An EOS Lip Balm Review

Most people need to protect their lips from the heat and sun in the summer. Using a lip balm is the way most women will do this. Lip balms were created to not only provide this protection but to offer a slight hint of color and shine to the lips. EOS Lip Balm is noted as being one of the best of these out on the market. When the lip balm was reviewed, most people said it gave the best protection and lasted on the lips for a very long time ( Other companies lip balms did not provide nearly as much protection.

EOS Lip Balm is packaged in attractive little round balls as opposed to the normal tubes that are found in other brands. They come in a wide variety of colors and all of them have different flavors. The review found that the moisturizing effects from this lip balm was much better than others. It is made with several oils, including Jojoba oil, which has been proven to be a natural moisturizer. Most reviews for this product have been positive in that it delivers exactly what it states it will. There is also a line of this lip balm that includes SPF materials to protect you from the hot sun.

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