Anthony Petrello Compensates Employees For Help With Hurricane Cleanup

Houston and much of the south coast of Texas and into Arkansas suffered one of the most devastating blows when hurricane Harvey ravaged the coast this last fall, and cleaning up the area is an effort that is ongoing, but people from all over have pitched in to help. One of the world’s largest oil drilling contractors Nabors Industries also pitched in to help, and its Chairman Tony Petrello decided to compensate all employees who helped out with the cleanup. Not only did this compensation entail physical on-the-ground cleanup, but it also included those who helped make hot meals and offer other supplies to victims.

Tony Petrello has successfully led Nabors Industries in his current role since 2011 when he took over as CEO. Nabors Industries has patented numerous land-based and offshore drilling developments including horizontal well rigs, modular series, and other software and data analytics systems under the company leadership. Petrello has used his experience in corporate law to protect company assets closely, and he also leveraged the company’s offshore account management to bring in a new compensation deal in 2013 putting him at $68.7 million for that year making him the highest-paid boss in America. HE did not repeat this in 2014 or in any year since.

Tony Petrello doesn’t have a lot written about his background before getting into law, but he attended Yale University where an old roommate of his mentioned his math acumen and also said that he studied under Serge Lange, a professor who made many discoveries in algebraic math. After completing undergraduate and grad school at Yale, Petrello went to law school and received his JD at Harvard University. His law resume was primarily put together at Baker & McKenzie where he was an advisor to many corporations and helped executives with tax laws and securities compliance. He joined Nabors Industries after 13 years at the firm.

Anthony Petrello married former soap opera actress Cynthia Carrafa and has been the proud father of a young daughter named Carena. Carena has cerebral palsy which has affected the basic functions of her life, and the Petrellos invested much of their personal time consulting with the top medical doctors in an effort to help her. They decided to join the Texas Children’s Hospital and met Dan and Jan Duncan who helped start a neurological research center there, and to date the Petrellos have been involved with fundraisers there to help bring in new research equipment in hopes of finding a cure. Petrello has given $7 million of his own funds to the institute.


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