Talkspace Provides Answers

Talkspace is a text messaging application that provides treatment of mental health issues that impact a client’s life. Talkspace connects the client with a licensed therapist that is available around the clock to provide treatment or answers to their questions. The licensed professional counselors on Talkspace are kind and caring individuals that work diligently to provide important counseling to a number of mental health issues like anxiety, panic attacks to depression. Many of the counselors at Talkspace discovered that many clients are hesitant to seek out traditional face to face therapy in an office. However, the Talkspace platform provides a way for clients to receive the same kind of benefits.

Treating Depression

It’s surprising the number of people that suffer from depression on a daily basis. Depression renders a person unable to tackle their daily tasks. Certainly, it’s very difficult for the individual to deal with depression. Often, they do not seek counseling or treatment for this mental health issue because of the stigma that is attached to mental illness. Even today, in these modern times, depression is still misunderstood. People are afraid to seek counseling. They hide their mental illness in the shadows. However, Talkspace is a way to provide answers to their problem along with counseling.

Amazing Discovery

Talkspace is actually an amazing discovery for thousands of people that were seeking help for a mental health issue. Thousands talk about their positive experience with the wonderful counselors that are a part of the Talkspace family. Talkspace space removed the stress out of meeting a counselor in person. Others state that the around the clock counseling made them happier, while others state that they felt mentally healthier.

Licensed Counseling Therapist

Counseling Sessions involve texting the concerns that the client faces to a selected therapist. It’s important to note that the sessions are held by a licensed therapist. Patients receive the same quality of care provided by in-office counseling.

Infrastructure Filipe Montoro Jens Sheds Light On Changes In Brazillian Business

Recent changes in Brazil’s policies have affected all areas of infrastructure, including transportation, communication, and sanitation systems, as well as the aeronautical and petrochemical industries. Systems expert Filipe Montoro Jens weighs in to explain what these changes represent, and why they have occurred.

The country of Brazil has a history of using state run industries to provide the people with many daily needs, from communications to sanitation. In the 1930s, the country underwent a modernization process due to the current government structure. From the 1930s to 1980 the country saw expansive growth of all infrastructure systems through government run businesses. In 1980, this changed. Filipe Montoro Jens says that this change was due to an “external debt crisis” which the country had to contend with. In order to complete economic reform and survive the financial crisis, the government entered into a privatization phase. During this phase, many government enterprises were auctioned off and transitioned into private enterprises.

The telecommunications industry was one of the first to completely move through this change. Filipe Montoro Jens, who has researched this topic thoroughly, explains that in order to hand off the industry in this manner the government had to be sure to split up the holdings so that not just one privately owned company had a monopoly on telecommunications. In 1997 and 1998, almost ten years after the National Privatization Program went into place, the telecommunications program was officially handed over to private companies. The country passed a law which said that they were not responsible for providing telecommunications services for the people of the country, but rather responsible only for regulating the companies which do so. This was a big shift in responsibility, and the first of many to come.

Filipe Montoro Jens is a business man and infrastructure specialist. He received his masters from the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and has studied systems and country-wide infrastructure extensively.

Through his unique lens Filipe Montoro Jens is able to shed light onto the Brazilian infrastructure shifts which are occurring as privatization occurs. Filipe Montoro Jens writes on the subject of government systems and business, and the ways these two concepts intersect.

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Lime Crime: Because Identity Matters

“Crime is to not invest in your personality,” would say the creator and founder of Lime Crime, a beauty products brand that has skyrocketed in the tastes of many American females in the United States.

Lime Crime promotes diversity and change, stated one of the many clients who has provided positive feedback on the Lime Crime beauty products.

Not only is it one of the favorites of many teenagers and adults in the United States, but the creators of Lime Crime really listen to the feedback of their customer base, and many of their business decisions are made thinking about their preferences.

This philosophy has been noticed when they released the statement that they would be bringing Polly Pockets back to the market, to the content of many of their followers who enjoyed the Polly Pockets and their design.

If you are not aware of what a Polly Pocket is, you clearly don’t feel the nostalgia that many of their fans are feeling right now.

For their newest palette, they are using the theme of a classic toy that was the main doll-toy of many girls at the 90’s. Because of such nostalgia, knowing that the new palette will be sharing this passion and love for that time, Lime Crime has won the hearts of many Americans with that move.

The candy palettes of Lime Crime will be featuring the theme of Polly Pocket and paying homage to one of the most essential toys for that generation.

Besides that, Lime Crime is always releasing new products and flavors. The creator of Lime Crime has stated that the brand was created to emphasize diversity and the desire to be different than the majority. According to her, the most crucial aspect of Lime Crime is being yourself and expressing that uniqueness through your makeup and beauty products.

Created as a “vegan and animal cruelty-free makeup brand,” Lime Crime is the story of Doe Deere, one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the makeup industry.

She began, as a kid, to mix different makeup colors because she always noticed that they didn’t have enough color variety. It would only be a matter of time before Doe Deere founded Lime Crime, a fancy name for the brand in the makeup world that promotes variety the most.

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Provides Facts That May Change People’s Views About Depression

The Neurocore Brain performance Centers published an interesting article about facts that might change the way people look at depression. It mentioned how depression can occur in those who have a family history of it and that it can develop without any outside influences.

Neurocore also pointed out that there are a number of depressive disorders, such as persistent depressive disorder, major depressive disorder and postpartum disorder.

Other facts discussed throughout the article included that the signs of depression are not always obvious to others and depression can take both a mental and physical toll on one’s body.

According to Neurocore, the leading cause of death among young people is suicide, which is often caused by depression. Furthermore, one of the most common cause of disability among those who are between the ages of 15 and 44 is depression. Not only that, but Neurocore said that research into depression needs a lot more funding.

The last fact Neurocore shared was in regards to treatment. They believe that most cases of depression, regardless of how severe, can be treated.

About Neurocore And Their Services
Neurocore provides brain training programs and assessments to both adults and children. This is to help them with various things, such as sleep, manage stress and improve their concentration. Neurocore was founded back in 2004 and since then they have become a leader in applied neuroscience. As of now, they have nine brain performance centers located in the states of Florida and Michigan.

At their centers, Neurocore has a team of professionals who provides training programs based on brain data derived from each individual. They help a wide range of individuals, including those with ADHD, anxiety, autism, depression, migraines, sleep problems and stress.

For those who are interested in their services, Neurocore has a way to schedule an assessment. They can go to their official website and click on ‘schedule an assessment’ to learn more.

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Rocketship Education Taught its President Important Lessons

Public schools are a vital part of modern living. Without them, countries’ human capital wouldn’t offer nearly as much value to their national welfare as if they did attend quality public schools.

While most places in the world, and all places in the United States, have public schools for children ranging from 4 to 18 years of age, most low-income areas don’t offer quality education.

Preston Smith began his career as an educator in 2002, after earning a degree in Latin American studies to better communicate with young Latino students and their families in his hometown of San Jose. He found that students in low-income San Jose weren’t privy to good educations. As such, he set out to change things.

Alongside tech genius John Danner, Preston Smith made Rocketship Education, a group of public charter schools that operate within the United States. After its first ten years of operation and branching out to eighteen individual locations, Preston Smith became privy to tons of information related to teaching he didn’t previously know. In early August, he shared some of these sentiments with the Internet.

As a pioneer in personalized education, in which students have lessons built just for them using tablets, laptops, and desktops, Smith found it vital to students’ success for teachers to visit their homes. Doing so helped students learn more by teachers having a better idea of how they live at home.

Parents are included in the interview process, with panels of six parents combined with administrators to form well-rounded groups of Rocketship representatives that thoroughly screened applicants. Although this increases the pressure of interviews, such is helpful in weeding unqualified candidates out of contention.

Parents also submit their opinions of teachers on a regular basis. Educators are expected to change their instructional styles if parents send bad reports about them, making it even more important that Rocketship Education chooses candidates that are willing to mold their methods to what their students benefit most from.

Finally, parents and family members should be proud of children attending public school. They should never say bad things about public schools’ status as being “public,” as Rocketship has proven some public institutions are better than private counterparts.

Neurocore Centers and their Quest to Boost Brain Performance Using qEEG Technology

As the world recently celebrated the Mental Health Awareness Month, it was concluded that major depression is the most common mental illness affecting people. This disease affects nearly 16 million adults every year. It is unfortunate that most people suffering from depression are unaware of their state and how to seek help. The following points give insights on what you did not know about depression.

1. Depressive disorders are diverse

Before looking at the different types of depressive disorders, it is important to learn their causes. One can experience depression when dealing with stressful life events like mourning a loved one. Research has also suggested that depression can be passed from parent to infant through the genes. The common depressive disorder types include seasonal affective disorder, depends on seasons, major depressive disorder, postpartum depressive disorder, and persistent depressive disorder.

2. Depression has negative effects on the body

Though the signs and symptoms of depression may not be obvious, it should be noted that the illness takes a toll on one’s health. Symptoms that are likely to be experienced include fatigue, drastic weight loss or gain, and difficulty in concentrating. When depressed, a person may experience shortness of breath, headache, general tension, and stomach discomfort.

3. Depression can lead to physical disability and suicide

A study conducted by the World Health Organization found out that depressed people between the ages of 15 and 44 developed and were likely to develop disabilities. Consequently, depression was linked as the major cause of suicide.

4. Research on depressive disorders requires more funding

It is sad to note that majority of depressed people end up undiagnosed and committing suicide.

Neurocore Centers’ efforts to treat depression

Neurocore is a tech-oriented brain training facility. Neurocore comprises of Brain Performance Centers that use technological tools to diagnose mental disorders. The centers usually create customized programs for patients based on a comprehensive assessment approach to help train the brain.

Irrespective of your mental state, Neurocore’s Brain Performance Centers train your brain to work better and efficiently. The company’s comprehensive assessment approach entails the analysis of brain waves using qEEG technology. In addition to brainwave analysis, patients undergoes clinically validated diagnostic tests like heartbeat rate and breathing analysis. These tests are used to portray what’s going on in a person’s brain.

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Avaaz Fights For Human Rights

Nothing better speaks for humanity like Avaaz. Since it was founded, the organization has tried its best in fighting for the afflicted in the society. Avaaz roots from a Portuguese word. It means to voice out a person’s opinion. That is a true reflection of what this organization values. Geographically situated in America, Avaaz has been on the lead of fighting for humanity. In fact, most Americans identify this organization as the sole call for help for many citizens that are suffering. Avaaz seeks to deliver humanitarian policies to the people.


Avaaz was born in in 2007. Since then, it has fostered global activism when it comes to highlighting key issues. Some of the issues this organization focuses on include climate change, animal rights, poverty, conflict as well as education rights. Until now, Avaaz has managed to succeed in highlighting these issues.Avaaz has registered tremendous success to the point of winning The Guardian’s heart as a powerful online network for activism.

Profile of Services

Avaaz is a progressive NGO. Its focus determines its direction in the near future. It has a strong team of managers that have worked with humanitarian foundations. One such person is , Ricken Patel. Under his guidance, Avaaz has reached out to many afflicted people. As it grows, many people continue to receive the needed support in fighting their fears in the society. With the world having different systems of constitutions and governments, it is expected that some people receive lesser of the good that others receive. That is why Avaaz is important to the world. The organization neutralizes this feeling by providing the best, reliable platforms, for justice and fair treatment.


Avaaz also focuses on online cases. Petitions can be signed to fight for what people believe is right. Avaaz is always ready to air such issues.


David Giertz’s Plan for the Financial Future

Retirement is something that everyone is ultimately thinking about. Questions about what’s going to happen during retirement and how one can safely stay financially secure doing retirement are just many that arise. The idea that you shouldn’t wait until retirement but start planning now is just one of the many great pieces of advice that professional advisor David Giertz provides. In the interview, topics such as financial freedom, investment and awareness are just some of the topics discussed when dealing with retirement. Ultimately how one manages assets is a main focal point in retirement. David Giertz gives analytical statistical numbers in specifying how much one should save if retiring at a certain age. This is just some of the many genius money investment pieces of advice David Giertz provides in his interview.

David Giertz’s handle of money and providing one with a successful retirement plan financially comes as no surprise as he has severed as the Vice President of the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance Company. With age comes knowledge and Mr. Giertz is a seasoned vet on handling money and formulation of plans for financial means. Containing thirty-one years of experience, David Giertz has successfully aided in providing financially stable lives for retirement for people across the nation.

Having the knowledge to spread unto others in a successful financial retirement is something that David Giertz is accustomed to. He’s an avid believer is starting the planning and saving process here and now and has even gave his thoughts upon how important maximizing socal security benefits is. Having a skillful plan to become financially stable upon retirement is just one of the traits that David Giertz wants to give to others. With his years of experience in the field of money, he can provide life-changing advice.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Address Medical Research

There are few people as influential in the world of technology and data as Eric Lefkofsky. Eric Lefkofsky has largely worked out of Chicago with a special focus on data aggregation. Right now Eric Lefkofsky is focused on his newest project, Tempus. Tempus is a company that is looking to fundamentally change the way that cancer care facilities operate by focusing on data aggregation for both patients and genomicdata. Tempus is a unique idea that is also a natural progression from what the healthcare field has been doing for the past few years with EHRs. Let’s take a closer look at Lefkofsky’s work and goals with the company.

Eric Lefkofsky saw firsthand how cancer care facilities around the country can struggle to get data from one place to another. One of the large problems is that notes and details are notoriously hard to keep track of. From handwritten doctor’s notes to poorly organized EHRs, life saving information can have a hard time getting to where it needs to go. Lefkofsky uses this broad problem to point out how it can make specific, focused issues for cancer care patients: if one medication works for one patient, why won’t it work for another patient across the country?

In order to answer the question we highlighted above Eric Lefkofsky decided to focus his work on Tempus. Tempus was established in 2015 and since then it has reached a valuation of over $700 million in total. Tempus operates like a digital overlay that seeks to bring together patient and genomic data into one convenient location that can be accessed by patients and medical professionals. Tempus is an operating system that pools and aggregates data in a variety of different ways. Over the years costs of genome sequencing have come down and now Tempus is going to push the envelope even further in a life saving effort.

Tempus is attempting to make a broad and sweeping change to the cancer care world. So far Tempus has been partnered up with several professional facilities including Duke University School of Medicine, Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic as well.