Jim Toner Shares His Wealth and Success

Jim Toner is truly an inspiring man. Throughout the years he has helped countless people invest in real estate through many time tested and proven systems. The complexity of real estate has baffled many. However, Jim Toner recreated a system for individuals to understand it in an easily digestible manner.

Jim Toner spent his career wearing several different hats. He has had a successful radio show where he discusses business topics and provides helpful information for people seeking to improve their wealth status. Jim Toner is a successful real estate investor and spends his time learning investment tips and strategies for himself and others. Jim Toner also delivers powerful speech presentations so individuals can be inspired to live out their wildest dreams. Often times people who do not have someone in their corner to motivate and encourage the success that is buried deep within them. However, Jim as a speaker and motivator has been able to consult individuals to take their current state of life to another level.

Many people spend thousands to tens of thousands of dollars to come see his speaking engagements and real estate investment programs. People also are willing that travel great distances over the entire country just for an opportunity to see the very in demand presentations that Jim Toner so expertly put together. Jim has the capability to speak to so many people because he has invested in real estate not just in the United States, but across the entire world.

With his ability to have purchased millions of dollars worth of property this man has also become an extremely generous philantropist. One of the many ways Jim Toner shares his wealth with the world is through Caring House Project Foundation. Jim Toner also through this foundation has supplied countries all over the world such as Haiti with shelters and homes able to care for entire villages or family. Improvements to their own communities through housing and community structures, water filters, solar lighting, and generous provision from donations of animals and trees, these countries are now able to self sustain.

Jim toner is also an influential author. He has written several books but one of his most noted pieces of work is the Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate. How to Profit in Today’s Market using history’s greatest wealth builder. Using this book Jim Toner reveals the secrets that have helped many accumulate wealth and financial freedom through real estate investing. Most notably he also shares real life scenarios of stories that have actually occurred in individuals lives and how using Jim’s system

, financial freedom is truly achievable. Jim Toner is revealing truth that many need and helping People change their lives for the better.

Jordan Lindsey An Entrepreneur

Jordan Lindsey and Forex are interlinked. This is because he says that losing at Forex does not make you or anyone a loser. He says that Forex trading should be viewed as a business, not as a contest. With this in mind, your goal should be to make money, which can be done even if you lose some trades. Jordan Lindsey states you can make sure that your losses will be maintained at half the size of your wins. That way, as a trader, you can at least break even. Jordan Lindsey who is the founder of JCL Capital says that forex traders need to have a plan that will work for them and make them money. You can keep your losses to a minimum if you are able to contain them. Do this by making your wins as huge as possible and your losses to a minimum.

Just who is Jordan Lindsey. He grew up in New York. As a NewYorker, he fell in love with sports. His two favorite ones were tennis and ice hockey . He played them and loved to compete in these sports. He recently shared that at a young age he knew that he wanted to create something…. something that would change the world. He pursued his studies at Mount Angel Seminary and also at St. Joseph’s college. Even though he lived in New York, he also has resided abroad in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Jordan Lindsey is the Founder of the JCL Capital company. He has worn many hats. He is a veteran algo trader, an experienced founder in financial services and also in the technology industry. Jordan Lindsey is not only the founder of JCL Capital but he is a husband and a dad. He now is also a family man and has three beautiful daughters whom he loves dearly. Now , even though he still possesses his entrepreneurial spirit, his family is his highest priority.


Stansberry Research: Leading Client’s to a Successful Future

Stansberry Research is a financial information and research publishing company that is subscription based for interested clients. Using two simple principles, this company is leading its subscribed customers onto a successful investing and resourcing path. Stansberry Research’s professionals strive to provide their customers with the same truths and information that they would want to receive should they be on the opposite sides of the subscription. They also take careful consideration into what information and research analysts are actually published for the client’s to read and follow.

Using a multitude of different expert analysts options and strategies gives Stansberry Research a unique advantage in the research and investment market. Although the company uses such a wide array of opinion and recommendations, they are still unified in the idea that they want true success and more opportunities for their subscribing clients. Stansberry Research also shows a committed drive to create long term satisfaction with its clients, other businesses and even its own employees. With this dedication to satisfaction, the company is able to consistently bring about profitable gain for themselves and in turn their lifetime subscribing clients.

In their publications, information could be anything from the rise of the stock market values all the way to the mass amounts of debts acquired by Americans during the holiday seasons. Trends are researched by the expert analysts and then put together in a published form online for reader’s to digest. Showing the amount of debt that was accrued over the holidays, can give the subscribing client, or just an interested reader, an idea of strategies to use to not accrue their own personal debt. It also gives a view into the mass amounts of debt that Americans hold as a country and can lend a suggestive idea towards how much longer it could be before we see a “credit crash” as a country. Using one author’s terms (http://dailywealth.co/reclusive.html). The “bubble”, or credit, can only grow so big before it pops. With information already researched and compared for the client’s, this gives them a futuristic idea of where they as individuals, and also as a country, stand.

Netpicks – Forex Investing

Investing is something that people take their time on and make sure they are investing their hard-earned money into something that is going to be worth their time and provide a pay-off. There are many different types of investing also, one of those being Forex. Currently the forex market is what is known as extremely liquid and is producing a volume of trades that amount to about $5.2 trillion a day (financeswire.com).

One pitfall of Forex versus the stock market is that there are few options available to be able to trade, most frequent trade pairs conducted is currency pairs. Forex provides trade exchange on exotic currency pairs. However, the risk often outweighs the potential financial gain, making established currency pairs more appealing to traders.

Forex traders are permitted to leverage their trades, making it easier for traders and a little more risk for the broker and/or investor. Nevertheless, traders value using Forex because of the high liquidity on volatile price movements. Prices that change quickly provide a variety of financial opportunities.

When trading with Forex, advise is provided to ensure individual success and uses several common terms such PIP or Pip, bid price, ask price, and spread. When making an account with Forex, Forex will first advise traders, then selected pairs are bought, then sold when they become weak. Then, a place a buy or sell order is completed. Once these steps are completed the trader follows all the same steps in reverse order when it is time to sell currency pairs.

Learn more on https://www.dailyforexreport.com/netpicks-top-4-green-etf-selections-socially-responsible-investment/

NetPicks is an online trading strategy company that was started over. There are many different names that Forex is known by including FX trading, Foreign exchange trading, or currency trading, check netpicks.com.  However, Forex is a type of trading that allows for traders to be able to trade currency pairs in a decentralized market. When trading with Forex exchanges are made on an over-the-counter financial exchange bases in major cities around the world such as Paris, London, Tokyo, Sydney, and New York.

As far as online trading strategy companies are concerned, NetPicks provides its traders with charts and a live signal service, plus much more. An online market opens a whole new world to people when it comes to investing and e-commerce. Forex provides the ability to trade 24 hours a day as it is online and worldwide.

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Randal Nardone at Fortress Investment Group

Randal Nardone is one of the principals at Fortress Investment Group which was founded in the year 1998. He specializes in the legal affairs and financial services of the company. He is a JD graduate of Boston University school of Law; he also holds a bachelor’s degree in arts English and biology from the University of Connecticut. He served in different positions in the financial industry, with almost twenty years of experience. Randal Nardone worked as a managing director at UBS for a year and was one of the principals at BlackRock investment company where he served with his current colleague Peter Briger. He later became one of the partners at Thacher Fitt and wood company. At Fortress he has served in different positions. He is the president of Springleaf financial holdings a subsidiary company to Fortress, the Secretary of Newcastle investment holdings and a principal at Fortress Investment fund.

This came with his service as the Chief executive officer, principal and chief operating officer at Fortress Investment Group where he has been a director in its board since 2006.moreover he is the Secretary and portfolio manager at Ric investment fund. Randal Nardone was appointed as the interim CEO at the exit of Dan Mudd in the year 2011 to 2013 when he became its CEO to date. He is a director at Fortress Credit Corporation, at Eurocastle investment group since 2007 at Alea Group holdings Bermuda company from 2008 to date as well as Florida East Coast Holdings Corp. Randal Nardone has been part and parcel of Fortress success story. He has made the company a great option for investors and has managed to overcome the competitors and the challenges faced by the industry. Together with fellow principals that is Wesley Edens, Peter Briger and other two they graced Forbes magazine 2008 edition as world billionaires at position 557.

Among them, he was worth almost two billion dollars at 1.8 with over five billion-dollar assets under their management.Randal Nardone has kept the company going even with its acquisition by Softbank, a Japanese company. The deal was worth three billion dollars which were to be shared by the three executives of the company. Fortress Investment Group would still be able to operate independently with the three executives still performing their usual roles as in the signed contract. Randal Nardone said that they feel the company will be in good hands of the company’s president Masayoshi Son. Randal Nardone team is a great one and thus the need to keep them. The merger is set to benefit both companies because Softbank company are starting their own asset management company because it was an internet provider company before. The move was also supported by all the principals meaning there would be no chaos with the new management. The acquisition also expanded Softbank’s operations to a larger area. The fact that Softbank is a broad company means that Fortress will enjoy the fast internet, advanced telecommunication and clean energy with Randal Nardone still the head of Fortress.

HCR Wealth Advisors Helps Build a Framework for Better Retirement

HCR Wealth Advisors has the experience to help people manage their investments and plan for their retirement. The firm understands that the sandwich generation can be in a tight spot when it comes to finding money to save for retirement.

It really does not have to be this way. People that are saving for retirement do not have to find themselves in situations where they are working far beyond what they expected. The thing that HCR Wealth Advisors can do is provide a roadmap for the goals that you have in your head. There are lots of people that have a plan about retiring in their mind, but they never factor in taking care of their parents while they are trying to save for retirement themselves.

They never think about what their children may need as they are also trying to take care of the needs of others. This is where people can fail because they may have started late in life and they may not have saved what they need to save. What @HCRwealth can do is help those people that did not plan in their twenties. They are independent advisors that can present a variety options to help grow your investments and returns. You do not have to do it alone because there is someone that is willing to help you manage your wealth if you are willing to take the necessary steps to do this.

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Lawrence Bender and the Unfortunate Cinematic Circumstances of Killing Zoe

Zed, played by Eric Stoltz, was supposed to have a very easy trip to Paris. The safecracker intended to take part in an easy bank robbery. Zed’s problem was assuming a bank robbery could go along without a hitch. A complete disaster ensues when the police surround the bank trapping Zed and the robbery crew along with a total psychopath of a ringleader by the name of Eric. Compounding matters for Zed would be the presence of a teller named Zoe who happens to be a prostitute he met the night before.

Killing Zoe allows screenwriter and director Roger Avary and executive producer Lawrence Bender to once again visit the underworld. Things are never pretty in the violent realm the creative team produces, and they aren’t very forgettable either. The writing, directing, and acting help set this from apart from B-grade action fare. Bender’s production skills shouldn’t be overlooked though. The budget on this film hardly reaches the mega-millions. Yet, the feature looks visually impressive and evocative of classic crime dramas from the 1970s.

In terms of violence levels, Killing Zoe exceeds the excesses of Lawrence Bender’s other crime films Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. Neither of those films shied away from explicit violence and shootouts. Killing Zoe take things to another level, but does not wallow in gratuitous gore capable of devolving the film into worthless exploitation.

The connection to previous films does go beyond the violence. With Reservoir Dogs, the central focus of the film dealt with the aftermath of a robbery gone bad. The audience never actually sees the failed robbery creating a unique narrative structural twist. In Killing Zoe, the events of the failed robbery take center stage. In a bit of cinematic irony, Lawrence Bender produced a film that provided fans of Reservoir Dogs with insight into how the botched robbery might have played out. Killing Zoe may be a sort of missing chapter from that film.

Lawrence Bender didn’t achieve his greatest hit with Killing Zoe, but the film went on to become a favorite among action and crime cinema fans. The film’s following grows.


Netpicks Company leader in online trading ventures

Netpicks recently says that trading in currency pairs allows forex traders to invest in the price movements of various currencies. Forex trading is hugely based on speculation as to whether the price of the currencies will go up or down. Forex trading is also known as foreign exchange trading offers investors the chance to trade currency pairs in a market that is wholly decentralize (financeswire.com). In various major cities like London, Paris, Sydney, New York, and Tokyo investors usually trade using over-the-counter electric financial exchanges.

To be able to trade effectively, Netpicks offers traders the aid of using live signal data, charts and other visual media. Since forex market remains open 24 hours each day; it means that traders can trade at any given time on any forex market across the world. For instance, if the forex market in Sydney closes, once can access Tokyo’s foreign exchange market and still continue to trade.

Other avenues that traders can use to trade include spot trading, future markets, and forward markets. Most forex traders prefer spot trading since it is fast. Those who prefer to hedge their risks will mostly go for future and forward type of markets. Some of the characteristics of forex market include; being extremely liquid, limited alternatives when it comes to trading by the traders and high liquidity advantage by the retail traders.

Netpicks usually advises traders that before they proceed to make any kind of trade, they should determine all the risk factors surrounding their preferred currency pair. The company further advises new traders to carefully study the forex market and how it works to avoid making costly mistakes. Traders need to be aware of several issues including emerging political news, monetary and fiscal policies in various countries and other economic factors. Having the knowledge of these issues will help new and current forex traders to make sound trading decisions.

Netpicks is a trading company that was established in 1996. It made great in-roads as it was the company many potential investors went to when they wanted to invest in online trading. More on analystoffinance.com.  It is located in Irving, Texas and is currently headed by Mark Soberman.


Jennifer Walden America’s High Profile Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jenifer Walden is a registered plastic surgeon whose high profile life is known well in the medical and plastic surgeon profession. Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Curriculum Vitae comes with all the bells and whistles someone would expect from a high profile doctor, but what sets Dr. Jennifer Walden apart from any resident certified plastic surgeon is her exposure in the new media. She is the founder of clinics which assist in cosmetic and other enhancing procedures. As a woman of remarkable skill in the field of plastic surgery, many women come to her for advice and counsel. Dr. Walden has a well-trained medical staff of sixteen women who help Dr. Walden extend her services to the many women who daily to her clinic.

One of the major influences for Dr. Jennifer Walden has been Sheryl Sandberg and her published ideas on Women and leadership, especially her book: “Lean In Women, Work and the Will to Lead.” Dr. Walden has a strong commitment to using the latest technology which can help her clients receive the best and latest ground-breaking treatments, which lead to their goals and dreams. Dr. Walden was one of the first certified plastic surgeons to use 3D technology while enhancing patients ability to visualize their augmentation surgeries. Also, Dr. Walden was a trailblazer is the use of the latest technology for use in plastic surgery. 3D imaging technology is used to enables patients to visualize their appearance after augmentation surgeries. She is also among the first to use of radiofrequency in plastic surgery. Dr. Walden uses the most advanced technology in her clinics since she believes it can significantly assist in the precision of applying advanced medical techniques.

Dr. Jennifer Walden has many public interests, and her expertise as a plastic surgeon is sought out by major companies such as Sciton and Thermi Aesthetics. Besides her duties to her profession, Dr. Walden makes her voice heard thru regular invitation to lecture at medical conferences and workshops. She was recently named runner-up as Austin’s Woman of the Year, which is a campaign run by the Austin Leukemia Society. She has strong ties to blood cancer research. She supports the prevention of abused children thru her charitable work with the Guardian Angel Society, which is part of the Austin Center for Child Protection. Dr. Walden spends some of her time serving philanthropic causes in Austin.


Equities First Holdings is a a company known for giving their customers alternative financing solutions. The company uses the shares and stocks of the customers to secure their loans. Equities First Holdings was founded by AL Christy in 2002 in Indianapolis Indiana. Equities uses a unique system where it evaluates shares to determine the potential for growth and the risk factors involved to calculate how much loan they will grant the customer.

Equities has Offices located in different countries, some of the countries are United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia.

The Australian company has been responsible for several successful transactions. recently it granted a research and development facility to a company based in Australia. The name of the comoany is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. The loan was for 30 million Dollars given for the purpose of developing major projects in India.

The company has offered similar facilities to several other customers in other countries.

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