Equities First Holdings is a a company known for giving their customers alternative financing solutions. The company uses the shares and stocks of the customers to secure their loans. Equities First Holdings was founded by AL Christy in 2002 in Indianapolis Indiana. Equities uses a unique system where it evaluates shares to determine the potential for growth and the risk factors involved to calculate how much loan they will grant the customer.

Equities has Offices located in different countries, some of the countries are United States, the United Kingdom, Thailand, China and Australia.

The Australian company has been responsible for several successful transactions. recently it granted a research and development facility to a company based in Australia. The name of the comoany is Environmental Clean Technologies Limited. The loan was for 30 million Dollars given for the purpose of developing major projects in India.

The company has offered similar facilities to several other customers in other countries.

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How IC Systems is Helping The Environment as Much as Your Business

Founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson IC Systems has been in the accounts receivable business for the past 80 years and has continued to impress. Out of their headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, it’s clear that the core values of this company have not changed much since there founding in 1938. IC Systems makes it a priority to deliver the best service to its clients and consumers while remaining as ethical and honest as can be. The main focus is and has always been to deliver the best service possible while remaining the most trusted provider in their field. Following these values has resulted in IC Systems being nominated as a finalist several years in a row for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics.

One of the more impressive features IC Systems can provide is the fact they are nationally licensed. Being nationally licensed gives them the ability to collect debt in all 50 states, Guam, and Puerto Rico. The reason this is so important is that approximately 15% of all debt is owed by consumers who are located in different areas from where the debt was originally taken on. Sometimes up to several hundred miles away and even in different states. Agencies that are not nationally licensed may not be able to operate and collect in a state that is outside their area of operation. Sometimes even worse than this a company might still attempt to collect on a debt owed by a consumer in an area they are not licensed to operate in. Attempting to do this will immediately put your company at risk as the law holds the original client responsible for any actions taken by any outsourcing partner (https://www.indeed.com/cmp/I.c.-System/reviews).

IC Systems wants you to trust in their abilities along with feeling good about using them. Every action this company takes always has their sustainability in mind. Remaining mindful of their carbon footprint has led them to focus on renewable resources along with the conservation of energy. IC Systems also encourages its staff to give these values back to the community with activities such as teaching and discussions.


Fortress Investment Group Increasing Salute For Peter Briger

Fortress Investment Group was named “Hedge Fund of Year” by well-known business publishing magazine Institute Investor in 2014. The company is one of the largest investment firms around the globe. In 1998, Fortress was launched in New York City as a private equity firm by a group of investment bankers including Randal Nardone, the company’s current CEO. In 2005 the company proclaimed itself as specialized in hedge funds. Their current porfolio hosts $36 billion in assets and the files of more than 1,750 customers. The company specializes in alternative investments. Some of the most well known companies under Fortress Investment Group inclue Intrawest’s ski and vacation resorts, RailAmerica, Inc., and Brookdale Senior Living who owns the largest set of retirement communities inside the U.S.

Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002. He previously worked as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs & Company making partner through a highly selective process only four years after joining the company. Briger, recently titled Co-CEO, is now president and Co-Chairman at Fortress. He was #962 on the list of the World’s Billionaires by Forbes Magazine in 2008. Since Peter Briger’s introduction into the firm, Fortress was able to go public and join the stock market in 2007. Briger’s specialities mainly sponsor real estate and credit funds. Even while at Goldman Sachs, Peter Briger was already demonstrating the capability for buying distressed debt and later making money off of it. At Goldman Sachs, Briger was in charge of the financial distress group. It is not surprise that even when the economy fell down in 2008, Briger and Fortress were able to recover quickly the following year. Briger obtained his Bachelor’s degree at Princeton University in 1986 and received an MBA business degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.

Lately, the topic of bitcoin has knocked on every public investor’s doors and Briger is no different. Peter Briger had a previous set of ups and downs with the Bitcoin industry. After setting up Fortress’ own offices with a Bitcoin account, Briger had to cancel a future plan with Wells Fargo to establish a bitcoin investment title due to federal entities canceling the transaction. Briger has his own investment of $100,000 in Bitcoin but the relationship is a slow one. With current distrust in the cryptocurrency market, Briger has made sure to be a careful participant. He is more of an observer now, but he agrees that the ways of transferring money is changing and cryptocurrencies are part of that evolution. Peter Briger resides in San Francisco where Silicon Valley famously sits a couple miles away. He is an active contributor to the Global Fund for Children along with other Silicon Valley Leadership Council members. He is very interest in public relations as Fortress works with international companies everyday and is a recognizable figure all around. In 2015, Briger, along with other ex-classmates, set up a fund at Princeton’s Business School for entrepreneurs interested in building start-ups.

About Randal Nardone: www.fortress.com/about

How Roberto Santiago has conquered the Real Estate Market in Brazil.

When Manaira Shopping Mall was constructed in 1989, it changed the livelihood of the residents in and around Joao Pessoa. The mall impacted their economic well-being as well as their social life. The conducive atmosphere at the mall provides a spot where people can hang out and relax after their busy schedules at work. The shopping center offers access to food, drinks, and entertainment joints where people can meet and have some good fun. Roberto Santiago, the proprietor of the mall, is a native of Joao Pessoa. He began his entrepreneurial journey making and supplying carton folding’s to several major companies in Brazil. After a few years in the business and amercing a substantial amount of money, Roberto decided to venture into the real estate market. He acquired a piece of land and began constructing what would become the biggest mall in the State of Paraiba.


Manaira Shopping Center sits on 92,500 square meters with a parking area that can hold more than 3,000 cars at a time. Roberto Santiago continues to improve the facilities that were there when the mall first began its operations. There is 24 hour surveillance with state of the art CCTV cameras ensuring the safety of the customers. The mall boasts of an entertainment section of its kind. It has an electronic amusement park, bowling area, cinema halls, and a gaming area. 3D enabled screens are installed in the cinema theaters making watching a movie an excellent experience. Santiago has earned an excellent reputation for himself for ensuring the center maintains its family-friendly environment.


The mall is also a hub for both local and international brands. It is home to learning institutions, food courts, banks and other 280 shopping stores displaying and selling several products including furniture, clothes, electronics, and jewelry. The food court was recently expanded to accommodate more restaurants and have diversity. The customers now have the luxury of choosing their joint according to budget and appetite. It provides access to high-end restaurants such as Capital Steakhouse and Waynes and pocket-friendly fast food joints such as KFC. Another excellent feature that has been recently expanded is the air-conditioned Domus Hall. It is on the rooftop where it host’s large exhibits, concerts, conferences, and fairs. Its sound system and acoustic equipment enable the hall to host shows and theatrical productions.


Roberto Santiago was born and bred in Joao Pessoa. He is a learned fellow with a degree in business administration from the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He has contributed significantly to the Brazilian economy and especially in Paraiba State. His mall has provided not just fun and entertainment joints, but also employment opportunities. He continues to improve Manaira Shopping Center to ensure it remains the shoppers and tourists favorite.

Sussex Healthcare Gives People Things They Need

Sussex Healthcare has plans to expand because of how well they do with their senior care now. They know what it takes to help people and they don’t stop until they can give seniors what they need to feel good about themselves. As long as Sussex Healthcare has been working, they’ve been trying to help people get the opportunities they need. The point of running things on their own is to give back to the people who need their help. As long as Sussex Healthcare knows how to help people through different things, they’re confident in themselves and in the abilities they have for seniors.

Unlike other elderly care facilities, Sussex Healthcare knows there are things they can do for seniors. They don’t want to just settle for helping people with basic needs. Instead, they want others to realize they’re doing the best job possible. It is their point to continue helping others so they don’t have to worry about the industry opportunities. For Sussex Healthcare, this means they must try to give people what they would want to have when they are seniors. The healthcare industry is different because of how hard Sussex Healthcare has worked to come up with new options for people to enjoy.

Throughout the time the company has been in business, they have shown people what they can do on their own. They’ve also shown elderly people they can make more out of different situations. Part of how Sussex Healthcare got so successful was caring for their patients. They don’t just see them as patients. Instead, they see them as people who need their care. They want them to realize they are worth a lot and they can get more from the options they have. For the company to continue operating the right way for seniors, they must come up with new ideas to give them what they need.

Families who put their seniors in different care facilities may be concerned about what happens to them after they’re there. The people who use Sussex Healthcare know they don’t have to worry about it. The company treats seniors like family instead of patients. They provide them with excellent opportunities they can take advantage of. They also offer them the chance to enrich their lives instead of just living in a facility that is hard to handle. Sussex Healthcare knows how well seniors deserve to be treated and they do it regularly.

Learn more about Sussex Healthcare: http://chronicleweek.com/2017/11/choosing-the-services-that-sussex-healthcare-provides-how-specialists-can-help-residents/

NGP Van Gives Useful Tips On How To Organize A Campaign Rally

In January, NGP Van provided a few tips and advice on how to organize and hold a campaign rally. The first piece of advice was to determine whether or not you should really organize a rally because there is a lot of work that goes into it.

The second tip was to plan all of the details, such as carefully selecting the location. Choosing a quality sound system is important too, and visual aspects to be incorporated, and this can include supporters standing with signs in the front row or behind the speaker.

The third tip is to advertise the actual event. The goal is to invite as many people as possible via flyers, a Facebook page and even via local radio stations.

The more advertising you do, the more people will know about the rally.

Those three tips can go a long way when they are implemented.

NGP Van: Who Are They And Who Do They Help

It is a company that provides technology to progressive and Democratic organizations, campaigns, municipalities, non-profits and other types of groups. Think of NGP Van as being a platform that offers fundraising, organizing, compliance, social networking and digital products. They’re based in Washington DC and Somerville, but they serve clients located around the world.

Products Offered By NGP VAN

NGP VAN’s software, MiniVAN, is an app that is designed to aide in canvassing. It helps campaigns contact supporters, votes and enter key data. It makes collecting and storing data easy.

Another product NGP Van has is VoteBuilder, which is software that allows organizations to track their interaction with those who will potentially vote. The software stores various methods of contact, including phone calls.

Those are only a few products that NGP Van offers. In short, the company works hard to help Democratic organizations achieve their goals and helps their causes.


Anthony Petrello Compensates Employees For Help With Hurricane Cleanup

Houston and much of the south coast of Texas and into Arkansas suffered one of the most devastating blows when hurricane Harvey ravaged the coast this last fall, and cleaning up the area is an effort that is ongoing, but people from all over have pitched in to help. One of the world’s largest oil drilling contractors Nabors Industries also pitched in to help, and its Chairman Tony Petrello decided to compensate all employees who helped out with the cleanup. Not only did this compensation entail physical on-the-ground cleanup, but it also included those who helped make hot meals and offer other supplies to victims.

Tony Petrello has successfully led Nabors Industries in his current role since 2011 when he took over as CEO. Nabors Industries has patented numerous land-based and offshore drilling developments including horizontal well rigs, modular series, and other software and data analytics systems under the company leadership. Petrello has used his experience in corporate law to protect company assets closely, and he also leveraged the company’s offshore account management to bring in a new compensation deal in 2013 putting him at $68.7 million for that year making him the highest-paid boss in America. HE did not repeat this in 2014 or in any year since.

Tony Petrello doesn’t have a lot written about his background before getting into law, but he attended Yale University where an old roommate of his mentioned his math acumen and also said that he studied under Serge Lange, a professor who made many discoveries in algebraic math. After completing undergraduate and grad school at Yale, Petrello went to law school and received his JD at Harvard University. His law resume was primarily put together at Baker & McKenzie where he was an advisor to many corporations and helped executives with tax laws and securities compliance. He joined Nabors Industries after 13 years at the firm.

Anthony Petrello married former soap opera actress Cynthia Carrafa and has been the proud father of a young daughter named Carena. Carena has cerebral palsy which has affected the basic functions of her life, and the Petrellos invested much of their personal time consulting with the top medical doctors in an effort to help her. They decided to join the Texas Children’s Hospital and met Dan and Jan Duncan who helped start a neurological research center there, and to date the Petrellos have been involved with fundraisers there to help bring in new research equipment in hopes of finding a cure. Petrello has given $7 million of his own funds to the institute.

Source: https://patch.com/texas/across-tx/how-tony-petrello-helped-houston-hurricane-harvey-relief

Dr. David Samadi- Wizard Of The Prostate

This article is meant to highlight the work of a famous and innovative surgeon named Dr. David Samadi, and specifically the new system he invented for prostate cancer surgeries, known as the Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Treatment.

Many people may have heard of Dr. Samadi through his weekly internet show, entitled “Let’s Make America Healthy Again with Dr. Samadi”. He also works as a contributor for Fox News, so he is definitely someone you may have heard from in the past. At the same time, he is chairman of the Urology department at Lennox Hill hospital in New York City. Obviously, this is a very busy man.

As a doctor, Dr. Samadi specializes in prostate surgery, and that’s where his new system comes in. It is a minimally invasive surgery that utilizes robotics to do surgery on the prostate without actually opening it up. It makes a few small holes rather than several large incisions. As such, the risk of complications goes down considerably. But, more on that later.

Dr. David Samadi was born in Iran, among a small Persian Jewish community. After the Iranian revolution of 1979, which ended 2500 years of continuous Persian rule, the country was in the hands of radical Muslim fundamentalists. Dr. Samadi and his younger brother left Iran and continued their educations in Belgium, London, and eventually the United States.

After achieving a full scholarship to New York State University, he earned degrees in biochemistry and medicine. He has earned a whole slew of awards during his time as a doctor. These include New York magazine’s “Best Doctor” award for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2015. He also won the Patients Choice award for 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2013. His list of awards is actually too long to reproduce here.

Many times, traditional prostate surgery can damage nerves as a side effect, which will affect sexual function and/or continence for perhaps the rest of the patients life. This is a major problem that Dr. Samadi has resolved. This new technique is so non-invasive, the patient is normally home within a single day. Using advanced miniature robotics, tiny instruments are inserted through several 10-20 millimeter holes, and guided by the surgeon using a unique interface. Dr. Samadi has performed over 3600 successful operations of this type over the last ten years, with no major complications.

A person could not ask for a better contribution to medical science than the contribution of a method that makes surgery much easier on the patient. That alone is worthy of praise.

Dr. David Samadi’s  Social Media: www.youtube.com/user/RoboticOncology

How Netpicks Helps Forex Investors Gain An Edge

Forex investing is one of the most challenging trading strategies to master in the world of finance. However, one company has helped thousands of investors thrive in the world of currency trading. That company, Netpicks, has become the leader in forex investing education.

So who exactly is Netpicks? For over two decades, Netpicks has been one of the top investor education websites. The company has helped investors master everything from stock to currency trading through useful tools, coaching, and easy-to-follow classes. However, their specialty is helping investors find opportunities in the forex investing world.

So what is forex investing? Quite simply, forex provides 24-hour currency trading opportunities for the average investor. One could trade the US Dollar during the day and then trade Asian currencies overnight. And the sheer trading volume allows traders the liquidity needed to make the type of trades they want at any time of the day. In fact, there are an astounding $5 trillion dollars worth of currencies traded, each day, in the forex markets.

Netpicks provides several advantages for new forex investors. First of all, Netpicks helps investors identify which currency pair to trade. You see, when you trade forex, you are trading one currency – say the US dollar – against another currency. The most commonly traded currency pair is the US dollar and Euro pair. Netpicks will help investors figure out which currency pair to trade and if they should go long or short that currency pair. Check dailyforex.com for reviews.

Second, Netpicks helps traders identify an exit strategy on each trade. This is critical since many investors lose money by exiting their trade at the wrong time. Using a wealth of trading tools, Netpicks makes it easy to find the right time to profit from any forex trade.

Finally, Netpicks teaches students risk management on their forex trading portfolio. This is a must since forex trading is done on leverage. By managing the risk of each trade, an investor can prevent himself from risking too much on each trade.

For over two decades, Netpicks has been the go-to investment education platform online (netpicks.com). With a wide range of education options, there is a plan to find any investor’s budget. Before investors start thinking about Forex, they should make their first move with Netpicks.

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Jeunesse Global’s Instantly Ageless is proving difficult to keep in stock

Jeunesse Global distributors across the planet have been grappling with an issue that many would consider to be a blessing in disguise. Many of the company’s products are experiencing such high demand that distributors have been struggling to keep them in stock. As a result, the company is continuing to experience exponential growth throughout many of its primary markets. Nowhere has this been more pronounced than throughout the East Asia region.

Jeunesse Global was founded by health and beauty veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis in 2009. In the intervening decade, the company has grown at an incredible pace, becoming one of the most important distributors of health and beauty products the world over. Now in its ninth year of operation, Jeunesse Global has more than 10,000 distributors among its ranks and is doing hundreds of millions of dollars per year in sales.

This phenomenal growth is largely attributable to the company’s great products, which have been flying off of distributor’s shelves since the first day the company started operations. One of its most popular products is its age-defying micro crème known as Instantly Ageless. The crème is designed as a facial cleanser, healing agent and skin-elasticity promoter. The micro-crème is able to get deep into the skin’s pores, cleaning out dirt and debris and ensuring that pores do not become irritated or infected.

Instantly Ageless makes use of the secret ingredient that Jeunesse simply refers to as APT-200. The molecule was developed by organic chemists working on behalf of Jeunesse Global, and it can only be found in their products. APT-200 has been clinically proven to improve skin elasticity, prevent the formation of wrinkles and give skin a healthy, vital glow that can wipe away as many as 10 years of apparent age with just one application.

Like other Jeunesse products, Instantly Ageless is designed for busy professionals and moms who do not have a lot of free time to fuss with beauty but who still need professional skincare. Instantly Ageless can last an entire day with just one application in the morning, making it durable, effective and youth-enhancing in a way that many other products simply can’t match.