Heather Russell Is TransUnion’s Newest Addition to Its Leadership Team

TransUnion’s search for a new chief legal officer is now over. The credit reporting agency recently announce that on June 4 Heather Russell will be it chief legal officer. Though Heather was officially given the job in May the decision isn’t effective until June. Heathger is expected to be a great fit for TransUnion as she is an accomplished legal executive with expertise in global financial services.

Heather also possesses a great deal of regulatory expertise. For two decades she has worked in multiple sectors of global financial services. This makes her well versed when it comes to mergers and acquisitions. In her new role with TransUnion she will have a lot on her plate. she’ll need to be able to multitask on a high level as responsibility for numerous departments and operations with TransUnion and its subsidiaries will fall to her. Not to mention she’ll have added pressure as she will report directly to company CEO Jim Peck.

CEO Jim Peck isn’t at all worried about Heather however. He is confident she possesses both the skills and work ethic needed to be successful. He knows the company wouldn’t have chosen her if it didn’t feel she would be a strong addition to the leadership team. TransUnion will continue to execute its growth strategy and believe in its unique method of doing business.

About Heather Russell

Prior to joining TransUnion Heather worked at law firm Buckley Sandler, LLP, where she held an important leadership position. It’s safe to say that Heather Russell is a natural born leader. She has helped lead numerous firms and institutions throughout her career.

Get the facts: https://www.bu.edu/law/profile/heather-russell/

Fortress Investment Group gets a feel of Peter Briger’s Prowess

Peter Briger has enjoyed remarkable success throughout his investment career. His colleagues identify him as a dedicated guy who will go out of his way to get things done. The Fortress Investment Group co-chairman has made a name for himself in the world of finance.

He was made partner at Goldman, Sachs and company in 1996. He served at the firm for close to 15 years. Peter Briger led a host of groups within the company including the Special Opportunities Fund LLC.He was also part of a couple of committees during his time at the firm. The most notable one being the Japan Executive Committee.

Peter joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 and has over the years risen through the ranks to be the co-chairman of its board and principal of the group. He oversaw the creation of the Fortress Credit business. He is currently in charge of its operations where he manages up to 300 employees. The operations of the group puts an emphasis on assets whose real value is not appreciated. The group also has a hand in the real estate business.

He pursued a bachelor of arts degree from Princeto University and later completed his MBA at the Penisylvania University. Numerous other institutions including schools, hospitals and companies have sought his services on their boards. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group joined the public market. Peter Briger earned close to $2 billion from the change in tact of the company making him a billionaire. He is a specialist in selling unwanted assets. He helps all his teams to embrace the ‘buy low sell high’ slogan that influences the returns of any business venture. He has also caused a notable difference in the distressed debt field.

He was part of the team that brought to life Golmann’s Special Situations group. Much of Goldmann’s revenue collection at the time was attributed to the group as it developed further under the leadership of Peter Bridger. Every financial crisis has been a blessing in disguise for the hedge fund manager. Whenever the crisis ends, the returns on assets are usually impressive as the unwanted assets can be sold at competitive prices.

He continues to make considerable profits especially those stemming from distressed assets. He hardly has any second thoughts on his plans and has been known to be opportunistic. Apart from his active financial career, Peter Bridger also freely gives back to the society. He has joined hands with the team involved in the conservation of the Central Park and contributes generously to their efforts. He is most passionate about dealing with poverty, education and children.


Meet The Hottest American Artist Alex Paul

He continues to drive the minds of many music lovers crazy with their indomitable single release that we could say has swept the world. Is it because many want to be drawn closer to our millennial generation or why has the world gone crazy over the release of the brandy track, “closer”? Well, that could be one of the many reasons, nevertheless, the most obvious one is the wild antics, addictive production, and of course their well-articulated artistic release and duo match of Alex Pall and Drew.

Their hilarious personalities have made their fans wilder whenever they hear of any of their

performances. As a matter of fact, their show is one of the most sought after in the city of NY and across the country. Alex Pall is one of the half of the duo who studied at North Eastern University and as coincident Dew also is a graduate from the same prestigious university.

Alex Pall with his other half is on a journey of success where each day they are revealing who they are besides their DJing skills. The new track is professionally weaved with deep emotions that are driving many as a drug. Alex grew up as DJ in NY City where he used to do what he liked alongside his career. He later realized he is more passionate about dance music and that’s when he met his manager who connected him with Drew. He resigned his job and got into the real business with Drew and they just matched properly.

When Alex Pall met Drew, they just clicked and it was obvious that they could work comfortably together. He was a talented producer while Pall knew some DJ gigs so they combined their skills and came up with same core values. He is the kind who want more, thus they work harder to have a bigger shot.

The new track, Closer, featured Halsey who Pall describes as incredible, very unique and has a great voice. If he was asked, she is the kind of person they would work with all through. The popularity of two has increased especially through social media across the world just because their music makes you feel a unique way.


To do or not to do: How Upwork shows you how to rock your to-do lists

To-do lists. it’s one of those things that everyone has but never does. You either keep all your tasks organized with one and check them off after your done, or you just stop writing and throw it away.

An article on Upwork.com, submitted by ClickUp, tells a list of tips to help you sail through your next to-do list.

Upwork.com, previously Elance-oDesk, is a freelance website where users can submit themselves to do various jobs. they offer a wide variety of jobs, from Software Development to ghostwriting.

A lot of topics said in the article are aimed at preparing your list, including getting everything written down.

you have to get everything in order to make a to-do list. If you don’t get every last detail, you might miss something.

they also mention preparing you to list in advance.

This is simple. Before you go to your big meeting to talk to your employees or go on that mission trip you paid 300 dollars for, you have to make a to-do list of things you need to do before you go. You need to do your homework.

One other tip is to define the priorities. You might need to feed the dog before you vacuum. feeding animal is more important than vacuuming the house.

Another topic they state throughout the article is about the list itself. Like, how many places do you have to be.

Some tips they say is that it’s hard to manage in different places, and might slip through the cracks, or how long it will take to do every single task.

And that brings up the next tip, time.

You have to know when you start the list when you’ll do it, and how long will it take to compete. you’ll lose track of time very easily, and be late to that important meeting.

Another tip is to re-evaluate the list.

they recommend in the article to set aside a couple of minutes at the end of the week to re-evaluate the entire list, delete useless tasks, and repeat it! make it a habit!

Another topic they talk about it about yourself, including zooming in and out.

According to the article, that means, “break up every big task into a number of smaller subtasks.”

It will give you less stress.

Another thing they mention is to know the energy level of each task. Filling out paperwork is way different than cleaning out the gutter. Each task will require a different energy level, and you will most likely get work out.

You can read the full article here: https://www.upwork.com/blog/2018/03/10-powerful-tips-sailing-list/


Ryan Seacrest Has Diverse Entrepreneurial Life

On Air with Ryan Seacrest is a nationally, syndicated radio show in Los Angeles and is now rated number 1 for morning drive-time (iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS FM, Top 40 radio show. Rayan Seacrest is the host for On Air with Ryan Seacrest and his show is one of many jobs that he holds. Mr. Seacrest is one busy man in Hollywood and other locations in the United States.

Ryan Seacrest is an entrepreneur that covers not only radio, but he spans in the television area too. Mr. Seacrest is also known for his host position for the iconic American Idol music competition televisions series on ABC. Ryan is not only a host on television, but he is also a producer that covers cable television and radio broadcast.

Ryan Seacrest entrepreneurial business involvement is not just limited to entertainment and media companies, he’s involved in philanthropic ventures too. Seacrest philanthropic endeavors have been known to have a remarkable impact on a nationwide scale and the primary focus is mainly geared toward youth oriented initiatives.

Some of Ryan’s producer efforts on television involves a morning talk show, Live with Kelly and Ryan (executive producer). In addition, he operates as a host and executive producer of New Year’s Eve (Dick Clark’s News Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, ABC). He is also is a host on the E! network show Live From The Red Carpet and his television involvement doesn’t there. Ryan Seacrest owns a production company known as Ryan Seacrest Productions (RSP). Seacrest’s production company houses successful shows such as the Shahs of Sunset, I Love Kellie Pickler, Keeping Up With The Karadashians and spinoffs, Live From The Red Carpet, Insatiable and Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.

You would think that with all the things that Ryan Seacrest is doing that he would just stick to the entertainment business, but he doesn’t just stop there. Ryan is also in the fashion industry. He started a lifestyle enterprise which includes a menswear collection by the name of Ryan Seacrest Distinction, sold exclusively at Macy. Seacrest lifestyle brand also includes a mens skincare line along with other endeavors under his business umbrella.

Glen Wakeman is working with Entrepreneurs to Establish Strong Successful

A business mentor is the most potent weapon an entrepreneur can have. This is because, for business professionals, one thing is always common; business is dynamic, and things are forever taking a new shape. With the fast-paced life coupled with the need for time to work on any existing project, it is factual that there are numerous areas of leadership in business that have been neglected. Glen Wakeman, a successful entrepreneur, and business professional has been addressing this issue for decades.


Background Data

Glen Wakeman’s career spans over two decades. He has special skills in finance and business. As such, he decided to launch LaunchPad Holdings LLC, in which he serves as the chief executive officer as well as the chairman. For Glen Wakeman, there has always been a common denominator in most startups; failure. During his years of working in different industries, he often wondered why these startups failed despite the many good ideas that were dished to the management.


Working with Entrepreneurs

Glen Wakeman discovered that the failing startups were as a result of the lack of a better business structure of guide the businesses. He, consequently, launched the company that has progressively grown into a leading startup mentor that offers a plethora of learning opportunities to masses of emerging business professionals. LaunchPad Holdings is working with entrepreneurs to empower them to structure their businesses in the easiest ways. As such, since 2015, Glen Wakeman has provided LaunchPad Holdings with some of the world’s best resources to nurture businesses. Because he loves the idea of matching business ideas with money, Glen Wakeman begins his lessons as a team player to understand the business and then formulate a plan that would make it succeed.


The Overview

Before founding LaunchPad Holdings, Glen Wakeman was a financial services provider who worked in different companies with GE Capital being the most memorable. He also worked for Nova Four where he held a leadership position and ensured that his input revolutionized the way in which the business was managed. A graduate of the Universities of Scranton and Chicago respectively, Glen Wakeman’s education played a pivotal role in the growth of his career.


Insightful Financial Advice by HCR Wealth Advisors

The stock market had relatively low volatility in 2017 as compared to other years. 2017 is reported to be one of the years that volatility was extremely low. However, investors should remain alert because stock volatility is expected throughout 2018. The challenging thing about 2018 is that the level of volatility cannot be predicted. It is not easy making predictions for pullbacks. The shift in economic policies, the state of geopolitical events, and bond yields are other concerns expected in 2018.

Investors should remain optimistic this year as they continue investing in various industries. The US economy has improved over the years in various aspects. Last year, 2017, consumer confidence reached a 17-year high. Other highs in 2017 were recorded witnessed in the indices for the manufacturing sector, ISM Services, and home sales. These are the types of improvements that make the economy strong.

It is worth noting that positive economic responses are expected in the US and other parts of the world. A recovery is evident on a global scale thus resulting in better markets than before. Recently, most central banks of different countries have become accommodative. This means that consistent economic growth is occurring in those regions. Moreover, the Federal reserve has announced its intention to raise interest rates three times in 2018 if economic growth continues.

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm launched in 1988. Throughout the years, the company offered its clients personalized investment advice and financial planning services. The company is based out of Los Angeles. This wealth management firm is dedicated to helping its clients meet their financial goals, whatever they may be. HCR Wealth Advisors builds its relationships through its values of empowerment, integrity, trust, and transparency. The mission of the company is to remain independent when helping clients make sound investment decisions.

HCR Wealth Advisors builds financial strategies that do not use proprietary products.

Know HCR Wealth Advisors’ top holdings: https://www.holdingschannel.com/13f/hcr-wealth-advisors-top-holdings/

HCR Wealth Advisors is not affiliated with this website.

ECU and Latino Victory Fund Endorse Veronica Escobar to Run for Congress

End Citizens United and Latino Victory Fund have endorsed the former judge of El Paso, Veronica Escobar in her bid to run for the Texas 16th Congressional District. Escobar, if elected into office, would become the first member from Latin America to be elected in the state of Texas as a member of Congress. The president of Latino Victory Fund, Cristobal J. Alex said that Escobar has a proven track record of leadership and has been a champion for the working American citizens in El Paso. Alex, who also hails from El Paso, said that Escobar would have the opportunity to become a powerful voice for equality and justice in El Paso since she has previously served as a county judge.

Alex also said that Veronica Escobar has committed to raise the minimum wage for thousands of workers in Texas, create employment opportunities and improve access to quality and affordable healthcare to the residents of Texas. Escobar runs for office at a critical time when the welfare and rights of Texans have been under constant attack. She has the necessary experience and grit to fight back against the Republican majority in Congress and the dangerous agendas of President Donald Trump. The President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller, noted that Veronica Escobar had built her career standing up for justice and upholding the rule of law.

Muller added that Escobar would bring that experience to the US Congress as a loud voice for the interests of millions of the working families in Texas. End Citizens United endorsed Escobar because of the belief that she can fix the broken politics in Washington and the failed policies of President Donald Trump. Veronica Escobar has also said that she will not be accepting campaign money from the super PACs. Muller added that End Citizens United was glad to have a working relationship with Veronica Escobar to clean up the broken politics in the halls of Washington and make Capitol Hill work for the benefit of all employed Texans, and not the few with most money and influence.

Veronica Escobar is a strong advocate for overturning Citizens United and its discredited philosophies of giving more and more to those with the most and hoping that prosperity trickles down to everyone else. Escobar is a strong supporter of the DISCLOSE Act which will force secret donors to reveal their financial contributions to the American political process.

To know more click: here.

Wes Edens:Experienced Financial Services Professional Builds Fortress Investment Group

Private equity investor and businessman investor Wes Edens is a 1984 graduate of Oregon State University. Edens earned a BS in finance and business administration, then was hired by the financial services company Lehman Brothers in 1987. By the time Wes Edens left the company in 1993, he had worked his way up to partner and managing director. Edens then joined Blackrock Asset Investors, the private equity division of Blackrock. He spent 4 years with the company as partner and managing director. Then in 1997, he decided to start to build his own company called Fortress Investment Group.In 1998, working with Robert Kauffman, Randall Nardone, Michael Novogratz and Peter Briger, Wes Edens started Fortress Investment Group as a private equity firm.

The Wall Street Journal described the investment style of Edens as consistently employing creative financing, contrarian bets, along with the ability to build a business from investments. In 2007, Fortress Investment Group became the first private equity firm to be traded publicly.After Fortress Investment Group sold 15% of the company to Nomura Holdings, a Japanese financial holding company, for $888 million in 2006 and in 2009 sold an 8% share for $600 million, Edens was ranked number 559 on the Forbes billionaires list with a net worth of $1.2 billion. Running the private equity business is Edens’ role at Fortress Investment Group. He recommended that Fortress should become majority owner of Springleaf Financial Services in 2010 for $124 million. By 2015 Springleaf’s value increased to $3.5 billion, 27 times what Fortress Investment Group paid for its stake in it.

In addition to Wes Eden’s work with Fortress investment Group, he is also the chairman of Nationstar Mortgage. Plus, Edens is co-owner of the National Basketball Association’s Milwaukee Bucks. The team cost $550 million and Edens promised to build the team a new arena and keep the Bucks in Wisconsin. He’s also the owner of FlyQuest, a team in the professional video gaming e-Sports League of Legends. The husband and father of 4 is also actively involved in sports in his free time. His hobbies include mountain climbing as well as horse jumping.In 2009, Edens became the co-chairman of Fortress Investment Group’s board of directors. He also helped the company navigate the subprime mortgage crisis and rebuild its value after crisis was over. Wes Edens was also Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure Investors chairman from 2015 to 2016.

Netpicks Offers Advice on Forex Markets

The Internet has allowed people who are interested in trading currencies foreign exchange markets much easier access to markets it has ever been experienced in the past. Today is possible to trade foreign currencies instantaneously from any location in the world at any time of day. While there are the possibilities for significant returns on your investments in these trades, it is important for you to get the right information before you begin to try to execute these trades on your own. There are some companies which have been made in order to help provide education to individuals who are interested in these trades. The company Netpicks has been providing trading information for individuals who are interested in trading foreign currencies since 1996 (hitechchronicle.com). They have built a reputation for excellence due to their strong encouragement of successful trading practices and customer service.

If you are interested in trading foreign currencies, there are a few things that you need to understand about the foreign exchange markets, also known as the Forex markets. One of the largest benefits that individuals who are interested in trading in the foreign exchange markets are that the markets are incredibly liquid. Each day a total amount of greater than $5 trillion worth of trading occurs. Trading in the foreign exchange market is also limited to a select number of currency pairs in comparison to the incredible array of options that are provided in the stock markets. While there are some foreign currency markets that provide unique and exotic currency pairs, typically there are only a few currency pairs available for traders.

More to read on http://www.financeswire.com/netpicks-leader-in-small-business-forex-trading/

Foreign-exchange markets also provide leverage trading. Leverage trading is a method that allows traders to use a small amount of capital in comparison to the total investment volume. This can help with the margin of an account. If you are interested in opening a margin account, you must look for a broker that offers these options such as Netpicks.

Netpicks states that for the trader who is interested in the foreign exchange market they must first determine the amount of risk that they are willing to take in their trades.

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