Graham Edwards Makes His Mark In UK Property Development

Graham Edwards has been turning heads and gaining influence for several years thanks to his skills in business. He has been at the head of Telereal Trillium Ltd located in London, England since its beginning in 2001. Telereal Trillium is a commercial property management and investment company with several years in the business. They also have managed over 6,000 commercial properties (Relationshipscience).

Graham Edwards graduated from Cambridge University with a degree in economics. His degree from this prestigious university in economics was vital to his career and prepared him for his field. One of the numerous commercial properties that Telereal Trillium manages is the Department for Work and Pensions. He has proven how skilled he is managing the assets of large companies and organizations.

Professionals all throughout England are invited to join boards and committees only with a proven track record for success. Graham has more than earned his place on these boards and is a member of the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He also holds the title of a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Professionals. He is well versed in acquisitions and investments and has displayed much of his knowledge in 2004. He was able to successor lead negotiations in an acquisition with Land Securities Group Plc. His role in the negotiations generated a huge pay day for Telereal Trillium.

Although Graham Edwards has already obtained a degree in economics, his love of education inspired him to pursue a master’s degree in International Relations. This major will allow him to pursue the field of foreign affairs with a specific focus on the Middle East. This degree will come from the prestigious King’s College London. His re-enrollment in school is inspirational to those who also want to further their education.

In addition to his major victories in the world of commercial property management and investments, Graham is involved in philanthropic activities. His profile is online for those who wish to study his success and educational background. All those interested in joining the management industry should take a look at Telereal Trillium’s website for more information.


High Hopes for Telereal with Graham Edwards, Here’s Why

There are many people in the property management field, yet no one knows the industry better than Graham Edwards. He has made a name for himself as the man to go to when you want a knowledgeable handler of your assets. He has been the chief executive officer of Telereal Trillium Ltd in London, England since 2001. The company has acquired much success thanks to his involvement and things just keep getting better for the company (

Graham formerly worked for many companies around England, earning him popularity and respect. He received a degree in economics from the prestigious Cambridge University and went on to a well known asset management company in England. It made perfect sense for him to join the team at Telereal as he’s had experience managing large companies such as the Department for Work and Pensions.

There are many business boards and committees in England and Graham has a place on many of them. He is a member of the Association of Corporate Treasurers, as well as the UK Society of Investment Professionals. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales is lucky to have him. Graham is also a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and has influential connections.

Graham has utilized his skills and knowledge to acquire Telereal Trillium from Land Securities Group Plc in 2004. With his know how, the company was about to generate an average of £1 billion per year in revenue. It is this very same expertise that earned Graham a seat on many boards throughout his career.


Other Interests of Graham Edwards

Graham has many other interests including water, engineering and real estate. He likes to stay in the know and obtained a master’s degree in International Relations. This degree from King’s College London will ensure his knowledge of affairs in the Middle East.

In his spare time, Graham also does philanthropic work to better the world. Graham Edwards is definitely the man to watch for those looking to enter the property management and investing field. Check out Telereal’s website for more information about the man behind the company.


Review of EOS Vegan Lip Balm

EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, has just come out with its newest flavors geared specifically for their vegan customers. The new clear vegan crystal lip balms have caught on. The EOS brand is well-known for their orb-shaped lip balms, and the shape is not going away. Instead, the little orbs will be filled with their new vegan flavors. In fact, the new orbs are completely see through so you can see all the fun colors of the lip balms. The orbs are not only vegan, but they are also organic and animal byproduct-free.

EOS lip balms have always been pretty much vegan besides that fact that they contained beeswax. EOS has removed the beeswax, and they have actually sold out of their vegan crystal lip balm orbs due to the high demand for the new and innovative product. A large factor that they sold out was the incredible price of $5.49 for a package (

EOS has proven that although there may be a dominant company in a market if your product is innovative and good, it will sell. EOS has wedged into a market dominated by other major players such as Chapstick and continues to grow in popularity. EOS has introduced an entirely new way to nourish your lips, and at just $3 for their initial orb flavors they have been hard to compete with.

EOS lip balms are different not only because of its shape but because they have worked hard to create a lip balm that is vegan and organic. They offer great lip balms that nourish your lips and they come in many fun flavors to makes a mundane task exciting and fun.  Read reviews, check

EOS lip balms will nourish your lips with natural ingredients such as shea, natural oils, hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested, and are paraben and petrolatum free.


Perry Mandera Knows the Meaning of Giving Back to the Community

Perry Mandera a former Marine created the Custom Companies to help with his life long commitment to charitable giving. His company employs many people in the state of Illinois. After high school he joined the Marines Corp Reserves. There he worked as a truck driver learning about the transportation industry.

He later worked for several companies in the transportation industry gaining valuable experience. During this time he started his own business and eventually sold it. He 1984 he served in the 26th Ward of Chicago as Republican Ward Committeeman. He was the youngest person to be elected to this public office.

In 1986, he started a transportation company that serves many businesses and the community. The company is headquartered in Northlake, Illinois and has several offices in the US. It offers many different transportation services. They are airfreight forwarding services, truckload services, and logistic services. The company has a large warehouse and distribution center.

His charitable giving over the years has been to organizations that serve children and those in the military. Another cause Perry is committed to is the fight against cancer. He serves on the board of directors for two organizations. They are the Walter and Connie Payton Foundation and Jesse White Tumblers.

Over the years he has provided transportation to many needy children in Chicago and the surrounding regions. He has donated to victims of disasters and provided transportation services and supplies to families. Some of these storm victims were from Hurricane Katrina and a tornado that hit Washington, Illinois in 2013 (Chicago.cbslocal).

Currently he is providing transportation to those affected by California wildfires. He created Custom Cares Charities to help give back to the community through his other company. Perry Mandera has focused on serving youth in need in Chicago. He donates money to families during the holidays and donates to Illinois youth sports teams.

His charitable organizations helps veterans in need too. Perry is active in the community taking time to coach many youth sport teams and manage boxing competitions. He will continue to serve his community through his company Custom Companies and charitable organization Custom Cares Charities.


Giving Back to the Community – Perry Mandera

Giving back is among the foremost vital and valuable things an entrepreneur can do, and that’s just what Perry Mandera, founder of The Custom Companies does. As a transportation business executive with over thirty years of expertise, Perry Mandera has been leading a life focused around giving back to his community (

Mandera’s commitment to serving his community is something seen from the very begining of his adult life. As a young adult freshly graduated from high-school in 1975, Mandera honorably decided to take an early step toward a lifetime of service by signing up for the US Marine Corps Reserves. Since then, he has helped contribute to the fight against cancer, centered his charitable efforts over the years toward organizations that benefit kids, and has improved how the Chicago-area cops have dealt with underage alcohol and drug possession, impaired driving, domestic violence, and juvenile sex offenders together with his support (Gazetteday).

From this, in 2010 he was awarded a Bishop Sheil Award, and in 2011, he was awarded a Citizen of the Year Award. Currently, Mandera serves on the board of directors of both The Jess White Tumblers and the Walter & Connie Payton Foundation, having helped to supply over 65 hundred winter coats and transportation to children in need in Chicago. The Illinois Transportation Association had Mandera in its “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium” list in 2000.

With Mandera’s history of charity and public services, it’s probably expected that there have additionally been different contributions made on behalf of his company ranging from youth charities and academic organizations, to contributions to cancer research facilities, cancer prevention initiatives and veteran benefits programs, along with his company striving to hire veterans. Today, he additionally is a member of the ITA while maintaining an energetic life as coach of children’s baseball, basketball and soccer.


Review of Vegan lip balm by EOS

I have been a fan of EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) for years. The first time I picked up one of those round little orbs, applied it to my lips, it was love. The feel, the scent, the flavor, I haven’t used anything since. This is why I’m so glad EOS keeps creating new flavors and selections giving me endless options (

EOS has always been known for the quality ingredients in their lip balms. The balms are petrolatum and paraben free, dermatologist tested, and hypoallergenic. They are infused with vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil, this creamy combination leaves my lips so soft. And oh the flavors!

Now EOS has come out with another wonderful option in their lip balm line. Vegan, yes vegan. The Chrystal lip balm line has a blend of Shea, coconut, avocado, and other natural oils and no wax. This combination creates a wonderful weightless hydration. It currently comes in two irresistible flavors, Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. I can’t recommend one over the other because I love them both.

If you haven’t tried EOS lip balms, now is the time. In addition to their newest vegan line they have Shimmer Balms with a hint of color, the Visibly Soft line for deep hydration, Medicated balm and a full organic line of balms. They even have a line created specially for our outdoor time. The Active lip balm has an SPF 15 for protection from the sun and is sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes. And it comes in two fun summer flavors, lemon twist and pink grapefruit.

EOS has the best lip balms with the most wonderful options and flavors. The natural ingredients make me feel good using it. That’s why EOS lip balm has been called “the lip balm that makes you smile for a good reason”. Read reviews on

Tis the Season for new EOS Lip Balm Flavors

Pumpkin spice is one of those flavors that the vast majority of people just can’t seem to get enough of, no matter what season it may be. You can catch pumpkin spice flavoring in literally everything from coffee to cereal and literally everything inbetween. Now, it seems that you can enjoy that flavor in a more lasting form. EOS, the popular lip balm company, has come out with a pumpkin spice flavor which is sure to be a hit.

The EOS pumpkin spice lip balm makes your whole mouth taste and smells like those autumn months. The lip balm contains conditioning oil which means that lips stay smooth, pending you don’t lick off all of the pumpkin spice goodness. The pumpkin spice flavoring is limited edition so if you’re a fan, now is the time to get one.

EOS offers a variety of other different flavors all year round. The popular egg-shaped lip balm offers popular varieties such as honey apple, blackberry nectar, vanilla mint, peppermint mocha, and more. You can catch EOS in your basic lip balm form. They also offer medicated lip balm, organic, and a kind that shimmers! EOS has grown in popularity over recent time.  Check reviews on   Partly due to their exciting flavors but also due to the fact that their shape is like nothing that’s been seen before.

Many consider the egg shape more sanitary. Instead of wiping your mouth on the product, you have the option of applying with your finger. This cuts back on germs, especially if someone asks to borrow your chapstick. EOS also offers the stick form if that’s what you fancy (   EOS is also made with only be best ingredients including cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, and Vitamin E.

EOS helps lips to feel soft and hydrated. For those who suffer from chapped lips, EOS also can relieve the pain and helps to heal them (

Equities First Holdings Australia Offices

Equities First Holdings has offices in Australia, and they are using these offices to help people because they can get something out of those offices that is very needed. There are some people who will go into these offices because they want to have someone who will sit down with them and help them with their accounts. They can get much better service because of this, and they can get them a loan that will be the right thing. The best part of this is that Australia can get the Equities First Holdings team in their area. This company has spread around the world, and they are owrking very hard to make all their customers happy. This makes it very easy for people to get what they need, and they will notice how much easier it to sign up for their loans and get something that is easier to use.

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Getting All Of Your Energy From One Source, Stream Energy

Energy is an economic, political and financial issue in your daily life. At no point in your energy use should you overlook the details. The consumption of energy is an important matter. The issues of power begin with how you use it. Some only need energy for their lights at night or for the operation of their stove tops.

Energy comes in different forms, but this shouldn’t inspire you to find multiple suppliers for your needs. Your best use of energy comes when you can narrow your options down and then use one source to supply your power. This consolidation is an option you have that gets better control on price and value.

There’s a lot to consume in energy.


Consolidate And Make Life Easier

You make life easier by bringing together the right elements and services for energy. To bring these elements together, we start by considering how advances in technology are enabling more to be done with energy. We start with a combination of gas and electricity to describe the options available with modern achievement.

The next place we look is Stream Energy.

Stream Energy’s innovation brings expanding energy and how the world is using it. The core objective of the firm is to gather the advances made with energy and technology. Both combine to create a power option you haven’t thought of. It consists of the energy you use today but under one bill or plan.


The Brilliance Behind One Energy Plan

Stream Energy brings the collective work of the digital society to one manageable bill every month. The options enable mobile services for your handheld devices and other communication technology. The television channels you seek can also come from the same Stream Energy. The selections under its umbrella lets you fully live.

Society’s advances take time to adjust to. The work of Stream Energy makes consolidating a technical society easier for all ages or occupations. The movement of technology is a promise, and no one can predict when it will stop. What you can do is better connect to its energy source and without many bills to worry about.


How Stream Energy Uses Renewable Energy To Help You

It seems that many people are concerned about how they consume energy and the price of the all the consumption of the energy that they consume. As resources such as coal and oil become less popular and less available more and more people are switching over to green energy and so many companies around the country that believe in a green future for the country and in the world. Many consumers avoid paying the energy bill and how it exactly they can pay for their energy bill because of hiding increases in energy costs. One of the best things a consumer can do is make sure that they are receiving their energy from Stream Energy that provides grades office for a great price. One of the best companies out there is called Stream energy. This company focuses on providing easy to use and cheap resources for energy such as natural gas solar power and other things so that they can provide a great service and be able to quickly and easily give them the energy that they need to feel safe and good into homes. They understand that oil is going out and green energies coming in so that is why they are making many investments in the green energy space so that we all have a good energy future.


Stream Energy, Making Life Easier

One of the best things about Stream Energy is that they make it very easy to monitor how you are gaining your energy and what the price will be. They make it very easy for every consumer to go to the website or application and easily see what energy they are consuming and how much it will cost. Stream Energy is making a lot of investments in green energy so that they can have a secure energy source for the future and that the planet will make More energy available to us to use an so that we feel safe and secure in our homes.

The energy industry is quickly changing in a company like Stream Energy s quickly making an investment into the future and into green energy so that they can provide a stable source of energy for the customers.