Susan McGalla, a Successful Businesswoman

Executive leadership positions have been dominated by the male gender for a long period of time. However, it has been proven that companies that honors gender diversity with a certain percent performs better than those that don’t.

To achieve her executive position, Susan McGalla worked for it without having to obtain any favor from anybody. Having being brought up in a family of two brothers and a football coach daddy, she was able to learn the value of working for what she wanted. She carried the value to her working environment and became American Eagles Outfitters’ president before leaving the company.

She then became the founder of P3 Executive Consulting and she currently serves as the vice president for Pittsburgh Steelers in Creative Development and Business Strategy. She steered the company’s campaign to attract more fans in purchasing steel gear through a campaign called ‘wear what we wear’.

The initiative by women networks have worked hard over years to give support to women leaders and prove that women can be able to work in executive positions. However, the initiative has not been successful as it fails to address the real issue of numbers which are much fewer compared to that of the male gender.

From her success, women are encouraged to be more aggressive in their work since opportunities are available to them. Sponsorship programs can be used to help empower women through investing on those that are in these executive roles. This way, gender diversity will be improved and better company performance will be experienced.

Susan McGalla received her BA studies from Mount Union College. From there, she started her career as a marketer with the Joseph Horne Company before leaving for the American Eagle Outfitters. In her career life, Susan has faced many challenges including an immediate termination after reporting a continuous decrease in sales at Wet Seal Inc. where she served as the CEO.

She has attended many meetings as a speaker to encourage women and teach them on strategies of becoming successful leaders. She advises them that failure should not be a hindrance to take the next step but rather should serve as a lesson for the next move.

Contributions of Class Dojo to the Education Sector

Many schools in the United States have adopted the use of technology to fuel their education process as well make the learning process of children much more manageable. Technological entrepreneurs have now come out in large to venture into the investment, with Edtech investments emerging one of the most influential ones in the market. Edtech looks forward to reaching a pace of around 1.4 billion dollars by the end of 2017 and aims at influencing more schools to adopt the use of their apps for fast and easy learning.

Though many investors including Nearpod and much more have come out in large, to offer services to schools, a significant number of them have not succeeded due to ignorance. Most investors fail to pay attention to teachers and interrogate them on the type of model that they find suitable for their students. Teachers believe that an excellent technological learning app must not be made in such a way that it focuses on pleasing the students, but instead, be molded so that it may make learning easy for them and also solve problems for them to understand much faster.

Many learning apps have been outdone by ClassDojo due to the high leadership and management skills exercised by its founder Sam Chaudhary. Contrary to Edtech and other apps that fail to listen to teachers and instead design apps that they believe will be fun to students, the renowned founder, and entrepreneur of ClassDojo has since the launch and establishment of ClaassDojo paid attention to teachers and also sought their opinions concerning the type of app they want for their students.

With the vast information gathered from a large number of teachers across the United States, Sam has successfully molded a unique and very compelling learning app for students, which has been used by many teachers and adapted in a wide range of schools across the broader parts of the country. ClassDojo has emerged to be one of the best learning apps, and it has seen students improve their mastery skills due to the fun they have while using the app. Besides, ClassDojo has also brought teachers, students and parents together through which they can solve problems much faster and easier.

Whitney Wolfe Herd Plans The Next Phase For Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is now the CEO of the most successful dating app on the market today. She has already proven that she understands how to build a brand and what consumers want with Bumble. However, she isn’t stopping and she wants to do so much more in the future for her brand. She wants Bumble to takeover social media and she even has plans for the business world. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has taken a look at the life of Wolfe. She made it clear from a young age she wanted to do everything she could as a leader and businesswoman. Now, she’s in a position to let it happen.

The Bumble BFF app is the latest craze for the company with a new focus on social media. Essentially, Bumble BFF takes the interface of a dating app and applies it to social media by letting users swipe to find new friends. The app is seriously changing the way people think about finding friends by giving them a new dynamic. You can now find your friends by looking at what activities they’re into and how they dress. It’s making the friend making process much faster.

As a married woman, Whitney Wolfe Herd is moving beyond the dating world. She wants to do something that reflects her new self and women like her. Bumble is moving on with her into the business world with an app designed to give people a chance to make business contacts. This move is welcoming an entirely new era for social media apps in general. An entire generation has grown up with social media and everything it offers to the world. Wolfe is giving them a way to do business that properly reflects who they and what they represent. She is spearheading modern social trends.

You will probably never find a female CEO with the same level of* success in such a short period as Whitney Wolfe Herd. She managed to find a way to combine both her political goals and her business ambitions to build one of the most amazing over night success stories of our time. Bumble has taken over one market and it plans to take out the others. While many have attempted to copy this success, it’s clear she has something unique going for her that can’t be repeated. She’s created a company with the potential to stay around for the long haul and to know more


Rodrigo Terpins; The Sertões Rally Wizard

It is always difficult to determine whether its sportsmanship or adrenaline chasing that keeps rally drivers going. There is strong evidence however that it’s a mixture of the two that makes a great rally drivers like Rodrigo Terpins. Rodrigo is a family member of great Brazilian sportsmen that includes his father Jack Terpins who is an accomplished basket baller and President of the South American Confederation and his brother Michel Terpins who like Rodrigo is a decorated rally driver. Growing up in a family full of sports achievers is without doubt bound to inspire somebody into focusing on great heights.

For a man who passionately began to pursue his ambition at a young age like Rodrigo, success is a must get by the time he’s 40 years old. And to say that Rodrigo Terpins hasn’t had his fairs share of success in the field is attempting not to give credit where it is well reserved. Rodrigo is a member of the Tea Bull Sertoes Rally Team, a team that he and his brother formed when he made his is debut in the T1 category. He and his team uses the T-Rex car that has enhanced performance features specifically developed for the team to handle all types of terrains.

The Sertões Rally is his major event and in which he has participated severally. Partnering with his team mate Fabricio Bianchini as his 22nd Sertões Rally edition navigator, they successfully traversed 2600Km taking them through two states and seven cities with different course designed to test mental and physical agility. With more than 200 different participants constituting thirty eight teams Rodrigo finished third and his team ranked 8th out of the teams participating.

In 2011, Rodrigo took part in the Mitsubishi Cup Championship where he partnered with Kaique Bentivoglio in the L200 Triton RS Handicap category. They came in second amassing 204 points. Like any rally driver Rodrigo and his brother are not about to quit rallying. Rodrigo has in fact that there still remains many challenging races that he has to participate before any thoughts of quitting cross his mind and as you can guess that is exactly what his fans want to hear.

Michel Teprins Overcomes Challanges On The Race Track To Become The Best Rally Driver In Brazil

The different rally driving tournaments in Brazil are significantly associated with Terpins family. The success of Michel Terpins and his brother Rodrigo does not come by luck, but instead, it is as a result of consistency, and continually being open to the possibilities of success that exist in rally racing. Michael’s successful career has come a long way. Michel Terpins believes that his father, Jack Terpins, played a critical role in ensuring that he and his brother were able to engage themselves in rally driving from the time they were young.

Jack Terpins is a man who commits himself in his activities, and he always end up being successful. He understands that hard work and dedication play a considerable role in ensuring the prosperity of an individual. As a young basketballer, Jack Terpins was able to prove his worth in the field, and as a current entrepreneur, he is part of different organizations where he serves as a board member.

The Bull Sertoes Rally is commonly organized in Brazil. Its prominence is growing day by day, both in Brazil and in the entire world. Michel Terpins has been able to set a unique record in the Bull Sertoes Rally where he recently managed to cover 2600km through more than three states, and he was able to finish among the top ten racers. The challenges that are usually associated with the Bull Sertoes Rally Tournament are set up to help rally drivers sharpen their skills and become more efficient.

Success does not come without challenges, and for rally racing, the most apparent problem is the possibility of getting into an accident or having a car breakdown. Michel Terpins knows that the best way to become a victor is by turning the unfortunate situations into platforms for rising to success, and in the same manner, he believes that the future has excellent opportunities for him.

According to Michel Terpins, passion has enabled him to overcome different challenges. It has helped him become a person who always forges ahead even when the conditions don’t seem to be promising. Many tournaments such as the Mitsubishi Cup and the Brazilian Championship Cross Country Rally are usually organized in Brazil. In all these events, Michel Terpins has managed to outshine himself and become the best.

OSI Group Has Decades Of Food Manufacturing Experience

OSI Group has been a leader in meat manufacturing for decades. The company exploded on to the international scene when they began a business relationship with the McDonald’s Organization. They were known as Otto and Sons at the time. Otto Kolschowsky had founded the company in the early nineteen hundreds. By the 1950s it was being run by his children. Otto Kolschowsky’s sons developed the relationship between Otto and Sons and Ray Kroc of the McDonald’s Organization. They would go on to implement innovative ideas such as the meat patty cutting machine and cryogenic freezing chambers. This set them apart from the hundreds of other meat manufacturers at McDonald’s was using at the time.

Investors soon recommended that Otto and Sons become the primary meat supplier for McDonald’s. Otto and Sons became known as OSI Group shortly after. The company rapidly grew over the years alongside McDonald’s. They eventually developed relationships with other major restaurant organizations such as Papa John’s Pizza, Pizza Hut, Starbucks and Subway. OSI has been listed as high as 58th on the Forbes largest privately owned companies list. It has several plants operating internationally. Areas of interest include the Americas, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

OSI Group has developed its hiring practices over the years to accommodate its tremendous growth. Their sophisticated recruiting system has offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Poland, Hungary and the Asia-Pacific. The process is designed to bring in the kind of talent that is going to be with the company for a long time. OSI has a very low turnover rate in its employee base because of this. Leaders at OSI Group look to invest in individuals that they can develop as leaders within the organization.

OSI demonstrated its willingness to provide opportunities for others when it acquired Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is a Chicago-based food manufacturer that was looking to close its doors. The closing of Tyson Foods would have led to hundreds of jobs being lost. OSI’s acquisition of Tyson Foods saved these jobs and breathed new life into the Tyson Foods operation. Many of the Tyson Foods employees were offered positions with the OSI team.

OSI Group has also made moves to strengthen its influence in Europe. They were able to make the key acquisitions of Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods. The purchase of these companies will give OSI multifaceted operating capabilities within the region. Both Flagship Food Group and Baho Foods are growing companies. Each of them have strong consumer bases already and possess unique skills that will help expand OSI Group’s overall impact within the region.

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This company that is mainly focused on fashion and was started by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg who are all co-founders and co-Chief Executive Officers. Their vision for TechStyle Fashion Group has been to put the company on the global fashion business.

Adam’s Background

Mr. Goldenberg is mostly known for being an excellent serial entrepreneur. Adam Goldenberg started his career as an entrepreneur when he was 13 years, and he later went on to have over a decade of experience in the business sector. Goldenberg started by launching a bulletin board online which he, later on, changed it to a gaming website known as Gamer’s Alliance. When he was 17 years old, Mr. Goldenberg sold the Gamer’s Alliance website to Intermix Company which was previously owned by MySpace. Even though he was a young at that time, he was given a full-time job by Intermix where later on ended up being the Chief Operating Officer as he became the youngest ever Chief Operations Officer in the history of a public company.

While working at Intermix, Mr. Adam Goldenberg saw a business opportunity in the vibrant field of business which led to him starting Intelligent Beauty that led to the development of Companies like JustFab and DermStore. In the modern day, Adam Goldenberg is the co-Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle which sees him preside over marketing, internal systems, data, and margins.

Ressler’s Background

Mr. Ressler is also the co-founder of TechStyle Company, and he is a known figure in the field of business and online space. He is a very prominent businessman as one of his great business deals includes selling his firm to Intermix which is a MySpace affiliate member company in 1997. He increased the shares of helping the company sell to News Corporation for about $670 million.

Don Ressler started other firms before he began working with TechStyle which include Hydroderm which is a skin care company and Alena Media. These companies through the leadership of Mr. Ressler have raised figures leading to over $100 million and have made sales that add up to $1 billion in sales.

Adam Ressler, later on, joined his fellow counterpart Don Goldenberg as they formed Intelligent Beauty that led to the formation of TechStyle Fashion Group. Don Ressler is in charge of the visions, talents and customer experiences of the company.

About TechStyle Fashion Group

TechStyle Fashion Group was started in 2010, and its primary mission is to become the most admired and the most innovative Fashion Company. Since it was formed the company has become the most rapidly growing business company. The company has its marketing strategies on the celebrities all over the world working with Avril Lavigne among other stars to market their brand.

The company has its offices based in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Berlin, Barcelona, and Louisville. TechStyle Fashion Group is focused on bringing new levels of passion and execution to design, manufacturing, marketing, engineering, supply chain, customer services and corporate culture in the fashion sector.

TechStyle also works to ensure that the employees achieve their goals. As the company grows, it can support its employees to make sure that they are able to build and develop in their career and also create some experiences that will be beneficial to the business, customers and the staff.

Don Ressler & Adam Goldenberg On What They Want To Do With Their Company

The fashion and home shopping industry has been undergoing a change in recent days with the way technology and mobile apps are coming into play with consumers. Before long, shopping malls may have a completely new format or not be there at all, yet there still is a demand to try clothing. That’s where Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are looking into right now as their company, Techstyle Fashion Group is making moves. Ressler and Goldenberg started this company out as a women’s online retail store similar to other fashion outlets, but they had figured out a way to make their apparel much cheaper and appealing to millennial shoppers. Under the new name, they’ve now rolled out all-inclusive sizes in their merchandise.

Ressler and Goldenberg both started out at Intermix Media, the company that controlled MySpace until News Corporation bought it out. Goldenberg had come there straight out of high school when his first advertising company Gamer’s Alliance had been bought and he was invited to the executive board. Ressler had been a consultant for some e-commerce companies and was guiding them on how to build effective websites to reach customers. He started a company known as that was also bought by Intermix Media. When he arrived at Intermix Media, he and Goldenberg became great friends and began looking at how to transform the parent company into a major e-commerce platform as its social media presence increased and MySpace started taking root. The two entrepreneurs had made some progress with their vision, but when News Corporation took over, they brought about some changes that Ressler and Goldenberg weren’t happy with, so they decided to leave MySpace.

Ressler and Goldenberg then decided to put their ideas to work with another e-commerce platform known as Intelligent Beauty. This company started coming out of the shadows of being a generic health and cosmetics branding company, to soon tapping into another industry that Ressler and Goldenberg found a new love for; the fashion industry. When their opening company JustFab hit the markets, the two men didn’t know a whole lot about running a big fashion company, but they were able to bring in fashion consultants and even had fashion models like Kimora Lee Simmons who liked where the company was going and joined them. Eventually Kate Hudson and Demi Lovato also came on-board with TechStyle. The company also attracted many investors from Matrix Partners, Crosscut Ventures and Passport Capital, and these investments helped them get to billion-dollar valuation and allowed them to open physical stores to display the JustFab merchandise. The re-branding to Techstyle was made due to the increased use of big data and advanced technology in shopping.

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