through the brand include makeup brushes and pop on nails. http://www.asos.com/women/a-to-z-of-brands/lime-crime/cat/?cid=25668


Basic Sanitation Benefits From Government Concessions throughout Brazil

The Brazilian government recently announced its intentions to create concessions through the national bank of brazil the BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development. The initiative has received strong support for the water industry and is expected to have many other benefits toward basic sanitation in this country.


The President of Trata Brasil, Edson Carlos held an important conference with Felipe Montoro Jens an important interviewer and expert on theses infrastructure projects. According to Edison, the services will be subjected to several changes and adaptations before they are finalized. Most of the improvements will be related to the structure, administration and resources that must be appointed before the project can be underway.


BNDES is in the process of developing a few plans that present more specifics on the various areas that must be adjusted before the project can begin. This way the bank will be able to adapt the needs of the projects as the campaign develops. Felipe Montero Jens also pointed out that the it was an issue with water flow from the big water industries that affected the flow of financial resources. This is because it is not possible to receive adequate resources when an organization is experiencing heavy waste.


Edison mentioned that the private water sector is currently applying improved technologies into providing top quality services due to the greater resources they have to spend on the projects. This level of technology was a point that Edison said was crucial before more resources could be invested in creating new and enhanced sewage networks.


The keen insights and expertise on infrastructures came from the input by Felipe Montero Jens. In addition to serving as the Chief Executive Officer of His company Properties at His company S.A., Felipe Montoro Jens is also the President of His company Participações e Investimentos S.A.



Sanitation Levels for Brazilian Populations to Be Improved with Government Concessions: Felipe Montoro Jens


The Brazilian Government has assembled a plan with BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Along with several other important organizations, namely Trata Brazil, these concessions will go to improving the basic sanitation levels throughout the country. Trata Brazil has invested in the project and has an interest in pushing it through to success.


Edison Carlos, the acting CEO of Trata Brazil, held an important conference with Felipe Montoro Jens the Chief His company Participações e Investimentos S.A. and expert in infrastructure of this kind. According to the interview with Edison Carlos, the project itself will need to see many adjustments in the areas of structure, resources and administrations before it will be an effective success. Felipe Montoro Jens was quick to point out the hefty amount of waste that must be addressed before any new concessions can hope to improve the situation.


Edison Carlos went on to mention that the current situation in Brazil has about 90% of the population receiving all sanitation amenities, but over 70% is from state providers. The general consensus is that if the two sectors can work in union, the chances of success are greatly improved.


Edison Carlos says that that the private sector has already employed many of the high-tech solutions that can be shared with the state providers and this will increase the synergy of this cooperative effort. Felipe Montoro Jens also saw the possibilities for reduced waste through the application of improved technologies.


As the Head of the Concessionária do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal S.A, Felipe Montoro Jens is an expert on infrastructures and has taken the time to apply his years of experience to ensuring the favorability of this project. Felipe Montoro gained much of his experience from his time working as the Director of Santo Antônio Energia S.A.


Getting to Know the National Fair Housing Alliance (NFHA)

In a world filled with hate we also live in a world filled with diversity. While this diversity should be welcome this often is not the case. This is why the National Fair Housing Alliance plays such an important role in ensuring equality in housing and building diverse communities around the world.

The goal is to end housing discrimination and further the greater good of the human civilization by bringing people together with good housing in strong communities. There is a secondary goal as well, to further the mission of the Fair Housing Alliance. This is important to ensure equal access to housing that is safe and affordable in clean communities.

Inclusive communities mean a better opportunity for all, including jobs along with the schools and healthcare. A community that makes all of this available at the same price to all families of all backgrounds is a community that is well worth living in. Due to the economic shift over the last ten years, many communities have become subject to discriminatory practices.

When all communities are not given the same opportunity to do well together, the world begins to look at America with a different view. There are now numerous resources available to ensure that this no longer happens. Read more: Phoenix New Time

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development writes the rules for the Fair Housing Act. The job of the HUD is to equip those who participate in the community with what they need to further the mission of the Fair Housing Act.

The tools given to those who wish to promote building communities that work hard to give equal housing help with mapping the community to ensure that all facts and figures reported are accurate and in standing with the mission of HUD.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, those who set up the Frontera Fund, are the co-Founders of the Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media. These men have chosen to use the funds out of the settlement that they were given when arrested by Sheriff Arpaio to fund migrants rights initiatives in numerous cities around the state of Arizona.

The settlement is rather large, with more than $3 million to invest in the fund since their arrest in 2007. The arrest occurred when the men’s journalism notes were held revealed the results of hearings regarding the Sheriff in other cases. Learn more about Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/

Additionally, those who had viewed and read the stories online published by New Times were subpoened. The stories were those published about the Sheriff involving other individuals within the community.

Greg Secker Gives Secrets behind His Success in Business

Greg Secker is an iconic businessman, philanthropist and a renowned speaker in financial trading. He is among the few individuals with reputation of becoming millionaire at a prime age of twenty years. Greg owns top companies including Capital Index, Learn to Trade and Smart Charts Software. These companies have had a profound impact not only on the economy of Europe but also other countries which the firms has operations.

Greg Secker spent his early years in active employment before he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He first worked for Thomas Cook Financial services and thereafter Secker switched to Virtual Trading Desk. He quickly transitioned over several career positions to become the Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation, one of the giant investments banks in the United States of America. At Mellon, Greg was able to pick up top-notch financial trading skills he used to found his own trading floor. He later founded Learn to Trade, followed by a series of others successful firms.

Many people are amazed about Greg Secker’s success at a very tender age. This often leaves them with a lot of questions lingering in their heads how Secker managed to climb to the top of the success ladder. In one of his interviews, Secker shared deep insights that have given him immense breakthrough in the business world. According to Greg, conception of a solid strategy is the starting point for succeeding in business pursuits. He insists that having an idea is not enough to yield success, for him, entrepreneurs need to test their strategies before implementation. Greg further points out that fear is what holds many from launching their business models. He encourages business individuals that the only path to success is to brave business hurdles and implement their ideas.

Greg Secker is also widely recognized for being a keynote speaker in financial trading across the world. This has earned him several coveted awards including London Excellence Awards. Greg believes that his success is not complete without sharing it with the community. Through his non-profit organization- The Greg Secker Foundation– he has improved lives of many communities.

Life Line Screening Takes Prevention to a Higher Level

Life Line Screening service takes health screening to a higher level than just your routine yearly checkup. Since 1993, they have performed over  health screenings. Their goal is to provide community-based, direct to the patient diagnostic wellness testing. The Life Line Screening service will identify your risk for serious health concerns, such as stroke, aneurysm and artery disease.

The health screenings Life Line performs are quick, painless and safe. The technicians that administer the testing are highly qualified, and they have the same state of the art equipment utilized by the best hospitals. The results of your screenings can provide you and your doctor with a current assessment of your overall health. If needed, your doctor can then recommend a strategy or treatment to prevent the issue from becoming critical.

Life Line Screening provides three main types of preventive health screenings. Ultrasound screenings use sound waves to visualize structures throughout the body. The ultrasound imaging can successfully detect bone density loss, carotid artery diseases, peripheral arterial diseases and aortic aneurysms. Finger stick blood screenings provide an accurate reading of elevated liver enzymes, complete blood lipid profile, blood sugar levels and C-reactive protein levels. An electrocardiograph can detect irregularities in your heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat raises your risk of having a stroke.

After your Life Line Screenings, you will receive a personalized report called “6 for Life,” providing you with an easy to understand report card on six primary health risk factors. Risk factors including stroke, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, diabetes, heart disease and heart failure. You will also receive a heart attack risk score that gives your risk of having a heart attack or dying of a heart attack in the next 10 years.

To schedule a Life Line Screening, go to their website and enter your ZIP code. Enter the search tab, and an extensive list of dates and locations will appear so you can choose the best time and place. The screening locations tend to be community-oriented places like churches, metropolitan centers, senior facilities and conference halls. Life Line Screening believes in the power of prevention.

New Oncology Program Through CTCA Collaboration

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to form a technical solution that will make the workflow of Oncologists across the nation that much simpler. They have developed a system built with seamless integration called NantOS. This system was built with up to date information gathered from hundred of oncologists throughout the U.S. which grants invaluable information for all oncologists working with cancer patients. The program created through this collaboration is called Clinical Pathways and its prime function is to provide a better means for practicing physicians in the oncology field, without hindering their usual clinical workflow.

Clinical Pathways was designed with the patient in mind. The information that this program comes with is packed with the latest cancer related research available in the medical field. This includes therapies and treatment regimens that will complement every oncologist who uses this program by streamlining what data they have to work with in an easy to manage and user friendly package. This will cut down time and any miscommunication by providing only the information that the professionals need in their daily work routines. This will also help them provide only the most accurate information to their patients, to better enlighten them on their options for cancer treatments.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, with five other hospitals scattered about nationally. These locations include Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Tulsa, and Phoenix. CTCA has been consistently rated among the hospitals to provide the highest quality care in the healthcare industry, particularly in treatment to do with cancer care. They provide their patients and their patient’s families with only the best and most comprehensive information regarding the care of those who are fighting cancer and their supportive loved ones due to how much they encourage active participation in cancer care options.

More information on CTCA follow them on Twitter @CancerCenters


Christopher Burch was born on March 28, 1953, in Miami, he worked hard and became an entrepreneur and investor. He founded the Burch creative capital and also the co-founder of the luxury fashion brand. Mr. Chris is a believer in good marketing strategy and branding. He is currently keen on using his marketing skills to conquer new markets. He applies to creativity, imagination, incubation, support, and scale to brands and businesses that have a direct impact on consumers. Chris has been an investor for almost 40 years and has seen or participated in the rise of over 50 companies. His career started as an undergraduate at Itchica College where he and his brother started eagles eye parallel which grew to $165 before selling it.  Related articles on forbes.com

Mr. Burch has connected innovation and impact by understanding consumer behavior with direct sourcing. The Burch creative capital has several portfolios; these holdings include the ED, the Cocoon9, Popping, Trademark to several established brands embraced by Christopher. The company currently is supporting consumer products ranging from home furnishing, organic foods, and retail products.he has investments in the technology industry with brands like blink health chubbies and little duck organic under his name. The most recent Portfolio is the Nihiwatu.  To read more about Burch and his company, click on burchcreativecapital.com.

For a glimpse of the company’s new and follow-on investments, hit this useful link.

Nihiwatu is based in Indonesia, and Mr. Burch bought it in 2012 and transformed it into a resort and 2016 it was ranked number One in the world. After investing in different brands, Mr. Burch decided to venture into the Hospitality market. Chris together with an hotelier James McBride bought the property on the Indonesian Island of Sumba and spent over $30 renovating the hostel and naming in Nihiwatu after it reopened in 2015. For an update of his timeline activities, check on crunchbase.com.  After a year of exceptional performance, Nihiwatu was voted the best hotel in the world by travel + leisure.

In an interview, Burch was quoted saying that “the reason for building the Nihiwatu is for his children and the community around the area.” He also mentioned that “Nihiwatu turned into what he never expected as most of the time investments bring less.” Nihiwatu has 27 villas including Raja Mendaka, a private villa for Burch where he spends most of his day. Raja Mendaka particularly has the main house and additional villas that each has its private plunge pool. Nihiwatu was later nicknamed the ‘The Edge of Wilderness.’ Nihiwatu is adjusted to a beach known as Morten Rock after the formation of the rock by tides.To conclude investment is what we should learn from Mr Burch and his achievements should be our motivation for he started little and grew big.  For the full interview, hit interview,net.

Additional article on https://ideamensch.com/chris-burch/


Jason Hope Serves the Betterment of Mankind

Noted Tech commentator Jason Hope has expressed that he is a believer in the internet-of-things. Hope is an entrepreneur and brings a certain cachet to the discussion regarding all things tech. His high regard for the IOT is not without merit as interconnectivity is growing by leaps and bounds. Hope’s articles are widely respected and his opinion carries weight.The internet-of-things refers to the ability of different devices to connect with each other on the same network. This would also include some of the more mundane devices such as kitchen appliances. Eventually, most useful electronic devices will be connected to the internet. This will help increase efficiency and reduce waste. Jason Hope relates that the IOT could be the ultimate disrupter completely changing the face of business. He considers it the single biggest advancement possibly for years to come.

Hope believes the effort leading to total connectivity will be led by the global giants. Large, multinational companies with the resources to catalyze change and help business and life evolve to a new level. When these advances begin to take place other companies will be forced to implement their own changes to keep current.A real-life example of where smart technology has improved life is public transportation. The IOT has empowered public transportation to improve its quality of service and productivity. This includes better monitoring of maintenance concerns for trains and real-time mapping of public bus routes. This allows buses to avoid dangerous conditions on the route. Things like this will increase public satisfaction and could lead to increased usage. Fewer drivers mean less pollution, less congestion, and reduced numbers of traffic accidents. If you want to visit his Facebook page : Click Here.

Cities aren’t the only entities that stand to reap improvement in everyday life. Rural areas are also able to utilize the advantages that connectivity will bring. GPS tracking of accidents and Emergency responses will be more accurate. They will also be more efficient with the extra data collected.Jason Hope wears many different hats some of which include, philanthropist, futurist, investor and entrepreneur. Hope feels compelled to help improve the lives of others. One way he does this is his support for research to lengthen and improve the quality of life. Prevention is crucial in the mind of Hope, as it takes on disease from a new direction. Learn More.