NuoDB, the Elastic SQL Database for Cloud Applications

We all rely on technology, particularly in this age and time. When it comes to cloud storage, there is nothing that hits the mark like NuoDB, an elastic SQL database created in 2008. In the nine years of its existence, NuoDB has become the modern data center that helps systems scale elasticity, maintain acid semantics, and at the same time eliminate downtime.

With the SQL database function in place, NuoDB helps keep all your application relevant and straightforward and your database smart thus making you cut out on added costs that would otherwise paralyze your operations.

Through its peer-to-peer architecture, NuoDB has ensured that its elastic SQL database gets distributed evenly across the many nodes in the network, clouds, and data centers. With low operational costs, you get assured of high productivity rates at the end of the day. Thanks to the SQL database, you can now migrate all your applications to the cloud, build new cloud applications, as well as modernize the existing ones.

With its more than eighty employees, NuoDB has made SQL database the new black. If you want to cut down on costs and still maintain that competitive edge, it is time you partner with NuoDB, an institution that has withstood the test of time.

Unicorn Approved

Who is Doe Deere? Everyone wants to know. From her colorful hair and creative personality to Lime Crime makeup, she is “The Queen of Unicorns.” Born and raised in Russia, she moved to the United States at 17 years old. There she started out with the dream of being a musician and found her way to the makeup scene. Even at a young age, she always had an entrepreneurial spirit. At just the age of 13, she started her first business selling temporary tattoos.

After moving to the United States at 17 years old she found herself in New York. This is where she became an adult. Living in Manhattan for a while then in Brooklyn for nine years, she found who she was always meant to be ( Doe was in a band and this is actually how she met her husband. They just connected with each other from the very beginning.

Doe has much advice for younger women who have ambitions and dreams like she had. Doe believes that as people we should go where we love. It’s important to be in touch with yourself and to really know yourself. Growing up she felt very different and alone. Later she learned that she was part of the universe just like everyone else and things that she felt strongly about, lots of other people felt the same way. This is how Lime Crime the make-up company was born. Doe has always been a fan of bright and colorful things. In 2008 when she first got her start, it was very difficult to find colorful makeup. This is because the makeup scene was very much into natural looks. Doe started to make her own makeup and was very surprised to see just how many women gravitated towards her products. Her business was very profitable. Learn more:

So lets get into what Lime Crime really is. Lime Crime is not only a makeup line, its also a way to express oneself unapologetic and live care free. From their lipsticks to their hair colors, I guarantee you’ll find something that suits your fancy. I’ve used their Unicorn Hair Color in the shade Pony and I have to say hands down this is the best semi-permanent hair color I’ve tried thus far. It doesn’t fade and the color is so vibrant. I’ve gotten so many compliments. Another good thing about Lime Crime is that their products are Vegan and cruelty free. This means a lot to have companies that care about the well being of animals. The absolute best part about this company is that their products are super affordable. Yes, you heard me correctly. They will not break your pockets. Don’t you just hate companies who have awesome products but have item ridiculously priced? That’s not Lime Crime. Also they offer a 20% student discount. How awesome is that.

Doe Deere is definitely a very interesting and unique person. Let’s all stay tuned for what else she has in store. I’m sure whatever is to come is definitely “Unicorn Approved.”

Sheldon Lavin: The CEO Set On International Expansion

OSI Group is a company that is currently among the fortune 500. Founded in the 1900s, this big enterprise is one of the largest manufactures of meat in the entire country. They are one of the biggest and have been so for an extremely long period of time. When the company first came into existence, it functioned as simple butcher shop. In the 1970s is when the company really grew to become the superpower that it is today. The move that changed the course of OSI’s future was the partnership agreement OSI Group signed with McDonald’s. Prior to signing the agreement, OSI Group was one of the many suppliers that McDonald’s had for their meat. To expand and grow, the company decided to let McDonald’s take them on as the lone supplier to the company. McDonald’s wanted to have a uniform standard of meat throughout the country and therefore saw this as a brilliant move.

The company has made a brilliant name for itself which is why the people who now have to lead the company have a lot of pressure on their shoulders. They have to keep up with the standards that OSI Group has, aiming to develop them further to being one of the top in the meat processing industry. Sheldon Lavin is one of the people that is currently at the top of the field. He has a lot of experience working in the food industry and has been able to bring big plans of action to the company. With his help, OSI Group has progressed into the future and has managed to retain its position in the food processing industry.

Sheldon Lavin has always been someone who believed in upkeeping the high standards that OSI Group has, and also tries to work towards bringing the standards up for the future. Unless the company works on a positive incline, they will not be able to retain their position. Sheldon Lavin is currently the CEO of OSI Group and one of the most important people currently working there. Through his position, he has implemented a lot of new technology and methods of production to increase the production of meat. He is also set on expanding the companies horizons by enabling them to set up in countries like China. With this expansion, OSI Group is now slowly becoming one of the main suppliers of McDonald’s outlets all over the world.

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Greg Secker’s History: His Life Story

Greg is a 42-year-old entrepreneur and philanthropist. This English businessman spent most of his early years in Norfolk. He is a graduate of the University of Nottingham, with Bachelors in Agricultural and Food Sciences.

Secker’s most notable accomplishments in his career before financial trading are his time at Thomas Cook Financial Services, where he developed systems for foreign exchange trading, and the years he spent at Mellon Financial Corporation.

Secker retired from formal employment in his late twenties and has become the face of financial trading seminars in England and beyond. He has established a number of companies, such as Learn to Trade, and written books about financial trading and how to get started. His commitment to enlightening new forex traders began when he set up his first forex trading company after leaving his job at Mellion Financial Corporation. Since then, Secker has spoken to beginners in numerous seminars around the world, often drawing from his experiences to show how it is possible to start and make it in forex trading.

In addition to his life as an educator, Secker is also popular as a philanthropist. Through his foundation, Greg Secker Foundation, he runs a number of initiatives such as leadership summits for youths as young as 13 years. His foundation has also earned him the title of a flying trader because of one of his projects to trade from a helicopter and raise money for his humanitarian projects.

Greg Secker’s growth in the financial market has not come without a fair share of criticism. Some feel that teaching financial trading is not as important as Secker makes it look like, and he is more of a marketer than a trader. However, anybody who understands how volatile financial instruments are, and the level of risk on the trading floor, knows it is paramount to get into the industry with as much skill as possible. It is for this reason that Greg Secker explains in his seminars that only those with potential and the ability to use the strategies he provides, at an individual level, rip maximum benefits on the trading floor. His courses cover important elements of forex trading such as exchange rates and risk management.


Get Your Air Conditioning Working at its Most Efficient Level

Goettl Air Conditioning offers some very manageable and useful tips for you to get your air conditioning system working at its most efficient level, thus saving your money.

The first thing that you should do is check your outside unit and be sure that there is no debris or plant overgrowth around your unit. Plant and any other items in the area should be at least two feet away. You can also take off the cover and use your garden hose to wash off the coils. Grass clippings, dirt, and debris tend to collect there so keeping the coils clean helps a lot.

Use a programmable thermostat allows you to set the thermostat higher so that when you go to work, you won’t need as much air conditioning. Or if you are going on a trip for a day or two you can use the same tactic. Some of these types of thermostats can even sense when no one is in the house, making your chore just that much easier.

Use ceiling fans or floor and table fans if you have no ceiling fans. The fans help to circulate the cool air throughout the house so that the thermostat is not calling for more cool air as often. Sometimes thermostats are located in warmer parts of the house so there is an unequal need for cool air. The fans help to alleviate that problem, says

Goettl Air Conditioning is a well-respected HVAC company which has been in business since 1938. The company was the first organization to introduce evaporative cooling and air conditioning systems to the arid desert Southwest in the US. Located in Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas and Southern California, Goettl is well known for its great customer service and knowledge in regard to all facets of the heating and air conditioning business. Visit the website;

Highland Capital Is On The Forefront Of International Investment

Highland Capital is a world renowned investment firm that specializes in collateralized loan obligations, credit strategies, and a variety of investment techniques designed to give clients greater flexibility and stability in their business endeavors. Highland Capital works with a variety of clients from fields such as public pension plans, high net worth individuals, governments, and many others. The company is based out of Dallas, TX but also has offices located around the world in Singapore, Sao Paulo, New York, and Seoul.

Highland Capital has proven their strategies to provide above average returns for the financial field, which has, in turn, created a great amount of success for the company over the last several years. In recent news, Highland Capital in Korea announced that they had created a private equity fund for the Healthcare sector which has a value of $147 million. In conjunction with Stonebridge Capital, a Korean investment firm, Highland Capital will manage the fund. There will be opportunities for investment in this fund for the US, China, and Korea. This particular investment opportunity is different from most of the other investment opportunities which were available in the area. Highland is well versed in the healthcare industry and unconventional investment practices which show great promise for businesses that decide to take advantage of the opportunity, which has presented itself in the country.

Highland Capital is on the forefront of international investments and is showing great promise to clients that are hoping to increase their profits annually with the proven investment strategies. Highland Capital takes great pride in providing both opportunity and integrity in the field of financial investments and is showing continued signs of prosperity and growth in the next several years. This growth is spurred by their skilled CEO and upper management who collaborate closely with investment advisors to give the highest quality service in the industry.

With Lime Crime Makeup is a Lifestyle

Right now it can be argued that lime Crime is dominating the online cosmetics industry. especially in a day and time where popularity is as important as quality. The internet darling currently has close to 3 million followers on its Instagram account. Which is no small feet for any cosmetics brand not to mention one as young as this.

This year has been especially good for the beauty company. It plans to continue it momentum with the addition of Scandal, a new intense plum matte lipstick, to its Velvetine lipstick line. There are high expectations for the new addition considering Velvetine has become a cult classic line for the company.

Scandal is expected to live up to the hype however. Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere conceptualized and developed the new Velvetine addition herself. With the genius mind of Doe Deere behind its creation Scandal is different from other additions yet stays true to the long-lasting and luxurious formula of Lime Crime’s famed liquid-to-matte lipstick line. The 100% vegan Scandal comes in a rich purple-violet hue largely unrivaled by competitors.

For those who like to stay trendy Scandal is the perfect choice. Its depth and drama will definitely draw attention. Scandal is able to give a little edge to even the safest individuals. To get the full Scandal experience Doe Deere recommends wearers to apply lip balm 15 minutes before putting a coat of lipstick on.

About Lime Crime

It is a beauty company based out of Los Angeles, California that believes makeup is much more than its widely believed to be. To the beauty company covering up imperfections is just one small facet of makeup. Makeup in its truest form is a way of life and self expression. This kind of of thinking is probably responsible for its success. Today it is a trend-setting makeup company whose best days are probably still ahead.

Robert Ivy Americas Accomplished Architect

Robert ivy, the Executive vice President and Chief Executive Officer of American Institute of Architects (AIA) has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English that he obtained at Sewanee: the University of the South and a Master’s degree in Architecture that he obtained from Tulane University.

Robert Ivy was made the Editor in Chief at the Architecture Records in 1996 and he successfully made it the most popular architectural journal across the globe. He has also worked at McGraw-Hill construction media as an Editorial Director as well as a Vice President.

Robert Ivy became the Chief Executive officer of the AIA in 2011. Since then, he has made major transformations in making the architectural profession fit the current world. The AIA association has more than 250 chapters and more than 90 000 architects who are its members. Robert Ivy uses public outreach, education initiatives and advocacy in strengthening the organization. This has made him make AIA a proactive, quick to respond and influential organization.

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Some of Robert Ivy’s achievements at AIA include the launch of a high-quality public awareness drive, streamlining authority to develop decision making and building a fresh digital-first technology infrastructure. Currently Robert Ivy is focusing on making the architects attention to be on addressing current issues like sustainability, climate change and effects of design on community health.

Robert Ivy’s career has seen him receive so many awards. While at Architectural Records they were awarded by the American Society of Magazine with a National Magazine Award of the category general excellence, they also earned 7 Ozzies and 26 Jesse H. Neal Awards. At personal level, he was awarded by McGraw-Hill in 1998 for excellence in management and in 2009 he earned the Crain Award which was the highest award for individuals at the American Business Media.

Architect Robert Ivy was unanimously named Master Architect by Alpha Rho Chi as a result of his effective communication on the importance of design. Ivy is also an author and the title of his publication is Fay Jones Architect. The publication which is currently on it third edition explains the importance of Architecture in the Society.

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How Tony Petrello is Bringing Change to the Oil Industry

For years, the oil industry has been run by people who are greedy with the money they make from oil. Tony Petrello is different from them and he wants to run his company in a way that is not fueled by greed. In fact, he wants to run it based on humble beginnings that he came from, and he wants people to know that they, too, can have a chance to be successful in the different industries that they work in. He has tried his best to make sure his humble beginnings are a part of what he is doing and how he is helping the industry. For Tony Petrello to make these decisions, he had to be sure that he was helping other people and they were getting the experience they needed to also be successful. This was a huge part of the industry that Tony Petrello was working in and something that he used to make things easier on other people.

Since Tony Petrello is such a big part of the oil industry, he is able to make a lot of money. He was one of the most profitable CEOs in industry in the past and he knew he would be able to show other people what they could do to make more money. Since Tony Petrello was dedicated to doing this, he was capable of showing people all of the opportunities they needed to be as successful as what he was doing.

Whenever Tony Petrello had the chance to experience more and to show people what they could get from the oil industry, he took that experience and translated into actionable plans. He wanted people to see what he was doing with the industry and how he was changing it for the better. He knew that there were a lot of problematic experiences that came from the industry and that many people did not trust the industry because of the corruption that was present in it. That made things harder for Tony Petrello to get people to trust him but it also made it a possibility for people to try new things.

As Tony Petrello continued to make Nabors, Inc. a better company, he knew he would have to make some changes to it to suit the industry. He also knew that he would only be able to do this once he took the time to show people the changes that would be different for others. He relied on the experience that he had along with hishumble beginnings to make the company better and more suited to being able to help people the way that other companies were able to do with their CEOs.

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Better Dental Practice and Management

Starting your own business is not an easy matter. It is also not easy to work if you have a supervisor who does not trust you to manage your time. Even in dental practices, there are micromanagers and bosses who want to control every step of their employees. It leaves many dentists not being able to do their job properly and that is not just frustrating, but it doesn’t allow the specialist to grow and learn while they are doing their job. It doesn’t help the practice especially if the managers don’t know much about how dental practice works and what it needs.

Dr. Villanueva found this out first hand. However, he decided to branch out and give the personal practice go. Today Villanueva has several dental practices under his care. Dr. Villanueva works in all of them during the week, but the rest of the time he allows his staff to get on with their job. He trusts his doctors, nurses and administration staff to be able to carry out their work without someone always looking over their shoulder. He wanted to start his practice and be able to work and manage it in peace.

MB2 Dental is an organization that unites several different practices under one management. It offers their practices advice as well as practical support and guidance for people who want to open their practice. Dr. Villanueva has several different titles on his CV. He works as an associate dentist, trainer, and advocates for the model he believes work best. It is a doctor-practice model, and he supports this model because he practices what he preaches to his staff. He wants to make sure the profession is as respected as possible. It is also important to him to encourage people to become dentists and to show his colleagues in a better light.

MB2 Dental encourages people to learn from colleagues and fellow professionals. It organizes a retreat for the staff of the different practices, building an inter-connected and positive relationship between friends as well as colleagues. It is a more personal approach to professionals than other companies offer and people recognize the value of this practice. When things are organized well, and the support is there, people can get back to work and not worry that there will be a shortage of supplies or their schedules won’t be clear the next day.

Sometimes it is the little things MB2 Dental sorts out that matter the most.